(Closed) Funniest/Ridiculous/Strange Customer Service stories?

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Helper bee

I worked at the customer service desk for a discount chain a long time ago.  We had two returns that had us howling.

A guy in a cowboy hat came in with a pair of beat up cowboy boots.  Totally worn out and disgusting.  It was store policy to take back pretty much anything, but we had to ask why.  His answer was “my horse died so I don’t need the boots anymore”.

A lady came in and returned an opened box of condoms with a couple missing.  Again, we asked why she was returning, and she says “they didn’t work”.  We asked no more questions and gave her her money back. 

Other women would bring in their kids’ beat up shoes and worn-out jeans telling us that they were unhappy with the quality and wanted to exchange because they must be “defective”.  They then exchanged the stuff for the next size up, so they never bought new clothing for their kids.  Just kept exchanging the “defective” stuff for new larger stuff. 

Discount store retail is interesting to say the least, and there is no shame or embarrassment for some customers while they screw the business.

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Sugar bee
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Sigh, got a new one last week. 

I had emailed a customer for some documents I needed. He proceeded to call and blow up on me. “You have ___ for brains! You are a lowlife.” F this, F you, F your company, You should die. 

My response: “Yup, so true. Anything else you got? I’ve been here 8 years, cannot hurt me.”

Sadly that call made it to my supervisor. Whoops 🙂

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Helper bee
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I worked a pizza delivery job, and delivered two pizzas that I had personally cut and boxed, then delivered.  We get a call as soon as I get back to the store that the pizza’s were wrong and that they just wanted their money back.  I knew they were not wrong, so I didnt even bother to check them when I picked them up.  I took them their money, got the pizzas back and returned to the store.  Once there we open the box and there is wood in them to weigh the box down so I wouldnt realize they stole the pizzas.  Who does that?!  From then on we had to check the box before leaving the property to make sure something like that did not happen again.  


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Worked in a supermarket.  

This 80-something year-old lady puts (I shit you not) £300 worth of UHT milk on the conveyor belt.  I laughed and asked if there was a shortage coming and she looked at me and, dead serious, said, “World War Three, darling, I’m stocking up! I went without it in the last one, but not this time!”

I was just like, whaaaa?

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Blushing bee
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So I used to work in the call center for the billing disputes department of a very large bank. I was on a team that specifically dealt with the wealth customers. One day, I got a call from a man who wanted to dispute some tickets he purchased.

So I start asking questions about why he wants to dispute them. He says “I thought they were tickets for Chicago the musical, but we got to the venue and it was a show for Chicago the band”… So he says that the tickets were misrepresented. I ask him what website he used to purchase them, he tells me, and I go onto that website. I look on the website and it specifically says it is for Chicago the band. So I tell him I’m sorry, but the merchant did not do anything wrong and we cannot take money back from a merchant when it was the customer’s error.

Well he lost his shit. “Do you know who I am? Can you see all of my accounts with you and the balance in those accounts?!?”. It’s my biggest pet peeve when people try to use their status to get their way. These tickets were like $300, so I’m like there’s no way I’m giving him a courtesy credit, he’s the idiot who didn’t look at what he was purchasing. So I’m on the phone with this man for at least 20 mins and he just keeps reiterating how important he his, how much money he has with us, blah blah blah. I keep telling him that it’s his fault that he didn’t read the website (in a nicer way) and that we can’t take money from a merchant when it was the consumer’s fault.

Long story short, I think I was on the phone with him for 45 mins, just constantly refusing to give him a credit, when he finally asked for a manager. Of course that manager gave him a full credit because he had a couple million with us, but I just couldn’t let myself feed into his ego. People need to get over themselves, and take responsibility for their own actions.

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Blushing bee
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I worked in a department store for a year. More than twice, I found feces in the dressing room floor. So nasty!

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Helper bee
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I cleaqn a theater, and found underwear in the can you put your tampons and pads in, how do you go home without your underwear? Do they have an extra pair just in case?

I also have one, unfortunately my mom, she bought roses at Walmart, and gave half to her friend, and kept half. Her half died within a couple of days, so she went back to get a refund. The lady at the service counter would only give her half of the money spent, and my mom goes on to say she threw out the other half because they were dying, was she supposed to go into the garbage bin and pick them out? The friend that she had given the other half to kept hers for two weeks without any problems. I have no idea what my mom did with hers that they didn’t last two days! But lying like that?

Another time her milk went sour, so she dumped the milk and the other full bag too and sent me to get a refund, and get more milk. The bags are empty… I don’t know what to do with her!


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Blushing bee
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Oh I have another from the same department store. I was working in the home section and was on top of a very tall rolling ladder putting up a comforter set. A customer walked by and shoved the ladder. I stumbled and managed to grab some shelving and right myself, but I yelled at them by reflex. They got pissed off and called me a little bitch.

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