Fun post! How do you play around with your SO?

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He hides from me. Sometimes in really obvious places like under the covers but sometimes in better places so he can jump out and scare me. I startle easily so it works every time even if I guess where he is. Last time he got creative and put some pillows under the covers so I thought that was him but he was actually in the closet. 

I’ve also been known to quickly shimmy under the bed as he’s getting home.  

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Girl I play all the time! lol my Fiance’ is playful but even HE has to get used to my playful nature at times! I can be very serious but I LOVE to have fun also. He likes to scare me alot, as I scare easy lol. I try to scare him too but it rarely works. We play fight, tickle fight, roast each other, etc. We really do have a unique relationship lol

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peekaboobs :  hahaha I’m the one who does this in our relationship. My husband has caught on and started participating and definitely given me a taste of my own medicine, but it’s just made us both plan more elaborate scares. We both jump at any opportunity we get and it never gets old hahaha 



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I’m dying at your pie. Bravo.

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hickoryhills :  Damn you, woman. I just started a 10-day detox and now I want pie. And Sex. And pie while having sex. And sex while eating pie. Pie pie pie. All the pie. OMG, I love pie. 

We both go in for a hug and see who can be the first to steathily grab/squeeze the other’s butt. You can’t just go in for the butt-grab. You have to sneak it in after you’ve had a proper hug. 

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I do gross things like fart on him LOL!!! Which is fine cos I get more than enough back on that department.. Also tickle him to death. His favorite thing is jumping out and scaring me or freaking me out about bugs. I loathe insects.

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A few months ago, I got home from work and my boyfriend cut me off mid-sentence and said he needed help folding his laundry and ordered me upstairs. There was a pile of laundry on the bed and we each started folding and chatting. Eventually, I pulled a shirt toward me that still had tags on it. Then I realized it had my favorite athlete’s name on it. I put two and two together and realized it was a gift for me and started cracking up. We were both laughing our assets off and I kissed him and thanked him. Then he said, “Alright, now stop folding my stuff. I’m a grown man. I can do my own damn laundry.” 

Also, he put the shirt right on top but I kept grabbing things underneath it to fold ๐Ÿ˜

I have since gotten him back by hiding a gift in a bag of groceries I asked him to put away. Round and round we go…

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hickoryhills :  this pie ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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Oh gosh where to start! Of course tickling and teasing but he also really likes to come up with games like taking turns blindfolding eachother and then completing a task in the house with a timer running (ex: turn off the fish tank light, wash a dish, or lock and unlock the front door using a key). We played a game where we guessed what animal the other person was drawing (also timed) the other day and sooooo many more random games. He also thinks it’s funny to randomly scream while driving if I’m not paying attention and it gives me a heart attack every time! Lol 

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hickoryhills :  That’ pie is so great.

My boyfriend and I like to mess with each other on lazy days. I like to dangle my hair over his face while he’s watching TV and he’ll rub his chin all over me when it gets scruffy. He likes to try to smooch me with only one lip, which feels really weird. He also has this thing about grabbing my ass in public because he knows I’m shy, so we usually end up slapping and grabbing at each other. We make weird noises all the time. Sometimes I forget when we have friends over and make random animal noises really loud. I tickle his buttcheeks while he’s brushing his teeth, or hump him and run away really fast if he’s doing dishes. He usually gets me back by flicking the lights on and off while I’m in the shower.

Reading some of the other responses reminded me that we play wrestle. When we first started dating, we held off on sex and we used to play wrestle a lot. We broke his bed, which his roommates thought was hysterical. I like to lean on him while he’s lying in bed and he has to push me off like a dead body. He also likes to put my entire nose or chin in his mouth and blow.

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Bumble bee

My boyfriend and I aren’t particularly traditional about gender roles. Things have kind of shaken out so that some of the things he does for me are “traditionally masculine” and some of the things I do for him are “traditionally feminine”. 

Our inside joke about it is “See, honey? This is why men need women!” I’ll say it super sweetly and sarcastically as I’m getting a stain out of his shirt or he’s tearing into a sloppy joe I made, and he invariably snorts into his food when he starts laughing while eating. It cracks me up! 

When he’s about to run out to get one of our cars washed/fueled, he’ll say, “We men have to look after our ladies; you are certainly the weaker sex.” And I’ll smack his butt as he walks out the door. Or I’ll get in a good pinch as he’s getting something off a top shelf.

We agreed early on that we don’t want children, that I will maintain my career, and that there’s no pressure for me to change my name at marriage. I’m the one with the mortgage on the house, but he’s the one who handles budgeting and financials. We have an odd balance that varies between “traditional” and not, but we find the stereotypical idea that men and women are helpless without each other hilarious.  We love our partnership and have fun with pretty much everything. 

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That pie killed me.

Play wrestling is a major thing, but I also enjoy sending him terrible jokes and puns while he’s at work for whenever he gets a chance to read them. Things like “How much do you think I could make being a surrogate for celebrities? Because I’m thinking a motherlode” followed by some variation of “I’m breaking up with you.”

Keeps it interesting.

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