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we actually had this convo like a week ago

I decided for girls I want Willow Rose and Eliza Rayne

but he prefers Freyja Rose ..hmmm we shall see, rose is  my great grammy so that name should stay eliza is my grandmother and his grandmothers name, willow i am just so in love with saying that name

ok as for a boy he had a hr long laughaton when  i said we should name our son Neil Patrick harris hahahah, but when we settled down we decided on mason phinnaeus  and Draven Patrick ..


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I’ve seen my younger daughter’s name mentioned several times so I hope it doesn’t become popular! She’s been the only one we know with her name for all of her 26 years. Quinn. Love it.

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I’m happy to see that my girl’s name hasn’t made it on here, unless I missed it – Sadie. I love that name, and will use it even though its growing in popularlity! Fiance loves it too and refers to our future daughter as Sadie all the time πŸ™‚

Quinn is a really pretty one I hadn’t thought of until this thread. In 5 years we are all going to have baby bees named Quinn haha!

Boys names are more up in the air – we agreed on Ethan but it is super popular now, like the number one name for boys. We both like the name Landon though.

Fiance and I have fairly similar taste in names though he sometimes throws one out there and I’m like, really?

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I love all the names in this thread!


I hold my hubby he can’t have a John blah blah blah VI, so he countered that if he can’t have a John, he wants a Merrick.  That’s fine with me. πŸ™‚

For girls, we both want a Coraline (after the book, and cause I just love the sound of it).  If we have more than one of each (which would assume having more than one child) we’ll figure it out when we get there.

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This is so fun! I keep coming back here to check on baby names. There are a few that have stuck in my head as “ooo i like that!”

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I really like Mieke (mee-kee) for a girl. I think I will probably use that, in some variation fo the spelling!

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On a funny note concerning BOTH my middle sister and myself: my mom went into the OR to deliver with our names picked out… and by the time she came out of sedation/recovery my dad had chosen different names!!  He said I came out and just *looked* like an Amy.  My sister was the same way.  Luckily my mom agreed.. twice.  And when my youngest sister came (naturally) along, my mother was right there ready to announce her chosen and pre-agreed upon name. πŸ™‚ 

Our daughter will share my middle name, Marie, just as every first born girl in our family does.  We have talked in the past about the name Cadence (Cady for short).  I think it’s gorgeous in itself, but its meaning in FI’s chosen career (Music) are pretty neat as well.  We’ve also thrown around the name Aurora, Rory for short.  I am absolutely in love with it!

As the trend in our families is towards female children, we haven’t really put much thought into boys names?  I suppose in the end we’ll probably end up just like my father- chosing a name because it feels right, not because we’d picked it out 5 years earlier.

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i’m getting married at 20.

it’s crossed my mind because we ARE after all planning our future together.

BUT i refuse to do any more than, “oh, that’s a pretty name.”  i want to save that experience for when we’re actually expecting!

i mean, no offense to anyone who is thinking about names, i bet  most of you are closer to actually making babies than us anyway, we’re probably waiting about another five years πŸ˜›

maybe then i’ll return to this post.  lol. jk.

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My fiance and I actually joked about baby names on our 4th date. We didn’t seriously talk about it until about a couple months before he proposed.

He’s always wanted to name his first-born son Alexander Paul. He loves the name Alexander and wants to call him “Lex” for short, like “Lex Luthor.” Paul is just a family tradition. The first born son gets Paul for a middle name. My fiance is Jonathan Paul, so I felt this was totally acceptable. I think Alexander is a generic name, but I like it. I don’t hate it. And now that I think about our future kids, I can’t picture our first son being called anything else.

If we have another boy, his name will be Patrick Ethan. My dad died 5 years ago and his name was Patrick, and I just love it. I think it’s a good, solid, strong name. Plus, I want to pass on his namesake to one of my kids. Ethan is a favorite of mine and has been since I saw “The Searchers” when I was a kid. Ethan was the name of John Wayne’s character, and I’ve loved it ever since. It makes it sad that it’s becoming so trendy. πŸ™

Our girl name is Aeryn Irene Elizabeth. I’m Irish, so I love the name Erin, and he has some sci-fi show he loves where the chick is named Erin but it’s spelled Aeryn. When we talked about a name for a girl, he said Aeryn because after he met me, he thought of the character and he couldn’t think of a better name for a mini-me. Irene is my grandmother’s middle name, and the name that she chose to be called. Elizabeth is a name I love.

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It took us a little bit to hash out, because we don’t exactly have similar tastes. lol.

For a Girl we decided on Kaelynn Faye. Her middle name was my Grandma’s and Kaelynn is actually and idea from Kahlan from Wizards first rule. lol. Our Boy name is Tristan Daniel. We just both like Tristan and my FFIL’s name is Daniel.

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For the longest time, my chosen name for a girl was Phoenix Lorelei. Fiance vetoed that the moment I told him about it. I am glad he did – I think I would horribly regret it later if I actually went ahead and named her that.

We’ve come up with some more realistic options, but nothing set in stone.

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Love this thread! Fiance and I haven’t talked about it too much, but I have some ideas. My mother and I share a middle name, Gaines, after her great grandfather. While I really appreciate the sentiment and honor, I honestly just don’t like the name…I’m trying to come up with a new way to honor him, especially since FI’s name is SO common that our child will have to use his/her middle name.

On his side, Michael is the middle name for boys, so we’ll include that. For a girl, I really love the idea of combining his sister “Aimee” with my sister “Emily” and going with Emilee, maybe at least for a middle name. I also love my mom and my MOH’s “Allison”.

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@sn01ah my name is Erin Elizabeth so I totally support you, haha!  Also, though I am partial to the traditional spelling I really like Aeryn as an alternative spelling.

I’ve got a number of names in my head that I like but I haven’t really run them by the Fi yet.  Though interestingly enough he was standing in the kitchen one day and said “what do you think about the name Zack?” We both agreed we liked it so that is top of the list I think.

Anyway, here is my list of possibles:

Girls:  Alyssa, Amber (for 311’s song of the same name), Natalie, Rebecca

Boys:  Zack, Nick (for one of our best best best friends), Corbin, Jason, Kevin

We are both far from the kids thing – we know that we want them but not for at least another 3-5 years.  I figure we’ll talk more specifics about names when we get there πŸ™‚

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Wonderful names everyone!

Although, I noticed no one made mention of how the names flow with the last name! Any names I had picked when I was a young schoolgirl would now sound ridiculous with my FI’s last name, so they went out the window! :<

But, as it is, FI’s last name is really unusual (never met another) and it’s easy to rhyme with by accident. Having known a Peter Jeter…. yeah, I wouldn’t do that to a poor kid.

So, I can’t pick out names in peace just for their own merit because I have to make sure they attach nicely with the new last name – any women who marry into the family have to deal with an awkward sounding combination of their “normal” name and a unique last name.

So, boo. Haven’t found any good combinations, so I can’t play :<

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For girls, I LOVE the name Eden Grace and Brooklyn, but I wouldn’t want her first name to be Brooklyn because people would call her Brooke and I don’t really like that. I like the name Gabriella, but I don’t like Gabby. I’m sure I’ll come up with several more I like, which is good because Fiance and I have pretty different tastes.

I have noo idea for boys – Anything I’ve said I like he can’t stand!

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