FTM Overwhelmed by Stroller/Car Seat options

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I have to disagree with the pp who said you can’t find what you want in your price range. I have the Evenflo Pivot Travel system and LOVE it. It is under $400 (I think evenunder $300), has a bassinet to stroller seat, the stroller base fits that and the car seat, and the car seat is not only one of the lightest on the market but goes up to a higher weight than others I was looking at (35 pounds, I believe). The stroller base folds quickly and is light as well. There are a few cons (its hard to push with 1 hand, the wheels sometimes stick a little bit) but the pros absolutely outwiegh the cons. 

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lkm2883 :  I’d just keep in mind that most kids outgrow their seats by height first and not weight. Their head needs to be at least 1″ underneath the shell in an infant seat.

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Westwood :  was going to say the same. No way would a kid ever be able to safetly stay in an infant seat until 35 lbs, regardless of what the limit is, due to height. Unless maybe your kid’s BMI was off the charts. My 2 year old is huge for his age, >99% in height and weight and he is still just now hitting 35 lbs and that’s with him being the height of an average 4 year old. No way you’d want to lug a kid that size around in an infant seat anyway though, haha 

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carolinabelle :   Westwood :  same. My daughter is 25 pounds at 2 years old and she flew past the height limit on her infant seat by her first birthday. 

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The babybargins book helped me a ton to figure out what to look for and how to decide what carseat to get.  There are so many our there but the book ranks them and tells you what one is best and what ones are good for the money.  The book also has everything else baby related such as cribs and highchairs. Good luck!  I’ve been where you are at and it’s so overwhelming!

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We have the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat and I have mixed feelings about it. We have it because a friend gave us hers, and while it works fine for the most part, I do not feel comfortable installing it without the base, which is something you want to be able  to do on occasion (i.e., if you need to take an uber while traveling, plop the car seat into a relative’s car, etc.). When installed correctly without the base, it is still VERY easy to dislodge and it just  makes me super uncomfortable. I even took a video of myself installing it and then dislodging it and sent it to Car Seats for the Littles, and they verified that I’d installed it correctly and that the fact it came dislodged and was flying all over the place was “okay.” But I just cannot with that lol. Like, if I’m able to so easily dislodge it, what is a high impact car crash gonna do…?????

Many other car seats have a mechanism where the shoulder strap is used to secure the seat with the baseless installation, which prevents this issue…so if I had to do it over I’d go with one of those.

As for the stroller, we have the City Mini (which was like $250ish if I remember), and I have mxied feelings about that too. It’s very comfortable to push around on city sidewalks and stuff, and my baby seems to like it just fine – she will happily nod off in it when I have it in the full recline. So, no complaints there. BUT…the storage bin IS small and this bothers me more than I thought it would. I’d like to be able to take my stroller to the grocery store and load up a good amount of groceries in the storage bin without half of them falling out on my walk home, and that is not doable with this stroller. Also, while there is an adapter you can use to put the Chicco (and many other) car seats in, it’s a PITA to install the damn thing…like I had to watch multiple youtube videos and it still takes me 9 years to do it lol. Plus, when you have the adapter installed, you cannot effing fold the stroller up properly, which is a huge pain in the ass for travel. So my adapter now just collects dust in our basement. We do have one of those little cart things that the car seat snaps into and that’s convenient but again if you’re traveling you don’t want to be bringing multiple stroller devices…woulda been nice to have just ONE system…so yeah, if I had to do it again, I might have gone with a complete travel system that’s just very easy and intuitive to use and has a lot of storage!

Woof this got long. Hope some of it is helpful!

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I have the Chicco Key Fit 30 too and have only used it with the base, and it’s super easy to use that way.  I got it with the Bravo travel system and while the stroller is nice and smooth with all wheel suspension, it’s big.. and heavy..and hard to push with one hand – something I didnt’ think about when shopping for strollers, and only realized was important when said baby was having a melt down and had to be carried, and I wanted to keep moving.  Unless youre doing a lot of walking all the time, I personally dont see the point of the bassinet.  Baby is not going to want to stay laying flat once he/she can sit up on their own, so 7ish months maybe, you cant move it in and out of a car, and most kids I know of acutally love their car seat and sleep soooo easily in it, in or out of the car.  

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I agree with others that you’re going to have a hard time finding what you are looking for in that price range.

I will admit I’m a bit of a stroller snob…it’s the one baby item that I really just have a strong opinion of. I’ve pushed A LOT of strollers over the years between my own kid and all my friends, and you really do get what you pay for. 

I have the Uppababy Vista, which is pricey. I went that route because it can become a double down the road. They also have a similar version, the Cruz, which is cheaper because it just stays a single. That being said the Vista includes the bassinet while the Cruz does not. With both options you have to buy the car seat (I had the Uppababy Mesa).

I’d suggest looking into the Uppababy Minu. It’s their newest stroller and is super super compact but can also use the bassinet & carseat. It’s definitely going to be over the budget but it ticks all the other boxes. 

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sunshinewhiskey :  can you stretch your budget a bit? That combo is hard to find in a quality stroller. I’ve owned 33 strollers and can tell you it’s one of the most important purchases you’ll make. I’d recommend a Nuna Tavo. It’s middle of the road for price, can be used from birth, folds up compactly and rolls like a suitcase, has a large functional basket, adjustable handlebars, and adjustable footrest. It has excellent suspension and a smooth push over pretty much everything but cobblestone (in which case you really need a jogging stroller anyway). 

I perodnally would steer away from big box brands like Graco and Chicco if you can, for quality and longevity sake. However, that is my personal opinion and experience and I’m sure others will disagree.

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My daughter is a year old. Not sure how tall she is or how much she weighs anymore – she’s skinny but long and she fits comfortably. I imagine she’ll be able to use it another year or two but likely will prefer to walk once she gets the hang of it. sunshinewhiskey :  

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