(Closed) Gained 20lbs this year. Need motivation. This weather isn\'t helping.

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I put on about the same over 18 months – it crept on gradually and I didn’t notice it until I went to put on my shorts for the first time last summer (Australian summer, so about 13 months ago) and they didn’t fit…what helped me no end was MyFitnessPal.  Free, easy to use and kept me accountable.  I dropped twenty pounds in six months and it’s stayed off, more or less – I put five back on over the winter just gone, however three of those five have gone again after I started back on MFP.  You can eat what you like, you just need to stay within your calorie goal – and if you exercise, you get bonus calories (I run because not only does it keep me fit, it means I can eat cake when I want to and not just once a week!).  I think it worked for me because it wasn’t a “diet” as such but a rethink of my eating habits. Good luck!

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Here’s my before and after. Hope it inspires you. I had really let my self balloon! What it takes is major restriction of what you eat. Then add excercise. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

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EDubbs:  I’ve been there. I’m a natural 4/6 but got up to an 8 a couple of years ago and I was miserable. I know an 8 is thin to a lot of people but on my frame an 8 was fat. I started walking and watched what I ate. I went to the grocery store and cut out 90% of fast food. I’m down to a 4 again. You can do it! Watch mindless snacking and what you put in your mouth. I buy healthy things I like to eat so eating clean isn’t a downer, I enjoy it. I still eat a big bag Cheetos once a week, that’s my splurge. 

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I have gone up and down with my weight for years. I’ve been a size 22/24 in college, and over time lose a little, gain it back, lose a little gain it back. Earlier this year Fiance and I went paleo and that was good for a few pounds gone but we fell off the wagon and I gained it all back. In July, I was a 16/18 and decided this was it for good. Now I’m a size 10 and still going strong.

My fitness pal is an invaluable tool. The app and website are amazing. You can tailor it however you want, I suggest small amounts of weightloss per week at first. It’s more likely to stay off and easier to accomplish.

I use youtube and pinterest for workouts. Lots of free videos of any length and lots of instructional informtion on pinterest. Different challenges for different body parts. Ultimately, find something to do to move your body you like. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. Doesn’t matter how many caloreis your burning, what muscles are moving, just move!!!! Anything, just make the commitment to do move your body to raise your heartrate 3x a week.

I also incorporate little things in my daily routine. Park farther away from the door (unless its night), take the stairs, zigzag around the grocery store on purpose, just any little thing to add steps will help. Daily yoga stretching is excellent to help sore muscles feel better alleviate pains.

Start adding nutrient dense foods to your diet. Don’t worry about removing foods at first. Just add in better fuel for your body. Avocados, dark leafy greens, grass fed beef,grass fed butter, coconut oil,  bone broth, and as much water as you can handle. Organ meats are great too but that is a tough step so I get it. Eat as much real food v. processed as possible, cutting out all that extra stuff will help you curb the cravings for it. Pinterest is great for this as well. If you are craving something look up a healhty version of it. It will be way better for you and taste better too!!

Water, water, water, water! At least half your weight in oz a day plus if you drink anything with caffiene balance that out with as much water too. For example, I weigh 153 so half of that is 76.5, so that many oz. to start. I usually have 3 16oz mugs of coffee which is 48oz. So 76.5+48=124.5, so I’ll drink 125oz of water a day. I have a 33oz smart water bottle keep near me and refill all day, so after 4 refills I’m at 132oz. All set! 

There are a lot of programs out there but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on shakes or training dvds i would not ultimately use. I read a lot of articles and have tried to listen to my body. If i crave something I eat it, trying to stop when I’m full. This is a choice you have to make to be healthy, you will be tempted all the time. Its a commitment you have to make to yourself. You can lose weight in your 30s, I am 33 so it IS possible. It’s never going to be easy. I made small changes over a year that have added up to me being the happiest with my body and weight and still dedicating myself to push even more. If you decide in your mind to make this happen, it will happen, with loads of hard work and pausing to ask yourself, Is this the choice I want to make today?

You can do it. I hope some of this helps.  

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You should come join us on the WW Thread. It’s not just WW, but there are a lot of tips on there from a ton of bees losing weight and trying to eat healthier. We share recipes and such too.

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EDubbs:  keep in touch with me we are similar sizes. I was a 4 two years ago and an 8 now which sounds thin but not really on my frame . I hate winter and darkness and am probably drinking too much wine. 


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Right there with you! Went from a 4 to a 10/12. I could eat/drink whatever in my 20s, and I was a pretty avid runner until about 30. Now I just feel unwell and uncomfortable in my skin. Boyfriend is in same boat, as he was always naturally skinny and now has a gut. We’re having a weight loss contest!

I started using myfitness pal as well, and it’s been a huge wake-up call. I honestly had no concept of how many calories were in things (especially my beloved breads…). Drinking wine is also a huge issue, and I’ve decided to stick to only a glass when at a restaurant, never at home.

Though I’ve started running again, I’ve learned how much weight loss relies on diet. Exercise is awesome, of course, and builds muscle and buys you a few calories, but with the calorie-in/calorie-out equation, it’s a lot easier to adjust the diet portion. 

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Ladies who would like MFP friends pls leave your MFP name, I need friends lol

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I gained about 20 lbs in the last 2-3 years and I lost almost all of it in 6-7 months using myfitnesspal. It really helps to know how many calories you’re eating. 

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chelleyh:  That’s encouraging to hear! So far, the weeks i don’t cheat with counting calories, I have lost one to 1.5 pounds a week. I think I can do 20 pounds by my brother’s wedding in June.


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