(Closed) Funniest/Ridiculous/Strange Customer Service stories?

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I worked at a grocery store for about 4 years in high school/college breaks. I worked in the service center and had all sorts of crazy customers but my favorite was someone came back with a pot roast, cooked, in a ziplock bag with a receipt. (Mind you this was maybe 1/10th of the weight of the original roast) Well, they wanted a full refund for the roast because it was “just too tough, it was unbearable to eat, and so fatty” Generally speaking, fatty and tough don’t go together with meat, and clearly it wasn’t too unbearable because you ate 90% of it. We had one of those crazy policies where we would take back just about anything, so it came back with us and we refunded her the $16-20 for the roast.  

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booktea92:  I many moons ago worked for Lane Bryant.  One time a woman called the store asking if we sold jogging suits.  I replied no I am sorry we don’t. She called me a racist white woman. Um okay, what does me being white have to do with jogging suits that the store did not sell?

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I work in the auto industry.  Got a call that my training manager made me take. 

The very knowledgeable store manager (20+ years) and the car nutty parts person (seriously, she’s crazy in love with cars) both refused to sell this customer DOT 5 brake fluid for his vehicle that ran DOT 3 and just needed a top off.  Both tried to explain why you can’t do that.  But per customer, girls know nothing on cars and left.  My training manager was in back and heard everything.

So customer calls.  He got DOT 5 at different chain. And it promptly caused the predicted catastrophic system failure. He wanted the work to fix his car paid for by us.  Because we didn’t properly warn him of the reaction.

He didn’t like being told by me we didn’t sell him the product, he was warned by our store, so go away in nicer terms.

Our regional manager apparently gave up and told him we didn’t cater to misogynist pigs, he is no longer welcome in our stores.

Dumbest part is the idiot had to leave the regular brake fluid, turn the corner and go to the specialized section to find it. DOT 3, 4 & 5.1 are glycol ether based and semi compatible, you can usually go up but not down a grade. DOT 5 is silicone oil based and it’s for racing systems, the oil does not play with the other fluids plus it kills anti lock brakes.

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I have a couple. 10 years ago I was working retail at a mall. One night, we were closing the store so I pulled the gate 3/4 of the way down. We had one customer left at the till, and she was just finishing up. I had my back turned to the door and I was folding a table of merchandise. I heard the gate clanging so I turned around and watched a woman  set her bags down,forcefully pull the gate up, scoot under in the store, pull her bags through and then lower the gate behind her. She turned around and we were all staring at her and she got all wide eyed and was like ‘oh, are you guys not open?” 

A few years ago I worked at a business that was 2 digits off of QVC’s telephone number. I used to get like 10 calls a day that were meant for QVC.  It happened so frequently that I just started giving them the right number to call and wished them a good day. Back when I first started though, I would apologize and tell people they have the wrong number and that we were a construction comany in canada. Once,  i got a call from a lady with a thick southern drawl who immediately launched into a story about how she ordered a jacket for her husband bUT second guessed it because he recently put on some weight so she wanted to return it and put the credit towards a size larger. I told her I was sorry, she had the wrong number. She then accused me of not wanting to refund her the money. I told her she had reached the  number of a construction company in canada and I had no affiliation with qvc. She argued on the phone with me for some time and asked to speak with my manager. I told her I was the office manager of the construction company and could not help her. Finally, she understood that she had reached the wrong business entirely and that we weren’t even in the same country. Then she sighed and ‘ok. Well can you patch me through?”  I told her to please hold and then hung up. 

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I used to work at a pet store. Every single year around the holidays, the same lady would come in and start shouting at the first employee she saw because we had more Christmas dog toys than Hanukkah toys. We would politely show her a dreidel toy and she would yell “but look at ALL THE SANTAS” and accuse us all of hating Jews. 

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I was also a pharmacy tech during high school and college. I will never forget this couple that came in to ask me where the butterfly band aids were. the guy had serious injuries all over his arms. Bleeding and cuts and his bone was sticking out from his wrist. I’ve never seen something so graphic in person ever. He was so calm though it was weird. I told him that he needs to go to the hospital for use a bandaid. He said he couldn’t and started walking away. When his girlfriend turned around with him I saw blood and cuts all over her legs. It was really weird. It looked like they got into a car accident and didnt want anyone to know. We decided to call the police and have them check it out. Don’t know what happened to them! 

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LOL! I’ll play!

1. I used to work at a pizza place as a manager in Las Vegas. One night this homeless man comes in (very quietly) and snuck up behind me as I was decorating the lobby for Halloween. I was minding my own business, when suddenly I heard, “Excuse me ma’am, may I weigh you? I like to weigh things.” I almost jumped out of my skin and turn around. This homeless man is just walking around with an ELECTRIC SCALE. I was like, “uhhh… no” and ran behind the counter. Super weird.

2. This is a 3-part series. Same pizza place. One night I went to deliver to the sketchy motel down the street. I got there almost exactly on time and knocked on the door. Nobody answered so I knocked again… finally after a couple minutes a couple girls come to the door. They’re wearing nothing but bras and thongs and there was a bunch of camera equipment and stuff inside… I’m pretty sure they were filming a porno. Similarly, one time I delivered to a trailer park and when I knocked I heard a very panicked, “we’re coming!” finally after like 3 minutes a middle aged man opens the door. He’s not wearing a shirt and his pants are completely unbuckled and his (assumed) wife is completely naked in the living room. He was sweating profusely. I gave them a knowing look and wished them a good day. Lastly, one of the drivers came back from a late night delivery and he tells me that the guy who answered the door has his dick hanging out of his boxers the entire time. Then, as if this wasn’t bad enough, another driver hears and says “I’VE DELIVERED TO THAT GUY TWICE!” apparently this was a common occurence nobody felt the need to report. Needless to say I blocked the customer and reported it with the company.

3. (Not Vegas) I was working at a deli and one day a man walks in and my co-worker casually says, “Hello Sir, how are you doing today?” and the guy just looked at him and said, “Fucking terrible.” My co-worker didn’t know how to respond, panicked, and said “That’s nice”.

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I used to work for Bed Bath and Beyond as a manager.  A customer came in wanting a refund for a glass cutting board.  She had no receipt…and no cutting board!  She claimed it broke and asked “was I expected to bring the pieces of broken glass in with me?” 

Ok, lady, let me get this straight…You just walked in completely empty handed with no proof this cutting board ever even existed…and you want me to give you cash?????  Um, no.  

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I worked for a cable company a few years ago… Needless to say most of my customers were very angry and rude. I dealt with a lot but the worst was the following man:

He walked into the store while I’m at the counter, and puts his reciever up on it and says to give him a new one and walks away. I wait while he ignores me and wanders around to ask him for his ID as per policy. Then he walks away without saying a word goes to his car and returns with his ID. This of course is then slammed on the counter. As I return it he huffs and puffs and act like my mere existance is a problem. In the middle of doing the return he asks me if I am literally doing it slowly just to piss him off. My coworker and best friend is beside me and starts the spiel of “sir she is just going as fast as our computer system will let us”… Then, and I swear to you all I have never in all my life been so shocked… He LITERALLY mocked her. In a girly voice. He repeated it as annoyingly as he could. My girlfriend and i just looked at each other and started laughing, I mean I have never been so appalled at a grown mans behavior. He then said to hurry up. 

My response was: ” oh trust me, I’m hurrying I don’t want you here just as much as you don’t want to be here”. I handed him his new box after he griped about me not being able to mail him a receipt instead of waiting for me to print him one… (Eyeroll here) and then I got to cheerily tell him to have a great day as he walked out of the store. 

The worst part? He had a 5 year old with him, obviously his. 

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I was a cashier supervisor at Target and I was on a register, fixing something for a customer and someone got in line behind her. Someone was having trouble at another register, so needed to finish up quickly. I told this woman I was closed, but she ignored me, very deliberately…like looking everywhere but at me. I repeated myself. She finally smirked at me and pointed to her ear, indicating she was deaf. I pointed at my light (which was off) and said I was closed again. She continued to smirk and pointed at her ear. I repeated myself and started to write a note, telling her I was closed, but she wiped my hand away from the paper I was writing on and put her stuff down. I looked at her and she looked at me, very smug. I said I was closed, one last time and started walking away. She started screaming “MANAGER, MANAGER, MANAGER” at the top of her lungs. SHe then said “You have to be deaf, blind or dumb to get good customer service”. I looked at her and told her I was the front end manager, but if she would like me to call the store manager, I would be happy to tell them that she faked being deaf so she wouldn’t have to wait in a line behind 2 people. She took her arm and wiped all of her stuff off the register and onto the floor. She then stuck her tongue out at me. 

My blood pressure is rising just typing this. . .I’ve never wanted to punch someone so much in my life!

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Oh yes, one more.

At the aforementioned pizza place, I had a lady come in one morning and tell me that she had ordered a pizza the night before and should have a credit for a new one. I said okay and looked up her phone number and the credit was on there. I asked her what she would like to order and she told me, so I rang it up and said it would be free because of the credit. Apparently that wasn’t enough for her and she said that she had also ordered a soda that she never got (delivery). I looked up her order from the night before and printed out her ticket that showed she never ordered a soda. I went back out to show it to her. She FLIPPED out on me and started screaming, “Well I don’t know what you’re seeing right now but I ordered a soda!” I tried to explain to her that she never ordered, or at least never paid for, the soda. I was physically holding the receipt in my hand. She continued to scream that I was racist and she wanted to fight me. She then proceeded to attempt to climb over the counter in pursuit. I was alone so I had to give her the soda to avoid being fought by a very angry woman who was probably twice my size. Oh, and this was in front of her two daughters. What a lovely role model.

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Wow some crazy stories.  I was a waitress for a little while at chain restaurant.  I remember a few times that people would eat their food then at the end of the meal tell me that they didn’t like and didn’t want to pay for it, or they would ask to speak to the manager and tell them they didn’t want to pay for it.  The manager would always honor it.  I think it was this company’s policy.

The most memorable time this happened two women were at the table and both got burgers and ate them.  At the end of the meal one of them said she didn’t like and didn’t want to be charged for.  I had even asked them during the meal how everything was and they both said fine.  My manager comped her meal.  Then they left me exact change down to the pennies to pay for the other woman’s meal.  No tip at all.  It really sucked when people skipped their tip because I still had to tip out the bartenders, hostess and busboys on the sale total, regardless of the amount of tips.

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MissCountryGirl727:  Love these! I’ve worked in 2 pharmacies and some of the people you meet are just too entertaining! I can’t count how many times security or the police were called after a heavily ‘medicated’ person tried to steal prescriptions from behind the counter or abused the pharmacist and every staff member for not giving them anything.

Also grown men awkwardly attempting to explain their personal symptoms to an 18 year old girl – one man flat out asked for the name of a vaginal thrush cream and I had to explain that that particular product may not serve the purpose he was planning on using it for..

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