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@emmylouloubobells: Oh my goodness! I would have been a little annoyed for the rest of the day had that happened to me. 
I’m sure I have a million little stories that could fall into this category but none of them are coming to mind at the moment…I shall return to this thread if I remember them.

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@emmylouloubobells: wow! that’s quite the story. what annoyed me was watching a cheater propose to his gf! and sometimes, when I read a book, unexpectedly someone proposes in the sweetest most unexpected way and I’m like, why can’t that happen to me! ;0;

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I was sure that we were the next couple in our group to get engaged. We had been together YEARS longer than the next couple and were starting to look at houses and rings. I had told myself 3 DAYS earlier that we were NEXT! 🙂 I just knew it!

Well, we went camping with some friends that weekend and while there a couple who had been dating maybe a little over a year announces their engagement. THEY WEREN’T EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE COMING ON THE TRIP! (They had earlier declined). So they came just to tell us all, which I guess was fun for most people but it really rained on my parade. I shed some tears alone by the bath house then proceeded to drink a little more than I had anticipated that night.

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I had one very awkward moment when I was first dating an ex…  It was like, maybe our 6th or 7th date… not super new but not super serious. Anyway, we went to the park and he was in the middle of say something when I started to freak out. Hands flailing, squealing, and a big ol’ “SHH!!!! I THINK THEY’RE GETTING ENGAGED!!!!” We didn’t talk for, like, 30 seconds because I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Then they started leaving, heading towards their car and I was like, “let’s follow them!” We were still in the car, so I rolled down the window and was all, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!!” She showed me her ring and was all, “I KNOW!!!!”  Even girls who are strangers to each other get it.

Anyway, he was totally cool about it and thought it was kind of cute but when I realized just how excited I got, I was totally embarrassed.



ETA: Despite the way I worded this, I am not 16 and stuck in the 80s.

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Last night, I was feeling particularly emotional and crying for no particular reason except that I want to know when we’re getting married and I’m terrified he’s going to die (read: no particular reason except that time of the month when I just cry). Well, during this, SO said something that made me laugh. I think I brought up the topic of ring shopping and he said maybe we could do that after our engagement for my “real shinies”. The word “real” made my ears prick up. I asked him to clarify and my suspicions were confirmed. SO thought you got an engagement ring and you wore it until your wedding but your REAL ring was your wedding ring, so obviously that’d be bigger, shinier, more expensive, something to wear forever. When I explained that wedding rings are generally plainer and cheaper and somewhat more boring, he was shocked. He also says he has never in his life seen someone wearing two rings at the same time but I assured him it is pretty customary in this day and age for people to wear both their engagement ring and a wedding band.

So….. I suppose it just shows how LITTLE my man has thought about engagements and rings and proposals, eh? He didn’t even know that engagement rings are a big deal (to some people) and worn forever. He was like “oh….. so I’d have to save even more then?” Of course I told him no, I don’t care about an expensive ring, I was just filling you in on the general traditions. 🙂

It’s going to be a very long wait for me, at least 2 more years I’d say….

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@VickyAurea: *hugs* i don’t think my man’s really thought about a proposal yet, either. who knows, maybe this will prompt your Boyfriend or Best Friend to start planning if he finds himself noticing e-rings all the time!

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Another little gem from me…

I went to bed at 3am last night, despite SO telling me I really needed to go to sleep hours earlier like he did or I wouldn’t wake up in time for work. Well, this morning, he was trying to wake me, repeatedly, and I was doing my usual routine of flat-out refusing to wake and blaming him for being so mean as to wake me (I am rather moody when half-asleep and always get mad at him for waking me, even though I’ve asked him to the night before). I do believe that the sleepy conversation went like this:

Him: You have to get up now.

Me: Why? Are you going to propose to me?

Him: No. You have to go to work.

Me: If you’re not going to propose to me today, there is no incentive. I’m not getting up if there’s no incentive. *goes back to sleep*

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@emmylouloubobells: Go ahead. I didn’t even mean to use it myself. I just said it when I was barely conscious and then laughed when I woke up hours later (and yes, hours late for my voluntary job) and remembered what I’d said to him. Poor thing.

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@VickyAurea: Haha!! – well in that case I would never get out of bed anyday! Unfortunately I can’t just wait for him to get a move on, I am going to live a little 😀

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My mom really wants to see me married.  She’s found a few “Plan B”s for me expecting my bf will never propose.  To help set the mood here, she’s got an accent that sounds like a female version of Ricky Ricardo.  Anyways, I’m doing an internship in New Zealand.  Before I left, she says to me:

   “You know, I like (mr. birdword), but if you find someone who wants to marry you in New Zealand, do it!  Don’t miss an opportunity.”  

  “Uh, mom, I’m only going to be there 2 months”


Another day I was reading off the names of all my facebook friends that are recently married/engaged.  I think it was 10 ppl.  She kept telling me to stop reading, it was making her sick.  lol.  

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