(Closed) Gained weight, dress doesn't fit, I quit.

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You could go on a very strict diet. Depending when your wedding is, you could lose 5-6 pounds of water weight relatively quickly.

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Sugar bee
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What have you been doing to lose the weight? And what do you normally eat in a day? Exercise?

Yes, you can absolutely slim down. That’s a long time away!

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You have like 10 months, based on your post. Plenty of time – no need to get super defeated. If you want an eating plan, I did keto for 8 months before my wedding and lost 40 lbs through diet. But really, you have plentyyyyy of time. You won’t even start alterations until September. 

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What have you been doing? You have so much time, don’t feel defeated!

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Airycuh:  Ok, sounds like a good start! Make sure you aren’t doing some kind of diet thing where youare hungry all the time. If your body is hungry then eat, and if it’s not then don’t. Make sure you eat some fruits and vegetables every day. 

Carbs really are not so bad. They are necessary in moderation. Just try replacing some of the worst stuff in your diet with fruit and veggies. 🙂 

As far as bulkin up… I doubt you’ve done that to the point that you gained any noticeable weight. BUT muscle helps burn fat. So keep it up! This isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about looking good. And healthy is what is good. Do some cardio! Try it when you watch tv. For example, I love to hula hoop to lose weight. I just push the ottoman out of the way and do it in front of the tv. Super fun and easy. Fins a workout you enjoy!

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Buzzing bee
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10 months…you could lose 100 pounds if you wanted don’t be defeated! I would do induction Atkins, an hour of cardio a day, the weight will fall off. If you want a bee buddy I’m in. I’m trying to lose a least 60 pounds so we can have a baby 🙂

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You’ve got plenty of time!  

Work out with our heart rate up at least 30 min/day, minimum 4 days/wk.  Keep cutting carbs and eating clean.  Reward yourself with a cheat meal 2-3x/wk.  

If you want to just lose weight and get a jump start, do lots of cardio.  In the end, weight loss is about burning more calories than you eat.  Then, down the line, add the weights to cardio.

Good luck 🙂

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Airycuh:  try ballet intervals or stretching after working out to keep from bulking up. But remember, you gain muscle first, and the existing fat is on top of it until finally the fat diminishes. It’s so discouraging at first:-( 

Frankly you have a gorgeous hour glass figure and I hope you don’t beat yourself up! Slight tweaks, not drastic changes. Jump start your metabolism with HIIT and stretches. 

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First of all you look beautiful. Second of all, you have plenty of time to lose weight. I’ve personally been calorie counting using My Fitness Pal with great results.

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Some people need carbs, I wouldn’t cut anything completely. I would do more protein, more veggies, clean carbs with portion control. Muscle is your friend to a certain point, it torches calories for you even when you’re not working out. Do more reps with enough weigh that it’s hard to do more than ~15 reps at a time, but light enough that you can do two sets (with a short break). Do at least 15 minutes of serious cardio.

It’s not for everyone but I went 95% vegan (I eat chese like twice a month) at the end of September and I’ve lost 12lbs. I drink sugary coffees and eat sweets… Way to much LOL. But I do work out three times a week for ~30 minutes (cardio and weights). So if you cut the sugar and don’t drink your calories, you could lose a lot. But you have to make sure you get protein (in my case plant-based).  

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Bumble bee

Working out doesn’t bulk you up.  I would recommend lots of cardio – really sweat, get the heart pumping.  That’s a good sign.  Kelly Ripa said her goal is to get her heart pumping every day, regardless of what kind of workout it is.  

Satin is a very unforgiving fabric, I agree.

I also agree with PP that cutting carbs doesn’t do it.  You need healthy carbs to have the energy to work out, and thus, lose weight.  Plus if you cut carbs and then introduce them back into your diet, all you’re doing it spiking your blood sugar and people gain weight very quickly.  To me, no carb diet is just water weight unelss it’s a “forever change”.

For reference: on my first fitting, I went no carb for a week before and weighed 120 pounds.  So proud of myself!  But the zipper was a little stubborn and I thought I looked “okay” in pictures.  My second fitting weeks later, I ate just healthfully (carbs and all) and weighed 122, while working out hard. to my suprise, those pictures looked MUCH better and my seamstress said “Did you lose 5 pounds?”  Nope – just that no carb vs. actually healthy!

Eat carbs/foods low in sugar – wheat bread, string cheese, pretzels as a snack, etc.  Carbs are for energy and you have to use it – work out 4-5 times a week.  I think that will make a huge difference and you’ll look great in that dress!

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I second using My Fitness Pal! It makes it very easy to find out exactly where your daily calories are coming from. Set it to lose 1 or 2 lbs a week, and track EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth. I’ve been lazy lately and haven’t been tracking… So as a direct result the graph of my weight loss (20lbs since July) has stalled. But while tracking, except for the occasional “plateau” due to water retention or constipation, I was consistently losing what was expected based on my calorie intake.

It seems difficult at first to track everything, but really when you get into the groove, it takes less time than it would take to write in a diary every day. The app saves common items, and allows you to import recipes from online and even has a barcode scanner. Calorie counts for menu items at chain restaurants are frequently available.

If you go this route, I HIGHLY recommend getting a food scale. Almost every nutritional information food label will have the portion size in a volume (such as tablespoons, cups, etc) and also in a weight (such as grams or ounces). It is way easier and more accurate to plop your bowl on a scale, zero it, pour until your scales says x grams of yogurt, zero it, squeeze y grams of honey, zero it, and at z grams of strawberries, than to measure it out with cups and spoons.

The most important thing is to not give up! If you go over your calories for the day, don’t despair. Just log it faithfully and truthfully, and start again the next day. I didn’t track today… But if I start again tomorrow I know I will reach my goal with only a minor setback.

Also, I think you look fantastic! I love your dress.

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Blushing bee

Have you been tracking your calories ? Weighing your food? I find that sometimes people who don’t weigh their food, tend to underestimate their calories eaten. How are you tracking your calories burned ? Devices like fitbits are helpful, even if not 100% accurate.

10 months is a long way off. You can absolutely lose weight by then. Also I doubt you have bulked up in your hips from working out. You can’t target lose or gain weight. It’s more likely that you gained the weight there. 

focus on your calorie tracking (burned and eaten) to get a better picture of how much work you’ll need to do to lose weight. 

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