(Closed) Gah… Facebook friends and their many babies.

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Well I am 38 and just had my first child this past fall.. My Best friend who is 40 her oldest is graduating high school in a few weeks and she has a 16 yr old. 

A high school class mate of mine last year on our wedding his daughter gave birth to his grand daughter!

However I know quite a few of my high school classmates via Facebook has had babies in the last year (our 20 yr reunion is this summer)

So no you are not a late bloomer

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Yup, I’m older than you by a few years and all of my friends are having babies right now! I am not pregnant and won’t be for at least a year so I am feeling behind the times for sure 🙂

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Me… I am… It’s so annoying. I am 25 however some of my friends still even younger then I am are on their 2/3 child… Wheres mine already? Lol


Im really thinking that this is the new “way of life” if you know what I mean. People are getting younger and younger when they start having boyfriends, getting married and having babies. 

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My ‘facebook baby boom’ really just started this year, at least the ones you would assume were on purpose. From ages 26-29, say, it was wedding picture central. Then predictably, now it’s babies and pregnant bellies. We are always behind the times– got married at 30, hopefully having first kid at 32. We live in a major city in the Northeast, where I’m pretty sure the average age of marriage and first kid is a bit later than most of the country. We do still have lots of friends our age who plan to have kids but not yet.

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Ugh yes! I am pretty sure at least 50% of the pics on my Facebook feed these days are baby pictures or baby bump pictures. And I am only 25! My biological clock must have missed the memo because I am so not ready to have kids any time soon and they are all reproducing like crazy!

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I’m in my 40s so I have friends with kids from newborns to high school graduates.

I do get a kick out of parents with their first baby.  They post EVERYTHING the baby does.  

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i agree… seems like all my friends and family are knocked up with their 2nd or 3rd kid… i just at least want my one already 🙁

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The difference in my circles (not the Google+ kind) is pretty stark. I’m very early 30s, and my college friends are largely just now settling down. One married a few years ago, but she just now had a kid. She was the first of my college friends, and so far the only one with a child.

My high school friends, on the other hand, have been popping out babies for years (some started in high school) or trying to have kids since shortly after we graduated. It’s just a vast cultural difference on the issue of settling down between where I’m from and where I ended up.

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Don’t compare yourself to other people, there is no right or wrong age to have children, although I’d be lying if I didn’t think it was crazy that my mom chose to start having babies at 18. In my family I’m the freak because I didn’t have babies by 25 (still no babies now). I just don’t feel ready yet and I won’t have a baby if I’m not ready.

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I don’t experience this, but I’m sure Fiance does.  All of his friends or people that he went to HS with have children.  Most are working on their 3rd/4th.  He will be 29 in September.  He has expressed he wants to start ASAP because he feels like he’s getting old.  Haha.

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First your post title made me giggle.
Second I’m 22 and my fb has exploded with babies. A girl I work with that graduated with me sat down and counted how many people we graduated with that DON’T have babies. Counting us…. There were Olny 12. Out of a class of 300. 

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@Pappy8:  Im really thinking that this is the new “way of life” if you know what I mean. People are getting younger and younger when they start having boyfriends, getting married and having babies.

I really don’t think its so new. My great-grandma was a teen when she got married & had 14 kids! lol & My mamaw got married at 14, by the time she was 16 she had two. & She had 5 in total. I know alot of people “back in the day” got married very young.

I think its just some people start young & some don’t. It all depends.

But I must say all of my friends pretty much (or actually maybe ALL of them, at least the ones I was close with in high school) have kids. I don’t want any for atleast 5 years. By then I am sure most will have 3-4 kids. Heck one already has 3. lol

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Oh boy, I’m with you! My boyfriend and I went to the same Christian private high school. We both hated our experiences there, and cut off contact with all of our classmates after graduating, but as a result, we both have many of these people as our “friends” on facebook. 

Many of our former classmates are engaged or married, and have children or are pregnant. I would say about 2/3 are engaged/married, and of those, nearly half have children or are with child. And we are relatively young – I will be 25 in a few months, and he just turned 23. 

In our case, I think a lot of it has to do with the religious aspect. For some reason, a lot of emphasis is put on settling down early. There is also the “no pre-marital sex” thing that was pounded into everyone’s heads both in school and in church youth groups, so I think that provides an incentive to get married sooner, rather than succumb to hormones and risk compromising one’s “purity.” We also know a few people that had “shotgun weddings” when they found out they were pregnant at age 19 or 20.

While the vast majority of people from our school went on to Christian colleges, I attended a secular Big Ten school. Now, at age 25, some of my college friends and acquaintances are getting married, but most are still single and childless, and are currently more focused on career goals or pursuing further education. So it is a stark contrast between my high school and college facebook friends.

It doesn’t make us jealous, though. If anything, it serves as birth control, lol! We do both want to start a family in a few years, but we like being young and carefree for now. 

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I just turned 29, got married last year and will not have a baby until I am at least 30. I have several friends younger than me who have more than one child already. Sometimes it bugs me a little bit, but everyone moves at their own pace.

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