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Honey bee
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sorry, but i think you’re overreacting. just be grateful that you have a fiancee thoughtful enought to send flowers and appreciate him!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Focus on the  thought of the gesture. Also, there are many beautiful orange flowers (and being fall orange is in right now). Maybe he asked the florist for a reccomendation.

I get flowers once a year (at most) from my Fiance. This is his way of showing you he loves you and is thinking of you.

If you chastise him for doing things like this, he will be much less likely to send you flowers in the future.

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Busy bee
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yeah I would have to say I agree with the other posters. I know it can be frustrating in situations like this, but overall, I would not say what he did was rude or inconsiderate at all. I rarely get flowers and when I do, I know I’ll enjoy them regardless of the situation. Take some fun pics of them so you can “keep” them forever. And work hard over the next few days to keep them fresh so you can have them longer 🙂 And as far as the orange tulip, guys tend to be clueless about flowers like that. I am sure he asked for a recommendation. And I doubt he had any clue that you wouldn’t like them.

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Bee Keeper

I definitely think you need to think of how thoughtful he was here. I would kill for my husband to send me flowers at work. Even if it does mean that I have to lug them home on my hour and a half commute from work to home on a train and in a car. He clearly loves you, and orange is a beautiful color for fall…

I think it was really sweet of him to remember that it would be your last day at work before a few days off and he wanted to do something special for you. Try not to be so hard on him for not thinking through every detail you would’ve thought through. He’s trying…

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Busy bee
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Um, I’m lucky if my Fiance remembers when my birthday is without reminding him. 😉 I agree with the previous posters that you should focus on the beautiful gesture instead of the flowers themselves. Instead of thinking that he “didn’t think it through”, maybe look at it from the perspective that he was trying to do something sweet and public for you at work before you left for vacation to start things off in a happy way. I know I loooove getting flowers at work, not that it ever happens.

Is you time off a road trip? Maybe you could take a few of them with you in the car to enjoy on the way.

Sounds like you have a sweet man who loves you. Just enjoy that he makes those gestures and try not to dictate the specifics…you may discourage him from doing it in the future.

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Bee Keeper
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I think he would be so hurt to hear that you don’t like the flowers and that he sent them at a “bad” time. I always thought it was great to receive flowers anytime! I think that was a sweet and thoughtful gesture. I love whenever I receive flowers, no matter what day, what kind, etc. He sounds like a great guy to me. It honestly seems as if you are upset with him about something else, perhaps? I don’t know, I could be wrong, but I’ve never heard of a woman being unhappy to receive flowers! Many women don’t even get flowers-ever!!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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So I’ll own up to something because on the one hand, I see where you’re coming from, and on the other I don’t. Darling Husband and I once got into a huge fight about who knows what. We sort of joked around about it and I told him if he felt truly bad about it he’d buy me flowers. He brought me home some ugly ass flowers, LOL! They looked like $5 convenience store special flowers. They were so awful. I think when I saw them my face said it all and he got mad and confronted me about it. I told him they were awful. Ya…. I really shouldn’t have done that…. Hindsight you know?! This is possibly the one thing I ever regret doing in a relationship. I really hurt him and he’s bought me flowers a grand total of twice since, and when he does, there’s always somehow a mention of when I called the other flowers ugly.

So what’s the lesson you can learn from me? No, sometimes guys don’t look at flowers and think “Wow those are ugly, maybe there’s a nicer bunch somewhere around here” or “Hey, she’s going away, I should get her flowers next week instead”, they’re thinking “Girls love flowers. I’ll do something lovely and romantic and meaningful because she loves that!!!” and get all excited about doing something that makes us happy. Trust me when I say use your filter on this one. Say thank you, they’re beautiful, you’re so thoughtful, and let it be. You have two days to enjoy your flowers. Maybe keep them at work and then give them to a coworker on Friday since you’ll be away.

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Bumble bee
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I’m sorry I know you are frustrated, but I almost laughed out loud about the orange tuplips! It reminds me of the ONE AND ONLY time my man bought me flowers in the past year..they were ugly orange flowers, but guess what!? I was super happy! Just be glad your man has it together enough to get you flowers. I know for me it’s like the earth has stood still or pigs are flying when my man can remember and coordinate well enough to get something like that together.

Don’t hate on your orange tulips girl…appreciate! Plus you could always take some photos of them if you want to enjoy them some more. I’m sure your man had only good intentions!

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Bumble bee
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I would LOVE it if my Fiance sent me flowers to work – he’s never done that, ever. I’d be so happy!

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Busy Beekeeper
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I think that is a very nice thing for him to do. maybe its not your idea of a great birthday gift but hey he tried. i always love getting flowers, i dont care what kind. Tulips last a while too…i got beautiful red tulips from the Fiance a while ago and they lasted a long time,  also it may not be the only surprise he has for you…i would be super excited if the Fiance sent flowers to my work.

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Helper bee
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i think you should be happy that he remembered your bday & that he sent you flowers. and so the flowers were orange ~ big deal…..the thought that counts!

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Sugar bee
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Although i can understand in some ubscure way where you are coming from, i have to agree with other posters and point out that your are being super rediculous.


My b-day is on sunday and i would be ESTATIC if my husband sent me flowers this week 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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I’d say thank you and bring it up LATER about the timing.  He obvi never thought of that, it’s no big deal.  Maybe he went in to the florist and they convinced him to send them now rather than later.  Maybe he just did it on a whim knowing he’d forget if he waited.  Better flowers now that’ll die than no flowers at all. 

Imagine you bought him a really good video game or something right before a big trip – yeah bad timing but still awesome!

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