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  • poll: Are you friends with an ex?

    No! If I see my ex coming my way, I dive behind the nearest large object.

    We run into each other from time to time, and remain friendly.

    Yeah! I'd consider my ex one of my friends.

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    I’m still on friendly terms with my ex. We still see each other occasionally if we both happen to be back in our hometown at the same time. We are always happy to give each other a hug and spend some time catching up. We don’t communicate outside of that though.

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    @rainy578  The only two that I am even facebook friends with are two boyfriends from middle/highschool; One is gay and the other recently started transitioning from Brendon to Brittani. I admire both of these people and am glad I got to help them on their journey to become their true selves. Other that that, no. They are exes for a reason. Either they hurt me or I hurt them. End of story.

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    Zero contact for me.  It is just easier for me that way.  I gave myself a few months with no contact and then reconsidered and I always decided it was best to just leave it in the past.  Plus I only really have to “main” exes, one who lives 300 miles away and one who lives 150, so I’m pretty safe!  🙂

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    I think it depends on the situation. I was with my ex for 7 years in which he cheated on me nearly constantly. We tried being friends at first but it was impossible given our history and such.

    When I started seeing Fiance he badgered me for months (despite he was already dating someone else) sending me pictures of old love letters, our dogs which he had kept, ect. At that time I cut off all contact and stopped replying to his messages and haven’t spoken to him since.

    I totally understand where your Fiance is coming from. However, Fiance is still friendly with some of his ex’s and I know them all and they’ve never encroached on our relationship in anyway. Most are lovely girls who it just didn’t work out with and both parties have moved on. He made sure the boundaries were clear and we’ve never had a problem. 

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    I’m friends with my ex-husband.  I’m also his banker, at least I was until two weeks ago when I went to work at a different company.  

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    If I see them, it’s not a big deal, but no I’m not friends with them. Don’t see a reason to be friends.

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    We run into each other becase we have the same extended social circle, but we have an unspoken “Don’t f-ing talk to me,” agreement. No way in hell would I remain in communication with an ex while in a relationship. and I’d be furious if my ex did. There are too many people in the world to even flirt with that potential drama and I’d like to think I’m not so hard up on friends that I’d need them around, lol. If I were single? Sure. But otherwise no. 


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    @rainy578  Well, I am close with my ex husband – we have a child together. We actually get along great. No hard feelings or anything like that.

    As far as ex-BFs or ex-flings, I am friendly if/when I see them, but I don’t go out of my way to talk to them or anything.

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    I’m friends with one of my exes.   We live about 3 hours apart and never hang out in person though, but we both still consider each other friends.  Maybe not as close as we once were, which is fine.  I know my husband doesn’t love that we’re still friends, but I think I can figure out whom I want to remain friends, not him.  

    The only part of our relationship that remains in the past are the romantic feelings we used to have for each other.   I have ZERO interest in my ex as a romantic partner.   Been there, did that, got the tshirt.  But friends? Sure.   I don’t think all romantic exes have to be regulated to the never-talk-to-them again pile.  That would be like removing all friends and acquaintances too from your life.  Those people make up part of who you are, the experiences you had shaped you.  If you can come out of it still friends, I think that shows a lot about both people.  


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    NOPE. The only dude who has seen me naked and still has a relationship with me is my Fiance. my guy wouldnt feel comfortable if I was friendly with guys from my past and i wouldn’t feel comfortable if he was friendly with girls from his past. 


    edit: now if it was an ex husband and we had kids together, i’d hope to still be friendly with him. 

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    stayed in touch my fist  for a while at first then he won’t stop harassing me. So now we are no contact and my most recent ex, I stop tallking to him after he keeps asking me for favors LOL. It makes my husband uncomfortable cuz they were mutal friends. After I told him I was married we stopped talking 

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    I am friends with just one if my exes. He’s a sweetheart, my husband likes him a lot, and we all get together every now and then to hang out, or catch a movie. He’s (the ex) a really good friend of mine. We ended things because there was no chemistry, and we realize dthat we were better friends than romantic partners. Our friendship means a lot to me, and am beyond hapay that we managed to remain friends.

    Now, if there were still feelings on one side, or we had ended things badly, then there would be no friendship. I’ve left more than a few exes in the past and have no desire to be friends with them.

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    One of my best friends is an ex. Just the other day we got pizza and hung out at his place just the two of us. We do it all the time. My Fiance and his girlfriend have no problem with our friendship and know we hang out all the time. We dated 15 years ago so it’s way in the past. I also went to another ex’s wedding back in 2014. Just because someone doesn’t fit as a romantic partner doesn’t make them bad people or bad friends. 

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    One of my ex’s lives in our area. I saw his mom and sister at our WalMart when I was with my DH (when we were just dating) and their eyes shot me DAGGERS lol (I’m the one who broke up with the guy, and he did not take it well, but he was a creep, so…). I’m just waiting for the day that I see him in public with my DH. I just hope he doesn’t try to say hi. Ugh.

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