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@kansas_nurse:  next time someone refers to your ring as a look a like, tell them that saphires are a color of royalty and it isnt a fad!! 🙂 to prove it here’s my wedding band, saphire and diamond eternity band:

and it is over 90 years old because it is a family heirloom that my mother gave me two or three days after we got engaged. she told me if i would want it, and could find someone to fix it (it was broken at the time) i could have it. I jumped at it! i love vintage rings and the ring has so much story and history. i love vintage/antique things so it was perfect… my Fiance got his taste and i got my taste (also thats his wedding band in the pic, i dont think its vintage though.) and imagine my surprise when days after i got my ring friends started telling me about the latest “fads” being eternity bands with gems other then diamonds. LOL

Also your engagement ring is so beautiful! i havent seen one with the eternity band with alternating stones like that!!

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I have a peridot. I was actually bracing myself for some rude comments, but I haven’t gotten any—since I’ve had the ring. Before getting engaged, I got some snarky comments from my mom and brother for not wanting a diamond, but once I got engaged and had the ring I’ve gotten nothing but compliments! I love it so much, I think it comes across to others when I show them.

A couple of friends and students have asked me what type of stone it is, or asked if it was an emerald, but I think people who don’t know a lot about jewelry/gemstones tend to assume any green stone is an emerald.

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@Pokemon:  haha I have the same size stone and Fiance also went for quality over size.  The elevator attendant in my subway station – every.single.morning.- “Oh wow that’s so sparkly!”

The first time I was like, “oh wow! thanks!!” (I rarely get comments on it-  so I was surprised)

The second time I was like ::smile::  “thanks!” thinking she just didnt remember.

That was back in February.  This has happened every day since.  lol I just dont know what to say anymore!!

Also, my students (i teach 5th grade in NYC) when they found out I got engaged responded with “I didn’t know you were pregnant!!!”  *face palm*

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I have one! I have one! My mom at some point said “Well, at least it won’t look small when you get fat”. (I battle an eating disorder, not obesity btw).


She didn’t say this when she first saw it . . just some random time I was visiting. I’ve owned the ring for years, have been engaged with it before, and picked it out when I was 21 and didn’t know much. I love it, but I do understand it’s rather austentatious for my social circle (it’s a one carat diamond in a band with 6 1/8th carat diamonds, but when we picked it out, we didn’t know it had to have a one carat diamond or bigger . . so oops?). It’s beautiful and looks big on my size 5 long skinny finger, but seriously? (my parents don’t even wear rings, so I understand this is all strange to them).

My FI’s family is similarly appalled . . I get a lot of people staring at it and then looking at me and saying “is that what you wanted?” or “did you pick it out?”. I think from the outside, it just totally doesn’t seem to fit us, and DEFINITELY doesn’t seem to fit him. The back story gets awkward for most people, so we basically just say “it was pastrygirl’s” and leave it at that. But yeah. Yikes.



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My mom is embarrasingly obssessive about me and my ring, she likes to show it off as if it’s hers. I was recently making the guestbook for the wedding on Shutterfly and I needed a pictures of my mother and brother so I asked them if they could e-mail me some pictures ASAP. Well a solid moth later I was still waiting so I just logged into my mom’s Facebook to get some and I started going through her albums when I found a picture she had taken of me and Fiance one night at dinner when we weren’t looking. In the picture I’m looking at my phone and my left hand is poised mid-air so that my ring is clearly visable and the picture is captioned “_________ and her ring,” and the first comment on the picture says “It looks like an ice cube lol!” (as in “it’s so big!”) I was so mortified!

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🙁 No one has ever commented on my ring. I’m starting to thing it’s not as pretty as I thought. I tend to get lots of compliments on my clothes/hair/etc, so having no mention of my ring kinda sucks :/

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@katy13:   I think there’s silence because it looks quite large on your hand. Simulants are rather common these days and are typically larger. So I bet many assume its a “fake diamond”.

I think your ring is gorgeous. Love the unique oval shape. Just explaining what I think probably happens. Smile

@jdhall89: People say that to be complimentary ie your ring looks so expensive only someone earning a bunch of money could afford it!  Since you find that type of comment offensive, I would  share with them thats it’s actually not expensive like they think because its moissanite. It will stop them in their tracks.Wink

@MrsFutureG:  Very Large stones garner attention! People say things about their size and the price believing they’re being complimentary to the wearer. I can understand you feeling bothered that people may think you’re a golddigger you said?. If it truely matters to you, share with them that its not a diamond, thus letting them know it’s not crazy expensive. Although honestly, most people don’t care and many assume huge stones aren’t real.

@letigre: don’t be sad, bet your ring is lovely. Lots of people look at rings and admire them but just don’t comment.

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 Someone called my ring “cute” once too. Ugh


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@MUAbride2be:  The only weird thing that has happened to me was when Fiance and I were at an Oktoberfest in Brekenridge last fall. This woman in the crowd spotted my ring and keep exclaiming how much she loved and how it was so sparkly, and gushing on and on. It was kinda creepy, I felt like she was going to try and rip it off my finger.  Then we saw here a little later while we were waiting in line and she started gushing again, asking how much it cost, etc etc. SO WEIRD.

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My stepmom said “Did that thing come with a bodyguard?!” Seriously? And I’ve also gotten “What does your fiance do for a living again?”. I have a 1 ct marquise, so its not small, but I didn’t think it desereved those reactions…


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I just got engaged a few weeks ago, and I work in retail too, so I totally understand these comments. 

The craziest one yet happened this past weekend – not so much related to my ring but engagement.  I had a guy (mid 40s I would say) come up to me, look at my ring, and he pointed to my ring, asking, “You’re engaged?”  After I said yes, newly engaged, his response was, “Why the hell would you go and do that?” He was serious…


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I worked retail and was blown away by how many people actually touched my ring as they were complimenting it! I mean, the compliments were nice, but I was obsessed with keeping my e-ring clean and sparkly when I first got it, so it really bothered me when people touched it! Especially since these people were strangers. I would never touch a stranger’s ring!

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I hear “I have that on my pinterest board!” a lot. And i’ve had several strangers take pictures of it before.

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