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@Anamagana:  LOL! 




Oh man, he has so many weird things he’s said, I always quote him on Facebook…I’ll put some of my statuses here…




“So Danny and I go to the gym today and go into cardio cinema. The last Twilight just so happens to be playing, we’re like “whatever” and watch it. Near the end Danny suddenly looks horrified and goes “IS THAT ONE GUY THAT LITTLE KIDS BOYFRIEND?” on screen, Taylor Lautner whoeverthefuckheisinthatmovie goes “so can I call you dad?” or something of the sort to Edward, and Danny, visibly disgusted goes “no, but you can call YOURSELF a LAWYER. ” 




(When we were @ Disneyworld)…”Princess Aurora: (to Danny) “how many dragons did you have to slay to win her heart?” 
Danny: “only 7.”




“Me: (talking about something that recently happened) I don’t know, I just say things, I can’t help it if people listen to me and do them! 
Danny: know who else ‘just says things’ and people do them? 
Me: who?
Danny: the devil”




(While we were in the ER) 
“Danny: “I mean…you could be watching Kazaam, so…it’s not that bad of a situation I guess.”




My Danny…always the comedian. 




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@Anamagana:  He’s always been the funny one in our group of friends… 

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There are several my Fiance says that I don’t know if I can think of now. We have a lot of weird quirks that make people look at us funny. Mostly stuff like saying “Herro” to each other in the middle of the conversation when we’re trying to be cute, or saying “boom” when we finish a statement that is trying to prove our point. 

Another noteable one is when he tried to use “my camel” as a compliment. He called me that one day, and I was like… that’s not a compliment because camels are kind of disgusting. Well he insisted that they are loveable and continued calling me that… now it’s kind of an inside joke. 

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Mine just said something that cracked me up last night…


Me:  It’s getting late, I’m heading to bed.

Him: Ok hun.

Me:  Hun?  Since when do you call me that?

Him:  Hun.  As in Attila. *cheeky grin*

Me:  hahahahahaha

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I posted this one once and took it down because it’s embarrassing and Too Much Information, but I find it hilarious. So Warning… this is sexual Too Much Information…

We had finished… stuff… and having some pillow talk. I was saying something about one of my friends while we cuddled. His head was resting on my boobs, so he couldn’t see my face.

Him: You have good friends. They love you.

Me: You too! That’s one of the things that impressed me early on. Your friends are so supportive of you and love you so much.

Him: I don’t think I realized that until I met you. Your love opened me up to the love that was already around me.

Me: (wiping tears from my eyes because he’s so effing adorable)

Him: Are you STILL pulling pubes out of your mouth?!

So freaking romantic. ๐Ÿ˜›

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@MexiPino:  bahahahaha that is hilarious. I just snorted out loud at my desk.

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I crack up because my SO is extremely intelligent, but he lacks real world experience, so the funniest things pop out of his mouth sometimes. The other day we were watching the news. There was a report on a thief who was stealing guns from people’s homes. A photo of the city popped up with text over it that read, “2000 BLK MKT ST.” This was the conversation that followed:


SO: Well if you’re going to name the street black market then you are just asking for trouble.

Me: *pause* …..That’s the 2000th block of Market Street…

SO: What?! How can a street have 2000 blocks!? That’s not right.


Then I had to try to explain that if your address is 250 Whatever Road then you are on the 200th block of Whatever Road, and that just was too much for him LOL.


He has this new thing recently where if I do something that he doesn’t like or agree with he will say, “wow, my second girlfriend would never do that!” Of course I know he’s joking, but I like to try to get some “info” about his second girlfriend. 


Me: What’s her name?

SO: Um…I….I haven’t asked her yet!


I actually decided to humor him with the whole second girlfriend thing, so I’m like, “wow, why didn’t you invite her on our date tonight!?” He now talks about how I’m so cool because I would accept his second girlfriend. Then he will say things like, “What if I’m not kidding, and I really do have a second girlfriend!?” 

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fi and I do way to many silly things together ๐Ÿ™‚ just thinking about them is making me laugh.

like, if im in the shower and he comes in the batheroom, he will point at me and yell either “NAKED” or “BOOBIES” haha then run off. we constantly bob tongues out at each other and blow rasberrys ๐Ÿ™‚ he just always makes me laugh and smile ๐Ÿ™‚

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Keep in mind, Fiance and I are weirdos, and bask in our mutual weirdness. This one debate has been continuing off and on for the past 2 years of our relationships. Fiance brags about taking anatomy in college, and knows this that or the other body parts’ scientific name. Proceeds to tell me girls pee out of their vagina. I laugh hysterically. I then proceed to tell him that there is a whole separate “hole” for that, but he remains firm, it’s all one big vagina. He believes that the whole downstairs area is “the vagina”, and trying to name all the little parts is merely “splitting hair”(not a pube reference). And this is the guy who likes to rattle off the names of the different bones in the human hand. Right, splitting hairs, haha.


No matter how much evidence I provide to him. He now accepts that there is in fact a separate “hole”, but that it’s just  another “vagina hole”.


Did I win the record for the most usage of the word “vagina” in a single post? Better make sure..Vagina.

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haha these are so cute!! A thread that has made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

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@Anamagana:  Hahahaha I love it.


I’m sure I have a BILLION of these types of stories because my Fiance is absolutely hilarious.  He did a cute one today though.  He asked me a question via text and I knew the answer because I’m a woman and I know everything so I texted him back right away.  He replied “You are SO smart. That’s why I’m so excited to merry you.”

So I said “Are you kidding me? You are going to MARRY an English teacher and can’t differentiate between marry and merry?”

and he replied “Oh I definitely can … I’m going to marry you, I just happen to be super chipper about it!”

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My husband is hilarious he too would come in if im in the shower a shout BOOBIES!! We have inside joke like if the one wont do something for the other one will say ‘mean boy’ lol

my husband was trying to be nice but was a total fail and I just laughed the convo went me: should I wear this as I think my bum looks massive!’ Husband ‘no it dosent!’ Followed with ‘sure u carry all yr weight on yr belly!’ Nice! 

Cant belive im gonna tell you this because its gross but sure here gos. I said to my husband ‘you know what I need?’ He says back sharp as lightning ‘a dump?’ Lol we weren’t going out long I swear still makes me laugh.

The first time my husband was meeting my best friend she made us dinner we where to bring pudding we brought vieanetta ice cream it was buy one get one free we bought two. After a lovely dinner my friend served some of the vieanetta with some fruit. He ate and after a while we started to leave I thought he was acting funny but anyway we left on tge way home he said dinner was lovely but hes didnt understand pudding. Hes explanation was fruit is not a pudding!! And he bought two vieanetta for 4 people he expected a half of one!! He was acting funny cause he though he was gonna get his other half lol. I told my friend couple of weeks later now a running joke we go to hers we bring two vieanetta’s and she comes to us shes brings two vieanetta’s!!

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