(Closed) From horrible nausea to intense hunger. Yay? How did you not eat EVERYTHING?

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Hmmm sorry! I am nauseous and hungry at the same time.

for now, I do eat everything in sight. As I empty my fridge, I make sure that I only buy healthy stuff when I go to the grocery store. That way when I pig out, it will only be on foods that will not cause my ass to become ginormous.

also, I fond that if I have popcorn in the house, I eat, but if all I have is cucumber, I might not eat, realizing I’m not that hungry after all.

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Oh yes I remember the extreme hunger in the first trimester! I would bring lots of snacks to work and eat a big meal during lunch time, usually protein rich so it would sustain me longer. I pretty much ate whatever I felt like eating that day. You can do it, hang in there! How far along are you?

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I second the popcorn–I make the stovetop kind with no butter and minimal salt, so I can sit there and crunch it forever if I want to, with minimal guilt.  Or apple slices were pretty satisfying.

But let’s be honest here, I sometimes hoovered my way through an ungodly number of cookies too.

The moral of that story is, on those days when I just had to eat EVERYTHING, I usually just did.  I had enough days where I didn’t want to eat at all that they balanced out.

Once, Darling Husband made me Chicken Florentine.  I ate a huge plate of it.  I ate a roll.  I ate half of one of those tiny apple pies.  (Okay, more than half, because when I finished, I came after his piece too.)  He leaned back on the sofa, put his hand on his stomach, and said “Ohhh, I am so full.  Have you ever been this full?”

I looked him straight in the face, and said “I want to eat more things.”

So I ate a bowl of Lucky Charms and two glasses of milk.

As long as I don’t operate every day like that, I try to let it go.  Sometimes, it’s too hard to fight it.

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I second Quietserenity… if you have a day or two like that, just let it go and graze away!  I’m almost 25 weeks now and have just gotten to that point that I want to eat everything in sight.  I do reign it in most days but sometimes you just have to let yourself have a moment.

You won’t eat like that every day.  Just try to balance it out and have a salad now and again… or fruits and proteins. 🙂

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I try to eat things where I get a lot of ‘bang’ for my buck, i.e., nutritionally sound and filling things that don’t have a lot of calories but have a lot of fiber or protein. Greek yogurt, string cheese, veggies with hummus, all natural peanut butter sandwiches on wheat, popcorn, etc. IF I eat a salad, I add protein to it to fill me up, like some grilled chicken or a boiled egg. Soup has been my lifesaver because I can eat a lot of vegetable soup and feel full without gorging myself on something like french fries. I gained weight a little too fast my first trimester, so I’m having to be careful now 🙂 I’m still tracking my nutrients and calories with MyFitnessPal because I got too carried away until I was about 16 weeks!

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I’m only 8 weeks, and if I don’t eat something every two hours, I get nauseous. Problem is, its carbs that calm my stomach the best so I’m eating tons of crackers, cereal and toast! And I feel pretty bloated from this major switch in my diet- plus I’m constipated. Oh joy. 

At least everyone says you can “make it up” in the second tri by eating healthier when you’re feeling better. 

Glad to hear your vomiting has stopped, Mrs Hedgehog!

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I know exactly what you mean, HUNGRY 24/7…I try to eat healthier because I do eat about 6 times a day, but small amounts, fruits, veggies with dips, tons of salads, fish, chicken, I try to stay away from junk food, like pizza, tons of pasta, high carbs foods, but still eat them to satisfay my craving but smaller portions. Now I’ve been craving cereal, kellogs, so been having myself bowls of cereal 2 to 3 times a day with lowfat milk. Doc suggested low fat milk.

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@Mrs Hedgehog: Sorry I’ll be of no help but this is what I dread when being pregnant (currently not TTC, maybe in the next couple if years, hope you find a cure

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@Mrs Hedgehog:  Try eating more fiber and protein , I know boooring right but is seems to keep the preggo hunger at bay. When was the last time you had a blood test? Maybe you are vitamin deficient? was starving while pregnant and ate everything in site! Went from 115 To GASP! 175! My doctor kept telling me to eat fiber and protein and I ignored. Took me four years to lose that weight…I have the stretchmarks to prove it:) 

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If you are hungry, you should eat!  Try to focus on high protein (80 to 100 grams a day) and nutrient dense things.  I was starving when I started my second trimester.  I mean, starving!  It is a good thing, baby needs to grow 🙂

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@cbee:  Ditto.  Protein really helps keep the hunger pangs away.  

During my first trimester and into my second trimester, I remember getting so hungry every couple hours that I’d get cold sweats/shaky hands if I didn’t eat something right away.  The crazy hunger pangs went away towards the end of my second trimester though.

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i’m only 7 weeks but this has been my problem for a couple of weeks now. I want to eat everything in sight! Luckily when I do eat I get full pretty fast but after like a half an hour I’m hungry again. Almonds, nutrigrain bars, and oatmeal have been my life savers right now as well as drinking lots of water!

Good luck! Glad the nausea wore off!

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Honestly, until this week, I have been eating EVERYTHING in sight. My lunch bag looks like a construction worker’s. I had a sandwich or salad, apple, almonds, crackers, yogurt, apple sauce, and more…and was still starving by the end of the day.

I still snack more often than I used to (at 13 weeks), but both the hunger AND nausea seem to be tapering off a little

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