(Closed) Fun exercises for fitness, not weight loss?

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I’ll give the same advice here as I was planning to on your other thread, give lifting weights a try. Whilst you may be weak at the moment, the fact that you want to gain weight and that you’re a beginner can work together to give you strength, more bodyweight and a real sense of achievement. 

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The library has lots of fitness dvds for free checkout. Maybe you could do something like yoga, pilates, bootcamp, etc. Calisthenics (pushups, situps, etc) are free too!

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laschai:  Gosh! So many fun things to try. Cycling is really fun and builds up some good leg muscles while giving you a strong heart and lungs. Lifting weights is great because you see changes in strength and muscle size pretty quickly if you’re challenging yourself. Especially if you’re skinny, the muscles just build right up! Fantastic! 

Running can be good too, it doesn’t just have to be for losing weight. It makes me feel fit and it’s kinda zen too. Feels relaxing. Afterwards I like to grab a slurpee or something for extra fun.

Martial arts/boxing or something along those lines would be good if you want to learn something while you’re at it. I took a women’s swimming class and that was really fun too, even though it was super challenging for me.

Another thought is you could sign up for a 5k and train with a group for it. Usually runners will grab coffee after and that’s fun too.

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Weights! Make GAINZZZZ … but really. Lifting will build muscle, increase your strength. Make sure that you get enough protein and other nutrition. Talking to a certified trainer could help, they’re not just certified in weight loss, they’re there for overall health. Maybe not the most fun, but it would meet the need to gain weight. I also second the 5K sign up, there are great running groups that will train for short distances and not necessarily to lose weight.

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If you really don’t want to lose any weight and want to tone up, I would recommend weight training and strength exercises. Have a look on google for weight training with dumbbells and kettle bells, there are loads of different movements to try.

i used to do loads of cardio but found myself in a similar situation to you, I was looking thin and underweight but had no tone or shape. Since then I quit the cardio and started doing weights and stationary exercises (like squats) and I look so much better. I haven’t put on weight or look bulky but just more toned and lean.

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laschai:  I would check out barre workouts, they are fantastic for creating muscle! 

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I do pole fitness and it is an amazing workout! I have been doing it for about 7 months. I haven’t lost any weight but I have certainly defined my arms and strengthened my core. It is not only fun, but addicting!

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laschai:  I second pole dancing!!! It is so much fun and it does build up strength.  But personally I LOVE weight lifting! Women think they’re going to get bulky from it…. no. Unless you have a hormone inbalance where you have a LOT of testosterone (sp?) in your body, you won’t be able to naturally. You can do a program like Body Beast (That’s what I’m doing right now!!) or there are other options such as a personal trainer / websites (bodybuilding.com and iffym.com are good sources). 

Good Luck!! =D

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laschai:  +1 to all the people who said weight training and barre or pole fit. All great FUN options that will help tone and build muscle 🙂

 I would also say YOGA! You will build strength and flexibility and it isn’t too much of a high calorie burn, especially beginners classes. 

I very much disagree with Fizzy8:  …for someone who does not want to lose weight, high calorie expenditures like swimming, kick boxing , spinning and running are not for her. 

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I think people sometimes focus too much on the scale.

If you find the exercise that’s fun for you, the rest will take care of itself. A fun exercise will be a gateway to more varied exercise, in my opinion. If you spend more calories, you end up eating more anyways. If you spend too much time worrying about losing/gaining x number of lbs, you might miss out on something that you would enjoy. Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. It shouldn’t be awful.

I will add that a variety is best for your health. You generally need to balance different areas of fitness.

Everyone is different. For me those things make me feel strong with a capital S.

laschai:  Please don’t mind my post if this isn’t appealing to you. It’s just that I loooove exercise! I get excited! I want to share my excitement and successes. In real life, it’s not a normal conversation topic because I don’t want to be preachy… But I get so super stoked when any of my friends (or internet homies) join the “crazy fitness junky” club. 

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yoga was really great for me to build up my body in a gradual way! then i started adding in weight training and was really happy with my results. definitely recommend both!

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There are tonsss of exercises you can do without having to ‘lose weight’ because you are working out. It all depends how you are eating, so I suggest increasing how you eat (healthy wise of course). Adding more lean protein into your diet and focus on weighted and body weighted exercises. High rep, low weight, weight lifting classes are amazing for toning and getting stronger…if you belong to a gym, they are bound to have a class like that! Those classes are my favorite! Another option is getting some dumbbells and doing exercsies like that at home! In addition do some heavier weighted squats and lunges for lower reps. Here’s a great article on both types of lifting: http://www.shape.com/celebrities/star-trainers/ask-celebrity-trainer-high-reps-and-light-weights-vs-low-reps-and-heavy Following at home programs are great for losing weight but also great to just tone and get stronger…beachbody has a ton that cover all the bases. One I love is isnanity. Did a wonderful job toning me and makes you want to workout..there are also lots of insanity reveiws you can read through to get more insight to it-  http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/insanity-workout-reviews.do I’d get into a routine, and try both types of exercising so you get body weight exercsies and weight training in. It won’t bulk you but you will get toned and stronger. Remember to drink lots of water and keep a journal of what you eat so you can see if you should still increase your caloric intake or eat more veggies or protein, etc. 

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