(Closed) Funny Things FI has said during wedding planning (Round 3!)

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  • Wedding: April 2011

My top 2 thus far:

1.  My Fiance wanted poker tables at our wedding – I put my foot down so than he asked for beer pong tables!  Oh dear god! 

2.  FI’s mom mentioned that her & his sisters were going to be going to Florida a few weeks after we got married & invited me along.  I told Fiance this & his reply was “You should go. It could be your honeymoon.”   I guess the bride & groom go on seperate honeymoons now…..

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  • Wedding: October 2010

@ Miss Jay- My Fiance asked for beer pongs tables too. We are having a Halloween reception, so he was like, “It’s perfect, we can use the one I decorated last year with all the fake blood and biohazzard stuff” …. uh no.


My favorite though was when I was talking about why I wanted a nice photographer.


Me: “I just want to make sure someone gets my mom doing my hair, and my shoes and all the little things.”

Fiance: Why would you want to have any pictures taken without me in them? Why would you want a photo of your shoes? I thought we just lined up next to our family and the bridesmaids and stuff after the ceremony and that was it?”

Me: Well don’t you want some photos of you guys getting ready?

Fiance: NO! I don’t want pictures of us in our underwear!

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  • Wedding: September 2010

These are hilarious!

When we were talking about where to register, he suggested Pottery Barn and Cracker Barrel. 

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Ohh my goodness I’ve been cracking up the entire time reading these!

Fiance has had some pretty good moments but of course, I can’t think of any right this minute.

But a small one was when I told Fiance I wanted to get my makeup done by a professional makeup artist to make sure my foundation was 100% the correct color, I don’t have any pimples showing, etc…

Fiance: Why? The photographer can just photoshop it later…


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  • Wedding: September 2010

I’ve spent like a whole year agonizing over our invitation design. I’ve designed them myself… and have gone through like 10 iterations. Throughout the whole process, I ask for FI’s opinion & show him options… he never has any opinion. “They look great” is all I get… every single time. So, I finally finished them. I’m very late on this part and have to get them to the printer, like, yesterday. I run the final design by him… and NOW he has problems.

First, he thinks that the reception card should say that we’re paying for everyone’s dinner. He is afraid that some people will come to the ceremony but “choose not to” attend the reception so that they don’t have to pay for dinner.

His biggest problem? It drives him crazy that the J’s overlap in our names… he thinks everyone will notice (and care…). He has agonized over this for days:


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oh oh..i have another one!

random person: when is the wedding?

groomzilla: february 18, 2011–MLK weekend!

me: um actually, it’s february 19, 2011 and it’s president’s day weekend.


the best part? this has happened at least 8-10 times when i’ve been around. who knows how many people he told we are getting married on february 18.

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OMG I love these! My Fiance hasn’t said much that’s funny, more scary – like “Hey let’s just do this in the backyard!” (at which point I asked him where 140 people would park).

But every time I’m on Weddingbee he askes:”Are you having fun telling people what to do?”

Recently I assured him: “It’s only for a few more months”
To which he responded: “You’re just going to ABANDON all those people!?” 🙂


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  • Wedding: August 2010

These are great!  Im a pretty creative person to begin with, so some of the ideas that my designer and i have come up with dont even begin to surprise him

however, my mom has had some pretty good reactions!

“red and teal and white – but you arent getting married in july! and you’re having a formal wedding, arent you supposed to use black and white”

“i dont get the red shoes.  why would you want red shoes, wont they show under your dress?”

“I love your invitations and I LOVE the dark blue enveloeps, but couldnt you just write the addresses yourself?  why do you have to hire someone?” “well mom, black pens wont show up, neither will blue, so we’ll have to use white.  are you going to address them all?”  “no” “thats what i thought”

“dont you want your brother in your bridal party?” “he is, mom, hes a groomsman” “yeah, but shouldnt he be on your side” “what, like wear a dress?”

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  • Wedding: March 2010

@redherring: ha that’s like my Fiance. It’s driving me nuts. He’s left me up to planning stuff but when it comes down to it he wants his voice. So I’ve made sure to include him before too late. i

Funny thing he did say the other week when wedding ring shopping for him though.
“I don’t know which finger to put the wedding band on.” (puts it on right ring finger) “this one?” I’m like babe….no no left finger…where mine is. So funny!

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Bumble bee

I have one that annoyed me at the time but after reading this thread makes me laugh now….but not as funny as the ones above.

We decided on a small casual wedding and an even smaller bridal party (only 2 on each side, AND no flower girls or ring bearers). I chose my sister and my bestfriend while he chose his brother and his bestfriend. A few days later, he called his brother to catch up and while he was on the phone I reminded him to ask his brother (Justin) about being a member of our bridal party. I walked to the other room while he was on the phone. At the end of his phone call this conversation between us ensued:

Me: So what did your brother say about being part of our wedding party?

Fiance: He was cool about it, but Jason (FI’s nephew, Justin’s son) was more excited!

Me: What do you mean Jason was excited?

Fiance: I told Jason he was our ring bearer. He is so excited!

Me: Wait, I thought we agreed not to have flower girls or ring bearers??

Fiance: But you said we were having a bridal party…

Me: Uh-huh

Fiance: I don’t know, I’ve never been married. I’m so confused…at first you said you wanted a casual wedding, now you want a bridal party?? I don’t get it!

Turns out, my Fiance equated a bridal party to a formal wedding only. And since I mentioned having a bridal party, he assumed I decided I wanted a formal wedding instead. And according to him, all bridal parties must have at least 5 BM’s, 5 GM’s, 1 ring bearer and 2 flower girls. Apparently all the weddings he’s ever attended have followed suit. <Eye rolls…oy vey!>

Also, I thank my lucky stars that my Fiance is NOT a doctor. Because to him expertise only comes with experience. I’d hate for him to have to experience all the illnesses he’d have to cure.


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These are hilarious!  However, I think I have to give Camrie’s fiance first prize!

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  • Wedding: February 2011

When FH read my bridesmaid newsletter, he (and two of my BMs, I found out later) made weird and confused faces….

“It took me like 10 minutes to realize Bridesmaid or Best Man did not stand for “Bowel Movements”!”



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  • Wedding: June 2011

I agree with GloriaBee – Camrie’s was the best! I literally laughed out loud at that one! Sounds exactly like something my Fiance would say!

I am in the same boat as the bees that are being vetoed, but only after doing all the research myself and my Fiance claiming not to care…. until I show him what I find and he goes, no I don’t like that. What was that about not caring? He constantly has to remind me that this is “his” wedding too, and it can’t be lame, because this wedding is a reflection of him, too!

The best so far has been that he doesn’t want to do the whole “beach/destination” theme just because it’s a destination wedding. But what does he pick out for invitations after I have spent literally hours upon hours of researching? BEACH CHAIR INVITATIONS!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love them. I point out to him that they are “beach/destination themed” and he says, well I don’t mind if its done right.


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oh, ladies, these just made me die laughing!

This little gem just happened tonight:

Upon opening the mailbox to find a STD postcard from my good friend, for her November wedding…

SO:  (with the postcard in his hand): What the hell kind of invitation is this?

ME:  It’s a Save the Date.  It’s not the invitation.

SO:  Why would they send this?

ME: Um, so we save the date.  It’s Thanksgiving weekend, after all.

SO:  Do they think we’re too stupid to remember when they’re getting married?  This is an invitation for an invitation?? This is such a waste of paper.  They should have just gone and cut down a big tree from the forest and saved themselves the trouble.    We’re not having these, right?

ME:  Actually, yes. Yes we are.

SO:  Baby, we should just send everyone a text message.  That’s WAY more earth-friendly. 

ME;  No.  Just…no. But I love that you care about the environement.  What if I get them on recycled paper?

SO:  Ok.  That’s better.  I guess.  But don’t you think people will be insulted that they can’t remember a date?

OMG.  That’s NOT THE POINT.  Thank god I love him to pieces, bc sometimes he drives me crazy!Tongue out

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These are too funny!! I’m cracking up reading them and anticipating some of the funny things my SO will say when we start planning.

When we started ring shopping he was extremely surprised to find out diamonds came in different shapes. He just assumed they were all the same. I was all proud of him because he had a conversation with his cousin and when she mentioned princess cut diamonds he actually knew what that meant!

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