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Your Future Father-In-Law sounds like a lunatic.

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Agreed with PP, what a total loony! I would not want them at my wedding!

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Future Father-In-Law sounds like an abusive control freak.  Your Fiance is lucky to have realized this and to have gotten out from under his thumb.<br /><br />Sometimes folks need a break from each other.  It sounds like your Fiance is well over due for one from his family.  They’ll likely come around after a little cut out time.  It would be seriously sad for his family to miss the wedding, but that’s on them.  **Hugs** to you and your Fiance.

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Honestly if I were your Fiance, I would screen calls from the Future In-Laws for now. Let the calls go to voicemail, and Future Father-In-Law can rant there. Then, when your Fiance has had a chance to sort out how he would like to respond (or not), he can do so in very short phone calls or conversations with Future Father-In-Law. If he keeps the contact short, there may be fewer instances in which Future Father-In-Law becomes verbally abusive. When the criticism and abuse starts, Fiance needs to shut it down by responding calmly, refusing to engage, and walking away. 

It is unfortunate that Future Father-In-Law is such a tyrant. Focus on the positive. If Future Father-In-Law does attend and become unruly, have someone designated to escort him out. 

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Does his parents have any idea what an actual marriage entails? 

Is everything in their life a fight and a struggle?  What an awful way to live.  You guys are adults.  I would not bend a single inch on any of their ridiculous demands.  Again – you guys are adults about to start your own lives together and your own families.  No nutjobs need apply.

I would also screed calls and just ignore them.  They did this to themselves.

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Mrsdal920:  There is always one in the family, and unfortunately that one is your Future Father-In-Law. I don’t think you need to apologize at all for addressing the invitation the way you did. I guess what you guys want to do will deem what you will do next.

Does Future Father-In-Law usually cool off after a bit or is he going to hold a grudge? If he is absolutely going to hold a grudge and make your lives really difficult and stressful then you could say something like “I’m sorry you were offended, how would you like to be addressed in future instances?” instead of “I’m sorry for the way we addressed the invitation, we’ll issue a new one to you right now”, because then you are saying that you hear him but that you are still staying strong that you actually did not want to offend him (though I am sure that he would have been offended no matter what).

I would give your Fiance some time to cool off to figure out what he wants to do – since it is his father. I hope you are able to work it out the way you want to (not having guilt if you decide to do nothing or not bending over backwards if you decide you do want to work it out). Good luck and don’t stress about it – it sounds like Future Father-In-Law is used to throwing temper tantrums and getting his way.

As for not letting it get between you as a couple … don’t talk about the situation or Future Father-In-Law or do anything about it. Leave everything up to your Fiance. If he talks about it, let him vent. If he asks you, tell him it is his father and it is up to him how he would like to handle it.

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By now both you and your Fiance must be realizing that you will not ever be able to do the right thing, because if you take action, Future Father-In-Law will inevitably respond in the opposite, so decide what is best for you as a couple and totally ignore the reaction.

In my experience with a Mother-In-Law who behaved in a similar way, it is NEVER, ever a good idea to apologize for anything, even if you happen to make a mistake. My Mother-In-Law kept a little mental file of these moments and dragged them out whenever she felt like stirring the pot. Don’t give Future Father-In-Law ammo!

My mom was Catholic and my dad’s family was Lutheran, and my dad’s father explained to her early in their marriage how the two faiths had differences and similarities. I think you solution to the religious character of your ceremony is perfect!

If you can find a neutral adult for Fiance to talk to, it might help him develop more realistic expectations of his father and then hopefully, better (for FI) and more comfortable ways to separate himself from the useless arguments.

Since Future Father-In-Law has already been invited, just let things play out. My Mother-In-Law wold often throw a tantrum before a family event, then come and behave herself appropriately. He and Future Mother-In-Law may show up and “play nice” or may not show up at all, but that is their problem, not yours. 

If you are asked about them,stay strictly neutral and practice an unemotional “Idon’tknowyou’dhavetoaskthem” mantra to repeat until you mean it!

Best wishes for a wonderful wedding!

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Mrsdal920:  I’ve started a bunch of threads about similar issues with my now husband’s Parents- checking them out might help. 

I dont understand how issues w his dad could cause a problem with you and your FI? Just know that you should never talk about your in laws worse or more frequently than your Fiance does because he will likely be pretty sensitive regarding them even though he badmouths them. 

I don’t recommend catering to your Future Father-In-Law unless your Fiance wants to on just one or two small things. I let my now-husband call those shots. For a while, we we’re apologetic and tried to do what his parents claimed they wanted. That time helped him see that his parents were completely unreasonable and wouldn’t be happy regardless so it emboldened him to fully stop catering to them, to demand that they treat us both right or there would be little to no contact, and for us to plan our dream wedding fully and without any concern for what they wanted. 

all of my now-husband’a siblings came to the wedding although we initially thought some wouldn’t. They were all great. His mom came to the welcome party and insulted me so I didn’t talk to her again. (I didn’t tell my husband that she insulted me until days after the wedding so he could enjoy himself.) His parents both came to the ceremony. I’ve been told that his mom looked happy while his dad looked very upset. my Fiance said hi to his mom and that was it. He didn’t speak to his dad at all. We did pics w them. His dad insisted on holding all kinds of junk in his hands and weakng his Bluetooth in the pics. Who cares. Then his dad left before the reception and his mom stayed.

My Fiance was very angry at his parents and cussed them out 5 months before the wedding and one week after the wedding he’s moved on and is letting go of the anger. the overall results are amazing- we are completely free of the burden of pleasing his parents, any interaction w them is minimal and by terms we are both comfortable with, his siblings were fully supportive eventually, him and i are closer than ever and fully a team, my husband puts me and our relationship first, and we had the wedding of our dreams. 

Good luck and feel free to come on here and vent Or get suggestions. 

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also- don’t assume that your FI’s siblings won’t come if his parents don’t come.  My now-DH’s siblings all came and all assured us that they would come even if their parents didn’t.

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