(Closed) Frustrated with DH's lack of weight loss.

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sofialovesmikey:  There is not a lot of protein in that list.  I wonder if he’s just eating too little.  I cannot lose weight if I eat under 1600 cals/day.  If I try to get too strict and eat 1200 everything stalls off.  Last week I ate 1600 – 1900 cals everyday and lost 3 lbs.  Is he right on the low end of his calorie range?  A little more healthy calories may help.  Who gave him the plan?  His doctor?  Is he able to see a nutritionist?  Or join a weight loss program?  

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Is he very active? If not, he needs to make an effort to WALK. My husband started off by trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. Sometimes does more, sometimes less. We started off power walking 3-4 miles a day (we go one on our work break, and 2 before we go home from work). Now he can jog over a mile without stopping! And has lost a ton of weight! 

It is great that your DHs eating habits have changed, but working out plays a big role in weight loss. Since he is motivated already this should be easy for him 🙂

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sofialovesmikey:  Hmm…it generally falls off pretty quick at first.  Is he eating enough calories?  I know that seems counterintuitive, but his body might need more calories (of good food like healthy fats and protein) to rev up his metabolism.  Also, it might help to add a bit of exercise to jump start the metabolism too.  It doesn’t have to be much, but doing some weight lifting even two days a week can really help.

It seems like he’s working really hard!  A lifestyle change like that is definitely something to be proud of.  Congrats to him for being so dedicated!


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Sounds like he’s eating too little — and what about exercise? It may well be possible too that his calorie intake is similar to what it was before, so he’s not getting enough of a deficit. A 10 or 15-minute workout here and there — maybe kettlebells or pretend-jump-roping — could give him a quick calorie blast in a short amount of time, which may make working out more palatable to him since he’s just starting out.


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sofialovesmikey:  I will echo the pp’s who suggested maybe there is not enough protein in there? Beans and lentils are not complete proteins on their own. The lack of protein may be causing a stall. I’m not nutritionist but I would say it wouldn’t hurt to throw some fish and chicken in there and combine the lentils/beans with a whole grain rice option to make it a complete protein. Carbs are not ALL bad. 

The other thing you didnt mention is water. Water is super important and way more helpful for weight loss than people realize! Make sure he’s drinking enough.

Exercise will help too, even just daily walks. Get out and get moving with him! 

Keep trucking and don’t let this get you too down! Sometimes find the right balance of diet and exercise can be tricky but it’s possible! Just keep on going and don’t look back 🙂

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 He’s actually still eating a lot of carbs. Overall, the health benefits of fruit is way better than bread, but they’re still high carb foods. Everyone has a different metabolism, but he may benefit from swapping a snack to something high protein instead of high carb. Also,  drinking more water will help too. He’s on the right track though, he might just need a few adjustments.

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sofialovesmikey:  That would be very frustrating. Like everyone else, I suggest that he eat more protein (i.e. chicken, fish, turkey etc.). It’s ok to have some dairy too, if it’s low fat, like 100g (1/3 cup) 1% cottage cheese for example. He should have healthy snacks between meals too. Exercise is key, especially if he’s been living so unhealthily for so long, it would be in his best interest to start a fitness routine.

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I agree with PPs that he’s not eating enough lean protein. but that’s seriously awesome that he quit all of the bad carbs! I wish I could have that kind of self control! awesome. 

also, to speed up results, he really needs to start exercising. besides, even if he was at a good weight, it’s still necessary for a healthy lifestyle. 

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sofialovesmikey:  A meal replacement with his meals? That might put him over, but you said earlier he is within the limits of his calorie range. Maybe make sure he is calculating the calories right-

A LOT of people do not really know what a true serving really it ie one serving of meat is 3 oz. That is really small (think size of a deck of cards) You will never see that small of a serving in most restaurants.

Maybe have him see a dietician and she can do BMR testing an write him a meal plan. I think dieticians are much more knowledgable than doctors when it comes to nutrition. 

Also working out will help, but for losing weight diet is 80%. Sounds like he is on the right path though, good luck to him!

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sofialovesmikey:  He may not be eating enough. If you suddenly go from thousands of calories per day, to a low calorie diet, your body goes into starvation mode and slows down its’ metabolism to protect what it has.

Another possibility is that he is eating healthy at home and still snacking on high calorie foods in private.

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Something seems off- 3 pounds in 2 months is like…. not a lot.  I can take a big poop and lose that!  I can eat perfectly healthy, but if I don’t MOVE, I don’t lose anything.  Excercise is a must.

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sofialovesmikey:  make sure he’s eating ENOUGH calories–I know you said he’s within a calorie range recommended by his doctor, which is awesome. but if he’s on the low end (for ex., if the doctor said to eat between 1400 and 2000 cals a day, is he eating 1400? or closer to 2000) he may just need more fuel! If you go from eating a lot to eating a much smaller amount really fast, then your body enters starvation mode. Not only does SM mean that he won’t lose weight, but until his body is receiving enough fuel on a regular basis, his body will retain all the weight that it has in preparation for the next period of starvation.

Also, is he/are y’all working out at all? Even with the right diet, without exercise your body doesn’t burn up everything that’s going in. Start small–take a 30 minute walk before dinner every day. Don’t park in close parking spots, aim for those further from the door. 

Sometimes it takes a while for the ball to get rolling, even when you’re doing everything right. I say that from personal experience–I was eating perfectly, exercising daily, and NOTHING. I lost maybe 2 lbs in 2 months. But I kept at it, and then BOOM, about 2 months later I lost like 40 lbs almost all at once. I guess my body just needed a second to catch up. He’ll get there! 🙂

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