(Closed) Funny things you find annoying about your SO!!

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Busy bee

Wow ok i have a list!

he makes his own songs up about any situation and sings to himself constantly e.g “oohh im cookin in the kitchen yeah yeah yeah” “its party time in the bath i love my cats yeah yeah yeah”


He forgets everything e.g

Me..can u go get some catfood and milk


10 minutes later my phone goes “im in the store what do we need?”

Me .milk and catfood

Him.ok”.(he brings home catfood and jam!)

Ive started texting lists to his phone instead

His family call him the human tornado who brakes drops spills everything in his wake! lucky for him he’s cute.i actually used to find this stuff endearing












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Blushing bee
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scarcerayne:  omg this literally made me crack up! My Fiance does the exact same thing! He also thinks I have an issue bc I don’t go as much as him. guys are so nasty sometimes lol. 

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Helper bee

I need to add to mine…

1. For the past fortnight he’s startes sleeping in a position where he folds his arm under his head sticking his elbow out. 

So guess who gets a face full of elbow and a sleepy smack in jaw/neck/eye/nose 8 timea a night. ME! 

2. Every 1 1/2 months he gets his hair hair cut. He goes from gorgeous, sexy and can’t keep my mits off him to Phil Mitchell over night. I hate seeing my mans scalp… 

3. Whys he so loud on my lay in mornings? He makes himself late nearly every morning and makes up for it by slamming around the bedroom in a blind panic rushing everything…. Get up 15 mins earlier?

4. He has to sleep the curtains open so I wake up with a migraine because the suns beaming into my eyes. (My eyes are very sensitive to light)

He may have flaws but to me he’s still 100% perfect 🙂


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Busy bee

Omg soo fun!!

Mine is a huge baby. He always asks why? Like I have the awnser to everything. Why does my back/leg/pinky hurt. I ask him if he honestly expects me to know these awnser and he admits that no he doesn’t. ..but he still asks.

He also asks me to Google everything. I mean if he has something to Google he asks me too. If he’s beside me, if he’s on the toilet, if he’s at work. It’s as though he thinks I’m the only person in the world capable of doing a Google search.  I send him texts explaining how to 1.open the browser 2. In the address bar type http://www.google.com…etc. 

He makes me wash his hair.  At first I thought it was cute but it’s become super annoying. Like say he is running late and doesn’t have time to jump in the shower. He bends his head over the tub and wants me to wash his hair for him. Wtf is with that? Sometimes I think he does it just for the head massage.

Hand tickles. He always goes to hold my hand. In bed, when we are sleeping, in the car..etc. He starts by holding my hand and it ends up with my tickling the inside of his hand. Sometimes it bugs my nails and becomes irritating but the more irritated I get the more persistent he gets trying to get me to do it.


Video games….well I like games too. But right now he is into cod and I’m not. So I’m bored while he is playing and I just wish he’d get back into destiny. I can’t wait for skyrim to come out. I also hate when he plays a game more than me and gets  better stuff or gets to a higher level and that he’s so damned likable and social with everyone and has a million friends where I just want to play with him and not a million other people.  I also wish I were better than him so I could just kill him a few times and laugh in his face. 


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Helper bee
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Mine forgets people’s names. He also poops like a newborn, it’s ridiculous! 

He also acts like a food critic when we go out, which he denies.


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Blushing bee
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I love this 🙂

1. Leaves all cabinets & cupboards wide open

2. Leaves 2 seconds on the microwave!

3. Sneezes SO DAMN loud!! I once peed a little due to being startled!

4. Dumps black coffee in the white sink and does not rinse it so it stains; also leaves hair from shaving in bathroom sinks


6. When I’m angry (not with him) he just smiles at me and looks at me like my anger is adorable…its annoying…I’m mad damn it and I should be considered fierce not adorable!

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Busy bee
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Mine does the fast walking thing! I have to remind him that I am shorter than him! He does this stupid kissing thing, he will go for a kiss and make a rahhgghh noise, it’s so annoying i can’t kiss him seriously when he does it!

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Oh man I’ve got a list so long!  His first morning farts are ridiculous,  it’s like he hasn’t breathed out all night and his ass exhaled everything in the  mornig.  It’s so long and loud I’ve had neighbours comment on it.   

He creates a bomb site wherever he roams.  We have no junk food or anything in packets in the house,  but just as I’ve tidied up, he walks through and leaves a trail of wrappers, socks, shoes, glasses and any number of things which I can’t fathom where he got them from.  

He also trims his beard/hair over the sink and just leaves it,  which as everyone knows, man  hair gets EVERYWHERE! This suitably disgusts me. 

Clothes get left on the floor,  and we have a white dog who moults a lot so his clothes then get covered, and he either complains about it, or just wears hairy clothes! 

The man spends forever on the toilet.  God only knows what he’s doing in there, but it takes him in average 30 mins to crap.  I mean when I go, I’m barely in there 3 mins, it’s definitely an in and out job.  Him, not so much. 

God that felt good to get off my chest! I love him to pieces but after living together for 5 years, sometimes he just drains my batteries and drives me nuts! 

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molokoa:  You’re joking, right??

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Blushing bee

Hahaha all of these responses made me laugh! I needed this this morning!

1. He leaves the T.V. in the bedroom on while he’s falling asleep. It’s hard for me to sleep with the T.V. on so I’ll wake up everynight around midnight and the T.V. will be on the history channel with the volume set at 458934753 and Fiance will be passed out. Just. Turn. It. Off.

2. He clutters my nightstand when he sleeps over with randoms. His gun, his change, his wallet, tissues, etc. I hate clutter and feel like the room is dirty when it’s there. I specifically put a vase and flowers on the nightstand so he wouldn’t do this and within 5 minutes of arriving he had put the vase on the floor and destroyed the nightstand.

3. He takes like 30 minutes to use the bathroom… Like what are you doing in there?!

4. He is over a foot taller than me (He’s 6’3 and I’m 5’0) and walks superman fast so I have to run to keep up 🙁

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Helper bee

I have others… This is my third post haha. I SWEAR i love this man And consider him my life! 

He goes to sleep on public transport! Today we went to the hospital to meet my surgeon (having my c section on Monday), we decide to get the bus as in the UK parking at a hospital is lipids ok and ridiculously expensive. Everytime we get on a bus/train he falls asleep, a foot taller than me and very muscular so I have to support his entire upper body whilst 9 months pregnant because he’s orherwise going face firdt into the seat infront .

He has a much bigger nightstand than me, but insists on keeping all the TV remotes on mine but moans when I knock them off accidentally (happens every night without a doubt). My nighstand is tidy but already occupied with lamp, jewellery box, baby monitor, glass of water ect.. 

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Same about shaving in the sink and sometimes shower…little hairs everywhere! Agh!

The other thing that annoyed me when he was single was his bed & bedroom. I mean, it embarrassed me. He insisted on sleeping on a sleeping bag and had this raggedy old blanket. His bedroom was equally bad. He got used to (as a single guy) using these plastic buckets (instead of laundry baskets) to put his dirty clothes in…problem is they are out in the open where you can see them! They are like storage tubs! He tried to do this in our bedroom (he moved in to my place).  I don’t mind if he uses it if it’s in the closet, but he insisted it needs to be out for easy access. Had a hard time compromising on that one, but don’t want to be controlling or a nag so let him put it under a chair. It still irks me in a major way.


What else bugs me? He’ll do the dishes but absolutely refuses to clean out the sink, clean the counters, and clean the kitchen floor. I think he figured out washing the dishes doesn’t take as much time as those also very important things. It’s super annoying. 


Oh, and he has a clock fetish! Ticking clocks, specifically! It’s like a time bomb is going to go off! He was willing to rig one of them so it had padding in the back and wouldn’t tick so loud…I can still hear it. There is a digital clock on a stereo. I just don’t understand why this won’t do!


My man also calls me dude and bro. I’m not his bro. He usually only says “bro” or “man” when he’s angry with me. It’s my #1 pet peeve. I don’t know how to get him to stop. I tried calling him “woman” and “sis” to which I got no reaction. Grrrrrrr!


Mine does the same “can you google xxx?” Or I have this horoscope app and instead of saying, “can you please send me my horoscope” he just texts: “horoskop”


And that’s the OTHER thing…the inattention to proper grammar and spelling in texts and emails. My SO is a teacher. He KNOWS how to speak/write. It drives me crazy! 


I have to say though…I’m so glad I read this post! Made me realize he isn’t totally abnormal. That said the thing I don’t like about this post is that if he ever reads it he will think these things are perfectly acceptable now! *faints*


And all THAT said I love the hell out of that man. He is so funny …handsome, sexy, fun, clever, charismatic and my man…lol I wouldn’t trade him out for any other guy! 


I know he could name a ton of things abt me …thinking of the things he puts up with makes me laugh too! 


I love this thread…


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