(Closed) Funniest things you've said while under anaesthesia or drunk

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Busy bee

Sporty-Bee:  I had spinal surgery when I was 17 at the city’s children’s hospital and when I woke up in recovery there was a young child across from me screaming so I yelled “shut that fucking kid up!”….. not my finest moment but pretty funny looking back on it

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Bumble bee

Ha, I don’t remember this at all, but I had a procedure and was given Versed. Afterwards when we were walking out of the hospital, there was a large, wide ramp for wheelchairs. My husband tells me I grabbed him and insisted that I needed to roll down it as well.

He thought I meant in a wheelchair (totally logical), but I really meant barrel roll down it with my body, which I attempted to show him. Needless to say, he dragged me to the car before I could try any more wild antics.

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Helper bee
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I’m drunk right now and I almost told a fellow bee that her dress makes her look like an overpacked sausage.  But….if you don’t have something nice to say……

Srsly though – some people just refuse to own their size.

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Bumble bee
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I was coming off anaesthesia and while I was waking up a doctor was in the room.

I asked the doctor: When is Dr. H coming in, y’know, the one with the tight ass and the Greek god face?

I didn’t realize I said it right to Dr. H until after a few seconds. 

-hides in closet-

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Busy bee
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“Anal hurts!”……said very loudly on a crowded sidewalk in front of a crowded restaurant patio at my bach:S

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Helper bee
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Apparently when I had my wisdom teeth removed awhile ago and was still under the effects of the anesthesia, I was blabbering about the fact that I couldn’t feel half my face so “I’ll never be a model (like that would happen anyway) or spiderman!” I also fell onto the floor of my living room when I got home and started crying because I “couldn’t find the couch”. It was a foot away. My mom had to help me up and when she did, I told her that because I couldn’t feel half my face, I must be Sylvester Stallone so it was time to reenact Rocky. That last one was absolutely awful.

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Honey bee
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Sporty-Bee:  I had surgery last year and was extremely nervous. The nurse gave me something that was supposed to “calm me down” and even told me most people fall asleep after one dose of it. After forty minutes, I will still hyper alert and nervous, to the point I was trying to get off the table and leave. She gave me another dose and within four minutes, my head was spinning and I was completely out of it. I can only remember flashes of getting wheeled down to the OR. Once on the table, my doctor came over me and asked how I was feeling and if I was ready to begin. The last thing I remember is trying to ‘boop’ his nose, while saying “boop,” before everything goes black. I still laugh about it every time I have to see him. 

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Bumble bee
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Not me, but after Fiance was put under to get his wisdom teeth removed, they let me sit in the recovery room with him. He rolled his head over and looked at me and had all the gauze packed into his mouth and was like, “you have to leave.”

Me: Why?

Him: They’ll be starting soon.

Me: Sweetie, it’s done.


I’m not even exaggerating that “what,” hahah. He also sat there for a while, deep in thought, and then asked me to do him a favour:

Me: What favour?

Him: Can you photoshop…

Me: ……….

Him: Me…….

Me: …………………

Him: With a pirate hat on

Me: ……………………………………………….. sure babe

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Helper bee
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I was put under for a surgery and I apparently started swearing at the anesthesiologist because he mentioned that I was a smoker while I was in the room with my mom. I had smoked from 18-24 and my family never knew. I apparently yelled at him the whole time before I went out. 

When I was in grad school my roommate who was in undergrad came home drunk and in the middle of the night barged into my bedroom and sat down on my computer chair butt naked and peed. I was freaking out and yelled “What are you doing?” and she goes “I’m peeing!” She had NO clue about it the next day and was SO embarrassed. We laugh about it still because she is SO not the type to get drunk or do anything crazy.

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Buzzing bee
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This wasn’t something I said, just something I thought. I Had IV sedation to have a tooth extracted, so technically I was conscious but dont remember a thing. My mum says I tried talking to the dentist the entire way through the procedure. As the sedation was wearing off was the point the dentist was explaining to my mum how to look after and clean the gum where the tooth was, and started saying “now she won’t remember this, but tell her to use this cleaning routine…”. I was sitting there thinking ‘ what does she mean I won’t remember?’ Lol

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Helper bee
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After having my first dose of sedation for having widom teeth removed, I began talking about all of the pets you could own and apparently became fixated on bunnies, explaining their care and talking about how cute they are. The oral surgeon gave me even more anesthesia, and apparently it did nothing to shut me up, so he just started working and I guess I stopped talking then! I don’t remember this at all, and he was telling my partner as I woke up (who relayed all of this to me). I don’t remember anything.

Once I accompanied my Dad to a hernia surgery to be his drop off/pick up person. After giving him the intial sedation, my Dad was pretty loopy and saying some strange things. As the nurse wheeled him off to the O.R., he shouted “It’s like being Led Zeppelin in the sevennnntiiiiiieeessssssss!!!!” I was sort of embarassed, but also laughing. 

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