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Helper bee
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We were playing trivial pursuit and he has a habbit of reading too fast and not reading the word through.  So he asks me the question and I knew the country was over by rome etc.  And he says no it’s “Vacation City” and I’m pretty good with geography and I’m thinking Vacation City I’ve never heard of it.  Dork didn’t read the card all the way through again and the answer was VATICAN CITY.  I give him grief about it all the time.

Another time we were at the store and out of the blue he says “I wonder what Tim McGraw smells like.”  We had just passed the cologne department but I wasn’t paying attention.  I just remember thinking “wow what a random thing to say”.  He explained that Tim McGraw has some cologne out and he wondered how it smelled.  I give him grief about that too since all my friends keep telling me that my Fiance looks like Tim McGraw.

He cracks me up almost daily and that’s what I love about him.  Because while he says outlandish stuff all the time I do just as much.  So we’re like 2 blonde peas in a pod lol.

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Blushing bee
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How about this?

He’s fixing to run for Congress next year, and one thing he has said a couple of times is, “Don’t tell anyone, but no matter who they vote for, they’re getting a politician.”

Sometimes, he’ll say something that will warrant a “You wouldn’t dare.” and he says that when someone says that to him, he takes it as a challenge.

Then there are times when there’s been some dead air between us in the conversation, and he’ll say, “So, how ’bout them Knicks?” (Whether or not either one of us actually follows that team is beside the point.)

Oh, and given that fact that I’ve led a more um, sheltered life than he has (and he knows it), he has said things like “One day I’ll corrupt you.” And he has sworn up and down that he would “slowly introduce [me] to the world”. And let’s not forget about when he starts talking about the birds and the bees with, “You see, sweetie, when a man and a woman love each other or get very drunk…”

He was in the Air Force for a while after high school (prior to me being in the picture for the second time in his life) and one phrase he learned from an officer (drill sergeant I think it was) was, “Because f*ck you, that’s why.” (Not that he uses that one with me.)

One phrase I’ve picked up from Fiance is, “I swear I’m awake.” Something he says if he makes a silly little mistake. I’ve used that a few times myself. (I’ve been know to feel guilty over making a mistake as there were people in my life who would get quite PO’d with me over them. Fiance has at times told me to “Quit worrying so much.” and sometimes he’d warn me that I’d be giving myself an aneurysm But then I’d tell him, “I cannot not worry.”)

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Bumble bee

lmao SOO FUNNY… i tell my SO all the time he should probably be a comedian he is REAL extra goofy and so funny. example..


2 minutes ago he was talking about a raise he is getting come march. convo went something like this.


SO: man, in march ill be making $____ per year

ME: whaaat! crazy! 


ME: umm..YOU are ballin! not me

SO: well we are a team, so youre ballin too

ME: guess that’s true.

SO: like Captain Planet says…”with our powers COMBIIIINED”


^^^ lol seriously?? yall would need to meet this character of mine haha

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Sugar bee
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Both of us came home from working overtime today.  Exhausted, we went out for dinner.  When we came back, I flopped on the bed and said, “Hun, come lay down.”

Fiance goes, “One sec…  I’m putting on my chastity pants.” ROFL

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