Fun: Popular things (tv shows, songs, foods, holidays, pets etc) you're not into

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Harry F-ing Potter.

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I’m with you on the GoT and not liking sweets. Chocolate and baked goods don’t do much for me. I’d rather have a nice big salad or a wedge of cheese (shit, or both!).

I also think milk is disgusting and will dry heave just from smelling it (traumatic experience in preschool lol). I’ve physically left the dinner table because someone was drinking milk with their food. Can’t do it.

Billie Eilish annoys me. It’s not even that I dislike her music all that much. I just find her whole persona to be irritating lol.

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Buzzing bee

OTF, Band of Horses (they might not be relevant any longer, but I could not stand them when they were popular), Star Wars (just never had any desire to watch it).  I’m sure I’ll think of some more.

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semperfi :  

Kardashians.. like absolutely think they are utterly useless and everytime they get any media attention I die a little inside.. except Kylie because she at least built a business.  also like… THEY ARE NOT PRETTY and only look like this due to extensive work ughhhh why

Taylor Swift. garbage music and a grown adult woman still singing teeny bopper music and having a 13 year old fan club is just creepy

Milk.. gross. avacado.. gross

Hate in store shopping love online. Going into a mall id the biggest waste of time to me

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Game of thrones – only watched the last couple of episodes with my hubby because I was bored – don’t understand the hype about it

beyonce – completely overrated and I don’t understand the obsession. Her early music is good though. But I tried to watch her Netflix Cochella documentary and could barely get through 20 min lol so vain

over staged maternity photos make me cringe 

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Beyonce…Taylor Swift…Miley Cyrus…Kardashians…any and all reality TV stars….they’re just so gross to me.

Orange is the New Black…nope…can’t stand the show.

Tesla cars (and most ‘green’ electric cars in general, sorry OP!!). They’re pretentious and their sales people will treat you like shit. My hubby and I actually stopped at a Tesla dealership/show room to learn more about them as he was interested in one. The salesman took one look at us and stated we couldn’t afford one. Wouldn’t even talk to us at all. At that time both of us individually made over $100K a year…Totally turned my hubby off of them.

And my biggest irrational dislike? The little stick figure family stickers on cars….Don’t know why, but they irk me!

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GOT – I actually watched the first season, but gave up out of a mixture of boredom and repulsion. 

Yoga – Like, I get it. Breathe deep, stretch. Sometimes I even DO yoga, because I know what I need to do is breathe and stretch, but I don’t get the weird cult love for it. I prefer pilates – less crystal grippy cult feel. 

Crossover SUVs – I mean lookit; most people literally never leave the pavement. You aren’t towing anything. The most adventurous thing you do is go to a camprground that is a glorified parking lot in the woods. The fact they are now almost the default option for a vehicle, despite worse MPG/Driving Dynamics/Manuverability is just baffling to me. I am pro station wagon, and fairly bummed that my options in that direction are so constraned. 

Tomatoes on Every Goddamned Thing – Sandwiches, salads, pizza, tacos.  Why? They’re slimy and typically tasteless. They rarely ever actually improve the overall experience of eating something, and just act as cheap filler. 

Sportsball – I just can’t. 

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Love tomatoes on just about everything.  Love pickles. Dislike avocado- slimy & tasteless 

Hate those stick figure family stickers on cars, too.

Contouring makeup. Just don’t get it. Plus I find it weird when people photoshop & filter their pics on social media so that the next time I see them in person, I think they must be ill or really really really tired.

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I have yet to see GoT as well and have no plans to! Also not into cats. 

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I can’t stand Cardi B. 

It has literally nothing to do with me as a man marrying another man who doesn’t plan to have children, but I despise “new” names. I hate Kayden, Kulture, Adelynlie, all of them. Stoppit. 

I also don’t like sweets and could not care less about GOT.


However, I do very much enjoy my cats. As well as onions (if you don’t cook with onions what are you even cooking) and my ugly eco-friendly car. The uglier the better actually. Give me the hairless cat of cars. 

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Game of thrones. Harry Potter. Adele. Cardi B. The golden state warriors (the last one might be mostly regionally, but I live in the Bay Area and can’t stand them.) Amazon. I also can’t stomach the thought of creamy foods like Alfredo or chowder. I love unpopular opinion threads lol!

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Lady Gaga.  I don’t get it.

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