Future Mother in Law disrespectful

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Her commenting on your weight is out of line and I would shut that shit down every time she did it – to the point of rudeness, even, personally. That, to me, is the same as some of the posts we’ve seen where bees are being harrassed by their SOs fathers or brothers. Completely unacceptable.

Separately, you may have to just accept that she does not like you. Which sucks and can be awkward but it is what it is.

Why are YOU having to reach out to her for addresses for the wedding. What is your Fiance doing? It should be his job to get addresses for attendees from his mother who has already been entirely too comfortable disrespecting you.

Last thing – Not that it’s her business at all, but why are you only working part time? How long do you expect this arrangement to last? Does your working part time put strain on your finances or mean that Fiance is picking up the slack? Between us, I would have some concerns if my son was dating a grown woman with only a part time job and he was having to pick up her slack. But I don’t think healthy, able bodied adults should be taken care of by their partners without good reason. However, knowing all of that, if my son and his SO made that agreement between the two of them, I’d probably roll my eyes and shut up.

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dilynrae :  I disagree when you say she’s never been mean to you, if she’s making negative comments about your weight and your make-up she IS being mean to you. This is unacceptable. If your fiance has tried talking to her and she still keeps doing it, the two of you- as a united front- will have to take a much firmer stand. For example if you go over to her house for dinner and she starts making her nasty little comments, the both of you get up and leave and don’t go back without a sincere apology and the assurance that it won’t happen again. Your fiance has to make it very clear to his mother that he will not tolerate her disrespecting you like this. 

I do share TwilightRarity :  ‘s questions/ concerns about why you’re only working part time- is this a new thing or have you always worked part time? Do you still live at home or with your fiance? If you live with your fiance, does he make enough for the two of you to live comfortably? Have the two of you had to borrow money from them? Are you a recent graduate? Are you seeking full time work? Do you have a physical or mental health issue that prevents you from working full time hours? Unless this is an arrangement the two of you have deliberately chosen and it works well for you (ie he works 50-60 hours/ week and you work 20/30 but do the lion’s share of cooking and cleaning and you’re both good with this), then she needs to back off. But if she has genuine concern for how the two of you will manage, can’t really fault her for that- though she needs to lay off the other comments and express any genuine concern decently, not toss out barbs and snark. 

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dilynrae :  I’m going to disagree with previous posters and say it’s none of your FMIL’s business why you work part time. So long as you and your fiance are happy with your arrangement that is all that matters. Don’t justify yourselves to her or anyone else. 

As for the wedding planning, your fiance should be in charge of getting addresses for his guests so I would hound him to hound his family. Give them a deadline and if you don’t have addresses then those people don’t get invited. Nothing you can do about people who don’t like you so focus on the people who care and want to be there.

Lastly – the comments about your appearance can be shut down hard. A simple “I don’t want your opinion on my appearance” and walking away is perfect. Repeat as necessary. 

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dilynrae :  

Never seek love or approval from people who have shown that they don’t like you. It will only make them disrespect you even more. Be polite but keep your distance as much as possible. 

It’s great that your fiance has spoken to his mother about the way she treats you. However, I think more drastic measures need to be taken. Perhaps taking a break from contact might be healthier and it will also send a message to your Mother-In-Law. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with working part time or even not working at all if it works for you and your fiancee. If you can afford that kind of lifestyle then I don’t see what the big deal is. 

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I don’t understand what is wrong with working part time. Not all women HAVE to work full time or even at all. We are expected to work full time and basically do all/most of the household work too and it is a little crazy at times how much women have to do these days. And before anyone asks – I work full-time plus a second job, so i am NOT speaking as someone who works part time. Maybe I wish – lol. But, I see nothing wrong with that considering how much other responsible women have.

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Hmm, your fiance should be the one to address his side of the family. However, does he have a father or sibling he can coordinate with instead, since she’s not helping out? If so, you should both try to ignore her. 

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Interesting that you only specify that not all women have to work full time and not just people. daisyqueen :  

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Op it looks like you have had a rough past with your Mother-In-Law, sorry she is being cruel and making comments about your weight. 

For things like the addresses you need to be blunt and not a puss over.  It doesn’t mean they don’t care about the wedding it just means they are lazy, however that isn’t going to cut it. You need to tell your fiancé he either gets the addresses by the end of he weekend or they won’t be invited, it’s as simple as that. Particularly if these are people you are only inviting due to Mother-In-Law. 

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I don’t have a bunch of time and I’ve skimmed PPs comments and they’re offering great advice.

I only wanted to add, if you haven’t already, please check out DWIL Nation (search the name online). It honestly helped me so much in understanding boundaries. I’ve never posted, but I read the threads, and those alone have given me massively helpful nuggets of advice. Good luck, bee!

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I actually don’t really have any advice but she really does sound like a turd. I don’t think this is a you issue, it sounds like her. I would just accept that she will not like you. When you stop trying so hard she may lay off a bit. I’m glad your fiancé is supportive.

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