(Closed) Funniest/Ridiculous/Strange Customer Service stories?

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NoItsBecky:  ugh. The worst. It’s almost impossible to have an “extra hot” and “extra dry” cappuccino. I feel for you on that. I mean really the foam itself isnt even solid enough to hold heat at all so really the only way to do that is to make sure the shot is pulled and the dry foam added immediately. that way you get the best shot of faking the “hot foam” because the espresso should be hot enough to make the foam seem hot too lol. I’m glad someone else understand the frustration of having that drink be requested. Most people are amazed (or just weirded out) at my extensive knowledge of all things starbucks\coffee. do they still make you fill out those stupid coffee passports? lol

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acglandorf:  That sucks. And it is kind of scary because most of the time it is some random individual bill that fell through the cracks. Thankfully a lot of our calls were able to be cleared up by processing insurance that just didn’t get billed due to the way everything was done separately. But a lot of them were legit. Like I said, though, if everyone just plays nice, it doesn’t need to become a thing. 

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In high school, I worked at our movie theater in town.  The theater is really old and still has the stage from when people would play the piano before movies had sound, so it’s somewhat of a tourist attraction.  We would always get interesting tourist come in and saying weird things.  One day, this couple comes in and the husband asks at what elevation do the deer become elk…I responded that it happens at tree line.  I literally couldn’t believe that they didn’t understand deer and elk are completely different animals.  Kind of like asking at what elevation does a dog become a cat.

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These stories are just hilarious and are making my work day so much better. Thank you guys!

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For years I worked as an insurance agent, so I sold insurance, but I also took information to initiate the filing of the claim in the case of an accident.   So a client who owns a garage (car repair) calls and says that his employee was taking a customer’s car on a test drive and was in an acccident.  Okay, I say, and I start asking the usual questions for the details.  He ignores my first question and says “the good news is that no one was hurt.”  Good, I say.  He continues:  “The bad news is that the car that [his employee] hit is a Bentley.”  Yep, a $250,000 car.  It was all I could do to burst out laughing at the absurdity that his employee hit what was probably the only Bentley, and perhaps the single most expensive car, in the entire city of Raleigh.  I managed to stutter out that he had a $1 million liability limit so he should be okay.  

Same job I also had a client who took conspiracy theories to a whole new level.  I should have known after the first time I talked to him, and in introducing himself to me, he let me know that he was a descendent of the [prominent family name in the area] and he could trace his lineage back to Robert E. Lee and others who fought in “the war of northern aggression.”  I’ve lived in the south my entire life, and I’ve heard the Civil War called that a few times, but this guy was something else.  Every time I talked to him he told me a new conspiracy — how Clinton had gone to the USSR as a Rhodes Scholar and was secretly working for Russia, how 9-11 was orchestrated by the both the US and Israeli governments, how the Jews control the entire American government and the proof is in the fact that all of the movie producers and high power elites in Hollywood are Jewish and use the entertainment industry to indoctrinate us, etc.  I cringed everytime he called because I knew I had to listen to it.  Sometimes I found it slightly amusing, other times it was frustrating because I just didn’t have the time or the desire to hear more racist or anti-Semetic rants.  But the guy owned some rather large businesses that earned the agency a decent amount of money, so I had no choice but to tolerate him.  Ugh.

I own my own retail shop now, and I have had some interesting customer experiences, but none compare (at least in my mind) to the two above.  

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mrsfiddlesticks:  i misread “titles” for “titties” which took your post to a whole nother level πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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I’m in IT…

“I want a keyboard that types in colour”.

“I changed my password and now the old one won’t work even one last time!”

“My computer keeps typing ‘bbbbbbbbb’.” (Turns out there was a banana on the user’s external keyboard that they had on an under the table keyboard tray so they couldn’t see it.) Here’s the punch line…. “don’t you think its weird that the computer was trying to tell me ‘b’ is for banana? They’ve come a long way, haven’t they!”

I asked for a screen shot. Person took a photo of the monitor with their phone and then scanned that phone. Then faxed that print out to the IT dept. :\

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I worked at Walmart in high school (they were really good about scheduling around my extracurricular activities).

Bloody crusty underwear in the fitting room.

I almost barfed.

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I worked in retail for 9 years. I have tons of stores but this one is by far the “best one”

I was the manager at a clothing store at the promenade and usually in the evenings we would get some tipsy/drunk women come in bc there was a bar two stores down.
So this lady walks in stumbling, reeking of alcohol, it was totally obvious she was f’d up. and she just starts grabbing clothes to try on. Her friend walks in a few mins after her and they both walk to the fitting rooms. I go and check on them and i see the drunk lady laying in the fitting room, she was passed out! i told the friend they needed to go, this was not a hotel. so the friend begins to drag the friend out of the fitting room. I then see the two rushing out, the poor lady could barely carry her drunk friend. my associate comes running out of the fitting rooms and tells me the drunk lady threw up all over the floor and clothes! i ran after the women and demanded them to come back and clean their mess. i was not their maid! the friend said she would clean it herself but needed to go leave her drunk friend with the rest of the group.
Bee’s.. it was soooo disgusting, good thing we were about to close we had no customer who witnessed it. And of course the nasty women did not come back. I had to pay my associate to help clean the mess, i do not have a strong stomach for that. We lost 300$ worth of clothes.

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LOL so many Starbucks stories!

We had a couple regulars…one we nicknamed Medusa, she would order a red eye with like half a shot of espresso and tell you it was made wrong every single time.  Except she did like me so she would say, this was made wrong I want my money back!  I would just tell her, I made it myself and I 100% know it was correct, and she would be like oh thanks sweetheart.  She always came through the drivethru in her tiny car and never wore any pants, just underwear.

Another guy, he would drive his super old car up to the store’s door and park there and use the wifi from his car then he would come out of the car with his laptop because he was skyping his girlfriend in the Philippines and he would show us the monitor and make us say hi to her.  He was there every single night.  He was kind of a creep. 

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This is not really a customer servive story, but it’s funny though.

I used to work at the reception of a hotel in Zandvoort (at the Nordsea in The Netherlands). All our rooms had seaview and at nights our guests always saw lights from the wind farms. Every now and then, guests would ask me if the place where the lights came from, was England. Like, seriously? You think you can see England when you look out of your room? 

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