(Closed) Gaining muscle? Strength training? Anyone know any good places to start?

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Have you considered a trainer?

Also, I can’t recommend crossfit enough!!

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Crossfit is a group exercise format. The philosophy is to have you physically prepared for anything at anytime. It will make you strong and fast and is my personal favorite form of exercise. It can be pricey tho. 

Trainers aren’t cheap either. 

I don’t know what your at home options would be. you need to lift more than 5 lb weights- ESP when talking about your legs. Maybe yoga or Pilates??

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At my gym they offer free classes on how to use the gym equipment for specific parts of your body and they offer free advice.  It’s Planet Fitness, not sure if you have one by you but I did it a couple years ago and it was helpful for me. 

I’ve also hear pilates is a great strengthener like pp said


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@yanamari:  Are you a member of a gym?  I work with a personal trainer once a week for $16.50 (I pay for 10 at a time so it’s cheaper — paying for one time is $20).  It’s supposed to be 30 minutes but it always runs longer, and I don’t have to pay more. 


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I recommend P90x.


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Oooh- yeah p90x!!

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So I’m like 108 and almost 5’5, but I’m just… bleh. I really need to add muscle and tone up. I still have a soft middle and thigh jiggle and I really want to be like… TONED.

I started at 170, so I pretty much covered the weight-loss but I’m not how I want to look and I can probably stick to whatever I do as long as it works… but I don’t know where to start as far as muscle and getting “toned”. Fiance says not to get any thinner, which is okay, but I still have some fat that I want to get rid of, but I need to replace it with muscle, not like, become anorexic looking o_O I’m not sure how to start this.

Anyone have any good video sites, or dvd suggestions from experience?

I’ve tried pictures on sites, but they’re useless for me. Form, speed, etc. I need something I can follow visually.

First, I want to say that being 108 and around 5’5 is probably too skinny.  You can’t actually replace fat with muscle.  You have to burn fat and build muscle.  In order to build muscle, you need energy.  You need to work out in a way that breaks the muscle (why you feel sore) and then the body will rebuild the muscle.  It’s kind of like getting a cut in your skin, then putting on a band-aid.  Only, imagine that you never get rid of the bandaid, you just keep cutting it and putting on a new bandaid.  Eventually, it will get bigger, right?  That’s how building muscles works.  You should look to gain about 10lbs of weight and the way to get yourself to make it muscle isntead of fat is by working out appropriately and eating right.  Focus on a high-protein diet since that is what builds muscles.  You’re probably going to have to increase your caloric intake a bit in order to achieve your goal. 

Also, never know what size weights to use! They never say! How difficult should it feel to lift them? How many times should I be able to do the move before the weight becomes like impossible to lift?

You should be able to do about 12-15 reps with the weight, but the last few reps should be really difficult.  Since triceps are smaller muscles, you will need less weight.  Biceps are bigger, so a bit more.  Your chest is bigger, so more weight.  Your legs are bigger, so a lot more.  Etc.  Start off with 8-10lb dumbbells for bicep curls and see how that feels for you. 

I also don’t really know what to expect in what time length, or how often to do what… basically, I’m pretty knowledgeable in the “fat loss” category, but not so much the “getting in shape” category.

The most I can gather so far is cardio is NOT what I should be doing now because it seems to burn muscle away as well as fat and if you do nothing but cardio you basically end up “skinny fat” which is kind of how I feel now. haha.

You should have a healthy mix of cardio and weight training.  How long do you work out for now?  How many days?  You should consider doing 30mins of cardio and 30mins of weight training,  if you’re going to come up with your own program.  There are lots of programs on bodybuilding.com to do if you just want to go to the gym and follow a routine like that or buy yourself some dumbbells.

I’ve never tried pilates, but I know it’s good.  I love yoga and it will change your shape and tone you up.  p90x also tones you up.  You can also go to bodyrock.tv to get some workout videos and ideas. 

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First of all, good for you for losing all that weight!  You should be very proud of yourself, and I imagine that was waaay harder than gaining some muscle is going to be.

Secondly, PP’s were correct, you are definitely pretty thin.  The “Healthy” BMI range is 18.5-24.9 and your BMI of 18 puts you in the risky Underweight category.  To be in the Healthy range, you want to weigh between 111-150 lbs (quite a wide range!).

If you can’t afford a personal trainer or you just prefer to work out alone, I highly recommend trying out Exercise TV On Demand if you have it (I’ve used it with both Comcast and Verizon), and buy some Jillian Michaels videos, more specifically “No More Trouble Zones” and “30 Day Shred.”  Neither video is strictly weight training or strictly cardio (though NMTZ is close to strictly weight training), so you’ll be improving your overall health and adding muscle.  You might also want to incorporate protein shakes into your diet, in order to gain more muscle more quickly.

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I like No More Trouble Zones as well.  I’ve also tried her new ones Ripped in 30 and Killer Buns and Thighs and they seem pretty good.

You should use a weight that is reasonably challenging to do the last few repetitions.  It takes some trial and error to figure this out.  You might be able to find a cheap set with some lower weights somewhere.

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I recommend Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD. It is AHmazing and gives you seriously defined muscle, especially in your legs. They focus a ton on proper form, alignment, breathing and technique so its great if you are a toning newbie. It mainly uses your own body weight for resistance expect for the upper body section, which is light weights and multiple reps. Also, power yoga as previously mentioned is awesome for building functional and gorgeous muscle. I definitely prefer bodyweight training as opposed to machines or even free weights. 

Great job on the weight loss! How did you do it?

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I use the weight machines at my gym, free weights, and pilates. I really credit pilates with helping my strength and flexibility. I freaked out (in excitement) a while back when I was doing a plank and I started doing push ups. Never in my life could I do a push up, let alone more than one!

I like Cassey Ho (Blogilates.com and POP Pilates). You can find her POP Pilates videos for free on You Tube. She has numerous videos that concentrate on different body parts and they run from 10-17 minutes, so you can create your own routine.

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