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If you’re losing inches, you’re doing something right!

Muscle is denser than fat, so you are likely gaining muscle.  Think of it this way: Imagine 100 pounds of lead.  Now imagine 100 pounds of feathers.  The feathers will take up substantially more space because they’re less dense.  Feathers = fat, lead = muscle. 

So, you’re getting there!  Burning fat and building muscle should be the goal.  Don’t get so caught up with the numbers on the scale; it’s just a number.  Pay attention to how you’re shrinking and getting stronger.

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I’m not familiar with the tricking your body thing…maybe just try keeping your calories around 1200 every day? I know for myself if I eat 2000 calories a day I would not be losing weight even with exercise, but everyone is different.

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She is naturally thin, you’re not.  Tell her to stuff it. 🙂  

Seriously, it’s easier for some people than it is for others– obviously she’s one of the blessed.  You and I aren’t!!! You need to explain to her that her comments aren’t helping you, she’s probably just trying to motivate you, and doesn’t realize how hurtful what she says is.

As for the boot camp, it sounds like you’re building muscle and losing fat which means the scale wont show much change, but the tape measure will (this is a GOOD thing!!!) When I first started crossfit I stopped losing weight; I’m the same height and just a bit smaller than you, I’ve stalled at 150-153.  In the past 4 months I’ve lost almost a full dress size, but the scale hasn’t moved an ounce. 

I know you’re trying to keep your body guessing with the calories, but you might be doing more harm than good going that route because the huge swings keep your body guessing, so it’s airing on the side of caution and retaining more than it needs to– I’d trim your calorie range down a bit to a 200-400 span, instead of 800, like maybe 1300-1700, or even 1400-1600 (my range) because this will give your body the stability it needs to release it’s fat stores because it “knows” the next meal is coming.  

Also, have you ever considered a paleo diet? I don’t do it 100% but even aiming for paleo 75-80% of the time I’ve seen a difference. Similar to the calorie changes, if you change up your regular eating habits, sometimes it shocks the system into dropping excess weight.  Just different foods/recipes will give your body new stuff to work with.  I even tried a routine for a while where I had a vegan breakfast, a vegetarian lunch, and a conventional dinner.  By adding those restrictions I had to try new foods and I really think the adjustments helped me not lose my momentum for loss. 

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Sorry you’re feeling frustrated, I know losing weight sucks!

I agree with @abbie017:  since your working out, you can’t really rely to much on what the scale says. You’re building muscle, so don’t expect to see a drastic change on the scale. Your clothes are the best way to see if you’re doing good.

Remember everyone is completly different. Some people lose weight easily, others don’t. Don’t let your friend get you down.

Important thing is you’ve decided to make a change in your life! Stay positive and try to keep eating good. You can work out like an animal, but if your not eating good (not saying your not) it’s worth nothing. 90% of losing weight is eating good.

Continue what you’re doing and you will see a difference!!

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Your eating is the problem. 

You shouldnt be tricking your body that often, stick to around 1800 calories for the most part then “trick” your body by eating 1200 calories for a whole week, but dont do it too often bc 1200 calories is not enough especially for someone who is working out as much as you are, your body will think its starving and begin to store fat for survival mode, so you’re actually doing your weight loss harm by eating less calories.

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Also, you didnt specify what you do to workout, if you’ve been doing the same routine then your body will be used to it, therefore making it way less effective or not effective at all.

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@September29Runner:  I do Paleo also and I have noticed a difference.  It is a lot of lean protein, fruits vegetables, nuts.  No dairy, grain, legumes.  If you google paleo or paleolithic diet, you will find the foods you can/not eat. Salt is the enemy also.  I was speaking to my Crossfit coach about cheat days and he told me that I cannot have a cheat DAY-“you can erase your whole week of doing good with one cheat day.” Surprised  He recommended a cheat meal and cheat snack.  I am working on that.  Just a suggestion.  Hope this helps!


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@September29Runner:  Stop talking to your extremely unhelpful friend about it. Find someone who knows what you’re going through, or just do it yourself. People like that will just bring you down as you have probably already realised…

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