(Closed) Fun thread: What would you do if you unexpectedly traveled back in time?

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Sugar bee

Well, given that in any other time period I would have to marry young without love and have a bunch of kids (or die trying), I would probably find the nearest convent and become a nun. A secular one, though. I’d rather make myself useful by helping others and teaching, I don’t think I’m made for contemplative life.

Or, if I can be a young wealthy widow, without kids, in 18th century France, then I’d welcome brilliant guests in my salon, I’d be independant and I’d probably have a shot at a nice life. 

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Sugar bee
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Apple_Blossom:  People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect. But actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff.  at least according to the Doctor.  Time travel is just weird. 

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iarebridezilla:  When I read this thread title I immediately thought “find and bang Jamie Frasier” without even knowing you were posting about Outlander!  That’s what I associate time travel with now, but I am not Claire-smart enough to survive!

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Busy Beekeeper

Nope. Life is tough enough here with all of our modern conveniences. I have no desire to visit and live the past especially if its for an extended period of time. Call me a wus, yup, I am. 

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1. I ADORE (yes, capitals) the Outlander series. A.D.O.R.E.  I’ve read all the books several times each. They just started a mini-series on History channel here in Canada, you can find the first episode on YT but it doesn’t hold a candle to the books.  

2.  I might want to go back to the 1700-1800s.  I think I could blend in pretty well, have some medicinal knowlege of both modern medicine and botanical medicine (not unlike Claire, actually).  I also think that the late 1800s would be extremely interesting, the dawn of the scientific age.  Or maybe the height of the Roman empire; it’s amazing to realize that they had so many “modern” comforts, libraries, and technologies and yet they were ancient.  LOL, clearly I’m undecided.

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Bee Keeper

I would probably want to go back to exploring the West,  like Louis and Clark expeditions or something. Not that I would have any useful knowledge other than to tell them how freaking cold it gets or how huge the Rockies are. It would kind of fulfill my childhood wondering of if I could really survive the Oregon Trail haha.


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Buzzing bee

RunsWithBears:  Yeah, sure. 

Who knows what changes would have what effect, if any. I’d rather not find out, though. My mere presence is enough to change things. I think I’d rather just live life and use my knowledge in a way that would satisfy my curiosity. 

That’s just what I think I would do, though, you know. Everyone’s got their own ideas. 

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I’m not going to lie.  I read the title and started singing Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” in my head.  That was 10 minutes ago and it has not gone away.  Yay.

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RunsWithBears:  I was hoping someone would say that!  Love it.

I guess it all comes down to which time philosophy you agree with.  I’m kind of both.  I think it’s a “wibbly wobbley ball,” but I also think it’s more in the sense that was has happened has happened- we wouldn’t be able to go back in time to change stuff and come back to our exact present, unless it’s already happened.  Instead, if I were to go back and take over Canada and return to the present, that would be a separate timeline, so to speak- I either come back to a world without my ruling Canada (the “real present”) or I jump forward in the new timeline and it’s the “alternate present.”

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Oooo I love this thread! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think about these things often…knowing enough to live in the era was always kind of my threshold for studying history. Somethings to keep in mind…

-In modern history (post-Renaissance), it’s always best politically, for a woman to be a widow. Assuming you’ve lost your family in this time travel experience, it gives you an out to kind of talk about your past, but for anytime before about 1880, in America or the British Empire, a widow would be allowed many freedoms an unwed woman would not, namely the rights to own land, own personal property, in some cases use currency or deal with banks, in some cases practice medicine…basically to have any public identity.

-As a woman you’d have to be wary about disclosing that you could read if you were not in the United States. From Plymouth onward, American woman were at least taught to read and cypher to keep household books, especially in Puritan communities. 

-Don’t tell anyone you can swim. Sailors know how to swim, backwoods guides know how to swim, women of decent standing do not unless they were being raised in an extremely hot climate, such as India or Barbados.

-Polite women keep their hair tied up.

-You best out for short hair, scandelous clothes, tattoos, or piercings would be to claim yourself victims of “natives” or “mongols” depending on your locale.


I think I could probably manage anywhere post-Renaisance in the (former) British Empire. As for the linear/changing history debate…I’ve always thought of time as similar to stratified rock, one layer built on top of another. If you mine or change a small bit, the rock above will shift very little, if at all. If you were to dig a huge hole, the wall would collapse inward soon or later in places it wouldn’t have otherwise and cause all kinds of dramatic changes.

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iarebridezilla:  I just had to come back and thank you for this thread. When you originally posted, I had never heard of Outlander before, but after a quick read of this thread and the Amazon description, I went to Barnes and Noble that very afternoon to purchase a copy. This book has everything I’ve ever looked for in a series: strong characters, plausible historical context, genealogy, adventure and romance. Jamie and Claire’s story grabbed my attention and struck my heart. I’ve just finished the third book, Voyagerand wanted to thank you for introducing me to the best book series I’ve read in many, many years! This series has reinvigorated what I thought was a long-lost love of reading.

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