(Closed) From one lazy person to another… How do you motivate to work out?

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Helper bee

Making plans to work out with another person is a good idea. If you have a date and time to be somewhere to do something that might help.

I really like BodyRock tv (google it). I find the host Lisa Marie to be really motivating and uplifting. The workouts and meal plans are totally free and they’re posted every single day. Plus, most of the workouts only last me about 20 mins. You can do anything for 20 minutes inside the comfort of your own home.

Also, I posted pictures of hot models all over my pantry and fridge. My boyfriend approved, and it helped me think twice before reachiing for those cookies.


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Worker bee
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I like to work out while watching Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix.  It really helps.  My workouts became longer and more intense since I started watching.  

I am extremely over weight.  I just started a website about my weight loss journey if you would like to check it out!

[Link removed due to self promotion policy – sorry!]

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@Mrs Hedgehog:  I need advice on this too as lately I have zero motivation, like you I’d rather sit on the couch

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What I’ve been doing lately is working out at the same time each day (I’m almost a month into my workouts), and I reward myself with an episode of a TV show I haven’t seen yet.  So everyday I do a workout at night, and before bed, I watch an episode.  It not only motivates me, cause I want to see what happens next, but also the fact that I can’t gain weight by watching something (instead of rewarding myself with a treat haha).

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I find that having a workout buddy really helps. It gets me to the gym on days like yesterday when it was gross and rainy when I would rather stay home since I don’t want to cancel on my friend!

I also like gympact if you have an iPhone. It’s definitely not a program for everyone since you have to pay money if you don’t make your pact, but I found that it only took me missing it once and having to pay to motivate me to go enough times to fulfill the pact each week!


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Busy bee
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I set an alarm and make it a set period of time say 30 minutes and fit it into my morning routine. I do DVD workouts (jillian Michaels) and Zuzana Light on youtube. Shower then get ready for work.

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I go right after work, i dont sit down i dont do anything else i just change and go to the gym. (if i sit down to watch tv its over!) I also like watching wedding shows while i run, it motivates me knowing that i have to fit into on of those dresses and i push myself harder, also i could never do any of that with out an AWESOME running playlist on my ipod! Good luck!!!

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I find the hardest part for me is convincing myself to get changed into workout clothes. If I can motivate myself to put on workout clothes, even if I don’t workout RIGHT away, I will eventually, because otherwise you’re just an idiot sitting around in workout clothes for no reason! haha. Lately after work I come home, change immediately, and then poke the Fiance to change for a few minutes and go down to the gym in our building or throw a tape on in the living room.

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These are great tips!

OP, I wish I could help you out.  Last time I worked out I only did it because I ate too much for dinner.  I wouldn’t suggest that approach.  I also have a dog who forces me to go out and walk him.  I don’t think I’d suggest that one, either, though.

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Busy bee
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I create scenarios where I have little to no choice to do so.

My Fiance lives 6 miles away, and so I make myself run over there every Thursday and Monday 🙂

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honestly there is not much that motivates me lol. But there are two things lately that have pushed me to get up and go when I just really do not want to.

for some background, I just started walking or jogging for at least an hour 6 days a week about 3 months ago. I am currently down 40 lbs. So I have been able to keep it going and I will tell you how, though it may not help since its personal reasons….

The first is my son. he is 7 and in little league and the first time I took him to the park to practice I was out of breath after running to second base and it was embarrassing. I am a short girl and other girls my height who are normal weight can still go down the slide with their kids or swing on swings and stuff. Not me. Basically I was limited in what I could do as a mom because of my weight. not to mention how much I was missing out on just in life in general because of my weight. a lot of joy was taken away from me from not taking care of myself, but my son was the main reason. I didnt want to miss out on certain things with him and I wanted to do what I could to make sure he has me for many many years to come. So that is reason number one.

This is a reason that only happened during one of the first times I was on the track. There I was struggling because I had walked for 40 minutes. Just walking. Not running or jogging. And I was hurting so so badly. Even though I had set a mental goal of an hour I was going to let myself off the hook and quit at 40 min. As I had just decided that in my head a boy no older than about 18 or 19 at most comes out on to the track with his much older father. the boy had a walker. He was obviously recovering from some kind of injury or at least trying to. He struggled to take even one step. And I mean struggled. As in you could see how hard he had to push his body to make it just a couple feet. But you could also see how badly he wanted to just walk. So there I was, wanting to wimp out of walking and finishing my goal just because I was sweaty and my muscles were burning, basically I was uncomfortable and out of my element seeing as how I had been inactive for so long. That was a total smack in the head for me. How dare I be so lazy when all this kid wants to do is to just walk and I do it, for the most part, with ease and I want to just go somewhere and sit. I basically realized that to be as mobile as I am still able to be is a total priviledge. Its not a given. I was taking my ability to move and walk for granted when there are people who would give anything to walk a track for an hour and sweat and feel their heart get pumping. So after seeing that kid I finished my hour. Everytime I try and wimp out of going to the track now I remind myself of that kid and how much he wanted to walk and how I can walk and I need to enjoy it and do it everyday and appreciate that I can actually make the simple choice to go and get my body moving the way I can.

So while these two examples are highly personal, I do think anyone can draw some inspiration from these things. Even without children you cut yourself short by not keeping your body active and able. And there are plenty of people that wish it was as easy as making the choice to join a gym or take the dogs for a walk or just go and relieve some stress and pound the pavement at the track. They cant make that simple choice because for whatever reason their abilities have been taken away. I just happened to see an example of that with my own eyes. But the idea is something im sure everyone can understand.

so now ill stop being a wanna be motivational speaker lol Hopefully you can find whatever it is that will keep you going. Its so so worth it.

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@Mrs Hedgehog:   Me too!  I’ll be fired up for a while and stick with a great fitness routine and then something happens, like a cold or just anything that messes up my routine, even vacation, for example.  Then I get lazy and it feels damn near impossible getting myself back into my routine again.  Mainly what motivates me is when my clothes start feeling a little too snug.  I have one pair of jeans (size 2, Lucky Brand, so in reality a size 4 or 6 probably) that are my test pair.  If I can fit into them I have less self-hatred, lol. 

Right now I’m a little nervous to even try to look at them, let alone do the wiggle on the floor and struggle with inching them up bit by agonizing bit.  I always wonder why it takes me feeling FAT to motivate me, I don’t like this part of myself. When I was much younger I struggled a lot with being too thin but still feeling fat (body dysmorphia a little bit, maybe).  I got down to 99 pounds and still felt “fat.”  I think this came from my mom’s “fat phobia” and criticism of my friends who were gorgeous and perfect in my eyes but she’d make comments about, “Your friend is so overweight.  And she needs to wash her hair.”  In all fairness, my mom was somewhat jealous because she wanted to always be my “best friend,” so I was aware on one level that her criticism of a girl of age 16 who weighed maybe 115 at the most was highly inaccurate.  But it gave me a complex, I swear.  Even though my mom never criticized me!  She was tiny herself, a size 2 or 0 all her life, she had a perfect figure.  At any rate, there is always a voice in the back of my head, no matter what the size label on the clothes is or what the scale says, that I’m “too fat.”  And it puts me in a vicious cycle of never being happy with myself no matter what weight I am. 

I was doing better the last few years, even once gaining up to a size 6-8, and I was ok with it for the first time.  I still felt sexy, although slightly more voluptuous, but I was ok and didn’t go through my usual angst and self-condemnation.  After my divorce I got more active, also got certified to teach fitness classes, and got in better shape than ever for a while.  I was happy with my body for the first time in a long time.  However, my Fiance, not really knowing my background with this problem, made a comment when we were first dating like, “Wouldn’t you be happier if you lost a few more pounds?” or something along those lines.  It crushed me!  Literally, absolutely crushed me.  I cried, even, and I never cry. 

I was so pissed off at him!  It made me feel right back to that girl in high school again struggling to feel good about myself at 112 pounds and hating those “2 pounds” I “needed” to lose.  I was so obsessed with counting calories, and working out constantly.  But I was miserable when being that obsessed.  So I now have to walk a fine line between staying motivated to work out (eating healthy is relatively easy for me) but not going overboard with it.

So, that’s the long answer.  I really don’t know how to get motivated in a positive way, as I should.  I usually “feel fat” long enough that I get tired of feeling that way and it gets my butt back in gear.  I’m sure there’s a better and more healthy mindset but this, unfortunately, has been mine for years.  I really, really want to stick with a routine and do well with it most of the time, rather than my on-again, off-again cycle.

And right now my motivation is my wedding dress.  I have been literally having nightmares  about it not fitting me any more (and I haven’t tried it back on since I bought it a few months ago).  I’m terrified.  What if it doesn’t fit and the seamstress can’t let it out?  Ugh.  This reminds me I need to go to the gym today after work.  😉

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Sugar bee
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Group exercise! Once I’m in my class, I’m there for 75 minutes. I can’t just leave when I want to like I could at the gym.

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My Darling Husband is a big help because he’ll say in the morning “we’re working out tonight”. Deciding in the morning to work out in the evening seems to help.

Sign up for things. I ran in the corporate challenge last night and we have a mudder in July so its basically I work out or I make a complete *ss of myself

Changing into workout clothes the minute I get home helps. That seems to be a hurdle for me. If I can get into running shorts instead of pjs odds are I’m going to work out

Lastly a schedule. I have class Tuesday and Thursday nights so my days are limited. I plan on working out Sun, Mon, Weds, Sat. Something usually comes up one of those days but I usually manage 3 days a week.

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