(Closed) Fuming with Realtor! Need Advice!

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Sugar bee
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I’ve seen home listings with cats in them. Cats just go where they want. We saw a few when we were looking for homes. Unless it was a straight shot of just the cat and had nothing to do with the rooms I think you’re overreacting. Seeing a cat in a home photo wouldn’t make me think less of a house, just that there may be some cat hair. 

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Bee Keeper
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missjewels:  Uhhhh, I think I’d cool my heels on this issue.  Unless the cat was specifically mentioned in your photo conversation, the guy probably operates on the “Don’t Touch It, You’ll Break it Rule”  I mean, what if he hurt or scared the cat?  And why is it the photographers job to wrangle your cat anyway?  If you didn’t want it in the shots, arrangements should have been made, since it wasn’t something anyone thought of, you can re-shoot with the cat sequestered somewhere…no biggie.

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Busy Beekeeper
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It’s not the broker’s job to move your cat. I’m sure if you wanted to take the photos over yourself, without the cat, they would be happy to upload them.

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Buzzing bee

If you didn’t want your cat in the pictures you should have put it away or taken it from your home for the photos. Why would it be your realtor’s job to chase your cat out of every room?

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Sugar bee
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missjewels: why didn’t you move the cat yourself? Photographers aren’t art directors. Was your friend there, or did you set that expectation / understanding that she should be there or that your cat wasn’t to be in pictures?

I’m sorry you’re disappointed but I’m still failing to see how it’s your friend’s fault, unless I’m missing something. 

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Bumble bee
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You should’ve removed the cat from your home for the day, then.  Certainly there was somewhere your cat could’ve stayed for a few hours?  And, if not, you should’ve made arrangements for the photographer to be there when you were there so you could remove your cat. 

And, honestly, I would not touch an animal that I wasn’t familiar with.  If that cat scratched or bit the photograher while he was moving the animal, you could have a lawsuit on your hands. 

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Buzzing bee
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Well like pps, I really don’t think this is a situation worthy of rage. It’s not the photographer’s job to move the cat but in any case, what’s the issue? You have a cat. Does that make the property any less saleable? Also, you seem terribly bothered about the fact that the pictures of your cat have been posted online. Is there some sort of kittyporn ring operating out there that will now feature your pussy?

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Busy bee
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Think of it this way; at least potential buyers know you don’t have mice!

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Honey Beekeeper
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missjewels:  Frankly, I’m with you on the fact that the cat should not have been in the pictures. That cat will put a number of people off considering your home at all. The photographer wasted time taking those pics instead of phoning the realtor and telling her the cat was a problem.

I do think however, that it was your responsibility to either take the cat elsewhere for the day, or confine the cat to a carrier. It was not the photographer’s job to move the cat. As others have said , he could easily have been scratched or bitten and cat bites are notorious for getting infected.


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Bumble bee
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missjewels:  I actually wouldn’t be phased at all if I saw a cat in photos of a house I was looking at! Maybe that’s just me? I wouldn’t stress OP, I too get very frustrated with people who don’t do their job properly but if someone really likes the look of a house I can’t imagine them thinking ‘oh but wait, a cat lived there before us, I can’t possibly buy it!’

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Miss_E_xx:  I would, but I would appreciate the picture saving me some time to discount it.  I ended up sick because a realtor lied about a cat, I stepped into the house, we realized there was a cat there and left after less than a minute.  I took extra medication because of it and still ended up sick.

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Bee Keeper
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I’d insist they redo the pictures.  Honestly if I saw the cat in the picks i’d move on to another listing…. thinking your house may smell like cat…. and same goes if there was a dog in the pic.

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Bee Keeper
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missjewels:  Well the cat definitely should not have been in the photos (nor should any pet). As a photographer, I would not have moved your cat. That is not my job. It is also not my job to stage your house – putting away trash cans, moving your personal items, or stowing the plunger in the bathroom. If you couldn’t have been there, you should have made arrangements to have someone handle the cat. I am NOT a cat person AT ALL, so I most definitely would not have picked up your cat to move it.

I would have the photos retaken without the cat. Having them in the photos will definitely be a turnoff, unless someone is a cat person. I dislike cats so much that we would not have even considered a house that had a cat living inside.

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