(Closed) Gained weight and feel awful. Could use some words of encouragement.

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@Miss Sorbet:  awww babe. dont go out huge,  the fact that you have recognised you need to interveen is a start. Start by doing the little things again. Whether it is a walk with your dog when you see him/her; going for healthier options in take out, such as a subway wrap; or going for a walk on your lunch break (this one would also be good to help clear your head). Pack healthy snacks to take with you, such as those cute little packets of mixed nuts when you get hungry. Carry a water bottle with you at all times so when you are feeling all sad and emotional, instead of going for the junk food to make you feel better have a big drink of water and think about why your sad, then try to process it, and move on. One step at a time.

Can I also suggest at this time you re connect with your girlfriends and ask them to help you through your tough time. Set yourselves new challenges so you have something to look forward to in the future. If you are inspired to run again, why dont you find an event that is say 3 or 4 months away and focus training on that… it sounds to me like it would be a welcome distraction for you at the moment.

Most of all, be kind to yourself. Break ups are tough. They suck balls actually. You will get there soon. Write ‘you are wonderful’ on your bathroom mirror so you see it every morning before you start your day.


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@Miss Sorbet: Fellow cavewoman here! I can imagine that your situation must be really hard, and I’m sure it will be difficult to adjust to the single life again. I personally hate cooking for just myself, so I completely understand where you are coming from, but girl, you already lost 30 lbs and ran a marathon! That is awesome and amazing and too cool for school, so I think you’ve got this whole “getting back into the paleo swing of things” in the bag. 

For exercise, literally just do whatever makes you feel happy. A walk in the park? Sure, sounds good. A few burpees? Why not. A short jog around the new ‘hood? Alright cool. Don’t stress yourself out over it, and you’ll eventually have enough energy and want to get back to where you were. Or you won’t, and that is fine. Go with whatever works for you.

I think one of the things you could try to do, once you get into your new place, is to take a day and just get food ready for the week. I usually take Sundays and prepare things like egg muffins, a crockpot of creamy tomato and chicken soup, cooking a steak or two to slice up and throw into salads for lunch, and making some meatballs to throw on top of some zucchini noodles or just eat alone. Throughout the week, I like to pick up a roasted chicken to pick apart, lots of veggies to roast or saute with different seasonings, and bacon and avocado for days.

If you do get takeout, just make sure to get it as paleo as possible! I head out with my Fiance to the local wing place all the time, as well as go to happy hour with my girlfriends and get my glass of hard cider and my hamburger sans bun. Just keep trucking on because you CAN do it!


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Also Paleo. Also cave for bad choices in stressful predicaments. Here’s what I’ve noticed over the MANY years of battling the bulge…

1.) Diets, as you are aware, don’t work, but lifestyle choices and changes do. Take it one day at a time and concentrate on 1-2 goals each day to focus on and add to it (ex. today I’m skipping the muffin and coffee for breakfast and taking 15 minutes and making myself some eggs/I’m not answering this email, I’ll just walk over to so-&-so’s office and talk to them etc.) start slow, if you need to with minor goals until life calms down.


2.) Try and double team with a friend or family member to stay on track, or an online community such as sparkpeople or beachbody… whatever. I like to workout alone personally, but I’m a foodie fiend so pinterest and recipe swapping with other paleo people at work is HUGELY motivating for me.


3.) Think of this process as the focus on YOU! This is YOUR time and try and put yourself in the mindset that eating healthier and cooking just for you is a REWARD. Think of shopping for food the same way you would shop for a fabulous pair of shoes or those skinny next-size-down jeans you’ve been eyeing for a while. They go hand-in-hand; healthy food and skinny clothes. I also find that cooking takes time and I often find this to be MY time where I can take 30 minutes TO MYSELF in MY KITCHEN making something for ME (and my husband too, but he’ll eat anything lol!)


4.) Love yourself, even with a few extra pounds. I have found for me, personally, the more frustrated or stressed or angry I am with the current world around me, no matter if I’m eating well and working out or not, I will not lose a dang thing! You are enough as you are and, even though you might be starting over, it’s just the beginning of something new, not the end of the journey. Take time for you to enjoy a nice walk outside, do your hair, do your make-up and look your best. I know this sounds probably a bit superficial, but, for me, it helps me put the focus back on me and remind myself to take care of myself and diet and exercise is just as important as my hair and make-up and a fabulous outfit.

Good luck!

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@Miss Sorbet:  Your going through a really difficult time in your life. But I am glad you will have a permanet place to live soon. This will help you get back on track. You need to think of cooking for one as a HUGE opportunity! You can buy only healthy foods and meal plan for only what you like. No more outside bad influences. You have to take control and get yourself back on track! You did it before you can do it again!!!! Great job on the 1/2 marathon!!!! You got this!

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Great job on the 1/2 and for recognizing that this needs to stop!  That is the first step to getting back to healthy habits.

Shopping for one and eating healthy can be easy – make a bit batch of something and freeze individual servings for lunches and dinners.  Make a batch of healthy muffins and have them on hand to grab on the way out the door.  Working out will be a great combatant to keep your mind off of less savory things, too.

Good luck and lots of hugs.

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@RoyalLime:  This is a really good point! If you’re just buying groceries for yourself, you won’t be swayed by bad boy behaviour! My Fiance buys all kinds of junk and while I try not to eat it, there are times when I do. Before we lived together, I just didn’t have that sh*t in the house and I was much healthier for it!

I also love the idea of using one day as a “cooking day” because really, after a long day of work and a long commute, who wants to cook? That’s when it becomes tempting to just eat out.

Your past success can definitely be used to prove to yourself that not only CAN you do it, but you WILL do it!

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