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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2010

This conversation took place over a couple of days, it was so funny to me at the end.


me: So I’m thinking that I might want to do black dresses for the bridesmaids, what do you think about black and white for our colors.

Him:Black?! Why black? That is so gothic!

Me: Black and white is classy, not gothic, geez!

Him:Well, I think if all of you show up in Black dresses, it’ll look so weird.

Me:Honey, you know I’m wearing white, right? The bridesmaids are wearing black, I’m wearing white.

Him: OH! that’s fine, I don’t care what the girls wear, I just thought you would be wearing a giant black poofy dress….that would be gothic  and my parents would freak.

LOL, He’s so traditional so I thought at first he was really mad about doing black and white. But then I realized he really has very little knowledge of weddings. LOL

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 2012

R: So I was thinking about favors…

N: Wedding favors?? Those are just a myth! I’ve never had one.

R: WHAT? Did you forget to pick it up on your way out or something?

N: Nope, it just doesn’t happen anymore.

R: Well they’re happening at our wedding! And since I can’t stand jordan almonds… 

N: Oh. Are jordan almonds considered a favor??

R: *giggling* YES!! What did you think they were?

N: Just something at the table to eat while waiting for the bride and groom. Like a pre-reception snack!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

LOL…I just read parts of the other thread…classic…If I remember them i’ll add but here’s one off the top of my head.

me: I think we need a DOC…

Darling Husband: Why? Didn’t you plan the wedding already?

me: Yes but I’m not going to run around the day of the wedding like a crazy person

Darling Husband: what would you need to do the day of if it’s already planned?!?!?!?

me: logistic stuff…

Dh: (utterly confused) How much is this gonna cost?

me: $550

Darling Husband: (pissed) WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Man I need to be in the wedding business so I can rip people off…

LOL…he was so clueless about costs, weddings, pretty much everything…he was so cute 🙂

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: January 2011

I love this thread.  Here’s one that happened tonight that involves me, Fiance and Future Mother-In-Law. 


Future Mother-In-Law: where are you going to get ready before hand?

RR: I was thinking of getting a hotel room with the BM’s and then going to the place from there.

Future Mother-In-Law: Don’t you want pictures at home?

RR: I don’t want to wear my dress over the bridge

Fiance: Why don’t you get dressed at home, then take your dress off then put it back on at the wedding?

RR, Future Mother-In-Law: um….

Fiance: You could get ready at my house….with me….

RR, Future Mother-In-Law: No!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2011

Well, here’s a new one:

Me: So, I think we should go with [names photographer].

Fiance: I thought we were doing disposables.

Me: We are, but I want pictures of the ceremony.

Fiance: We’ll just hand them out to everyone beforehand.

Me: Ummm…usually you just leave them on the tables for the reception.

Fiance: Oh, but we can save money this way.

Me: No…that’s ok, hun. We have enough in the budget for both.

I couldn’t believe just how serious he was about this, but he really was.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

I died laughing in the original thread!  My Fiance has been really good, for the most part, but way back when we first got engaged, a friend who DIYed her own flowers had shown me some books about flowers she bought, and I went to tell him about it.

Me: So I was looking through this book about wedding flowers, and got some ideas…

Fiance: [Laughing uncontrollably] Wait, wait, wait.  You mean to tell me that someone wrote one entire book about wedding flowers?

I proceeded to show him the 10 gajillion books that show up when you type “wedding flowers” into Amazon.  That poor sweet man really had no idea what he had gotten himself into.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2010

Me: What do you think about registering on Sunday? We need to get started soon.

Fiance: Yeah, sure. Do we just make a phone call or something?

Yeahhhh, we just call the store and they know everything we want/need! Haha, it was cute though. Smile

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2011

Fiance and I had this convo when we were considering a destination wedding – which, now that we’re officially engaged, can’t happen b/c apparently his family would freak – but it’s adorable nontheless…

Me: Babe, we should do a Trash the Dress session the day after our wedding!

Fiance: What’s a Trash the Dress session?

Me: Well, I wear my wedding dress and you wear something nice and then we take gorgeous pictures in the ocean and on the beach.

Fiance: WHAT? You’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress and go in the OCEAN?  Are you SERIOUS?!?

Me – uncontrollable laughterLaughing

Fiance: You know who came up with this? Photographers, that’s who.  And dress makers.  What’s next?  A ‘Throw Your Ring Into the Ocean and Take Some Pictures’ session?!?

lol I still break into giggles thinking about it – but he has agreed that even though a desty wedding can’t happen, that we can still do a Trash the Dress once we get there – although he keeps calling it a “Destroy the Dress” session

lol I love that man

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: April 2010

Me: So if we’re going to have a rehearsal dinner, it could be at this cool Chinese place..

Fiance: a rehearsal dinner? when does that happen?

Me: After the rehearsal

Fi: Where is the rehearsal, at [reception location?]

Me: Um, no, with the priest at [ceremony location]

Fi: No that’s ridiculous that’s not how they work, the rehearsal dinner is to talk about all this stuff..


Somehow he didn’t realise the rehearsal was about knowing where to stand and so on, and thought we’d just invite the minister to come out for dinner with us and describe it instead. He went from denying the existence of a rehearsal dinner to insisting it was a replacement for the actual rehearsal.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

OMG. These are making me laugh so hard. ChiCat, I bout peed myself!

I don’t have any funny stories but I think it’s bc I’m taking them all the wrong way – I need to start seeing the humor in these situations! Like this one!

Fiance: So, I think we can probably plan this wedding for like one, two grand? What do you think? Cool?

Me: uhhhhhhh….ehhhhhhhh…are you meaning two THOUSAND dollars?

Fiance: Yeah that should be enough to do it at [really fancy place], and have an open bar and a dj and everything, right?

Me: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…ahhhhh….erm…

Fiance: What, do you need a little more for your dress?

Me: *smh*


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2010

The following conversation took place just before we sent out save-the-dates, and I wanted to get started on invitation wording…

Me:  What do you think of this wording for our invitations?

Fiance:  Invitations?  I thought we already took care of those.

Me:  No, those were save-the-dates.  They don’t count as invitations because people don’t reply to them.  They just “save the date.”

Fiance:  But everyone who gets a save-the-date will just call us right away to say whether or not they’re coming.

Me:  Maybe a few people will, the ones who don’t understand the concept of save-the-dates [like you].

Fiance:  Well I think it’s pointless to send invitations now.  The save-the-dates were enough.

Me:  But the save-the-dates don’t even mention the time and location of the ceremony.

Fiance:  Why didn’t you put that on them?

Me:  Because they’re not invitations.

The conversation went on in circles for a while before Fiance gave up.  🙂

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: January 2011

Me: “OH MY GOD. I just realized that we aren’t even going to eat our hors d’ouvres. We don’t get introduced until after cocktail hour.”
Fiance: “WHAT? That sucks. Wait, I thought I’d already be in there”
Me: “Whut?”
Fiance: “I thought all the grooms were already in there and you and the girls just came in.” (Yes he said grooms.)
Me: “Uhh…” *Followed by explanation of how receptions work*

Rest assured, he knows he is the only groom but he is ridiculously bad at wedding lingo.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2010

during our registry session at bed, bath, & beyond today:


Registry Consultant, while looking at a selection of baking pans and muffin tins: “Do you bake?”

Fiance: “Yeah, I like to cook salmon.”


Me: “Umm, she means like do we bake cakes and stuff…”


Fiance: “Oh.”


Registry Consultant and Me: “Hahahahahaha!!!!”

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

OK, this has nothing to do with our wedding but it was hilarious….

We were at his stepmom’s house out of town. I got a horrible 24-hour bug and was confined to the bed and the bathroom. He was going to the store with his stepmom and his brother and asked if there was anything I needed. I was low on foundation makeup so I asked him to get me some. I told him to just get the same kind that I had in my purse.

He proceeded to whip out his phone to take a picture of it.

Me: What are you doing?

Him: Taking a picture so I know what to get.

Me: Just take the bottle with you.

Him: I am NOT walking around the store with a bottle of makeup!

Me: Just put it in your pocket or have (stepmom) put it in her purse.

Him: No, I’ll just get a picture of it and that’ll be fine.

He returns…and tells me that the photo wasn’t clear enough to read what shade it was, and he DIDN’T REALIZE THAT FOUNDATION COMES IN DIFFERENT COLORS. He actually did manage to get the right shade (the palest shade it comes in, lol) but even though I was miserable, I totally cracked up.

He also said in this disbelieving voice, “Your makeup was, like, TEN DOLLARS. Is that right???” Hahaha.

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