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In my last pregnancy, I literally felt like I was starving all the time. I thought about food constantly. Any time someone had food near me, I wanted it. Seriously, I was like a ravenous animal. It was like the worst PMS you can imagine, where you want to stuff all the candy in a whole chocolate factory in your face, all at once.  I gained about 60-70lbs. I dropped it all eventually, but not until my son was over 1. So I was just fat for a while.

Now I’m on my second pregnancy, halfway through it, and I haven’t gained weight. But it’s because I’ve had terrible, terrible nausea and vomiting that’s made it incredibly difficult to eat.

My point is, every pregnancy is different. Some women only gain a few pounds, some gain a lot. I wouldn’t be too freaked out about it. As long as baby is healthy, and you’re getting good nutrients along with the sweets, it’s going to be fine. I would cut out the smoothie king though, because those have a ridiculous amount of calories.

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honey421 : I’m sorry I’m not going to be much help..  I just wanted to say I’m not pregnant but I feel ya on the desk job. I am trying to lose weight myself, and I’ve been finding it hard to lose weight when I’m sitting on my ass about 8 hours a day. I try to make do by going to the gym in the morning before work and I have a usually pair of dumbells on my desk that I use every now and then while I’m waiting for feedback. I don’t know what kind of gym regimen you might have when you’re pregnant or if you even have one at all. At my gym, at least there is a specific yoga class for Mamas and another exercise class for Mama and babies. You might want to look into one locally.

Do you swim? I’ve heard from other pregnant ladies that swimming is a great exercise and it’s very comforting in the last few months of pregnancy. I don’t know how flexible you are but I’ve also had acquaintances that did light yoga exercises when pregnant.

But you got me curious and I looked up the stats for Peanut King peanut butter smoothies. Gurl, I don’t want you to feel bad but they’re 1200 calories for 40 oz with 54 -127 g of sugar. That can’t be good for anyone, pregnant or not.


Is it possible for you to make a healthier home-made version with less sugar to help with the cravings?

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The smoothy from Smoothy King is probably a big culprit. You can look up the nutritional value on their website. The amount of calories and suger and carbs is pretty insane and that’s just for the 20 oz.

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35lbs in two months? Wow that is crazy in such a short space of time. You might be eating what you consider healthy foods, but the quantities are obviously too high.  Surely when your doctor weighted you he gave you advice? 

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honey421 :  Have you been tested for gestational diabetes yet? 

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I’ve done a lot of research on weight, and for a lot of people, it’s the calories they eat that make the difference for weight, not he exercise that they do.

This website from MedlinePlus says that women only need to eat about 300 extra Calories a day when they are pregnant. https://medlineplus.gov/ency/patientinstructions/000584.htm

This next website let’s you calculate how many calories you need to maintain your weight. For me, I’m about 120 pounds at 4’11” and it tells me I should eat 1368 Calories a day to maintain my weight. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/how-many-calories-per-day

That means that if I were pregnant, I should only eat about 1668 Calories a day.

That means that if I had a 40oz Peanut King smoothy, I can only eat about 468 Calories for the rest of the day. 

One cup of cornflakes is about 101 Calories, one cup of 2% milk is about 122 Calories, and one whole medium avocado is about 250 Calories.

That is pretty much just breakfast and it brings me to me calories limit for the day. That means drinking that smoothie means I can’t eat anything more that that small breakfast without gaining too much weight while pregnant.

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Have you thought about seeing a nutritionist who can help you with a diet plan for the rest of your pregnancy? Mine gave me a bunch of options, so even if I’m feeling “off” of one food, there’s usually something else I can have.

Also, are you able to go to the gym or for walks at lunch? I find I still have the energy at lunch, but by the end of the day I’m dragging and would usually skip it.

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I work in public accounting which means during busy season I can be sitting in front of a computer not moving for 60-80 hours a week…. what I do (even before pregnancy) is make sure that I drink a TON of water – enough so that I basically have to pee every hour (this forces you to get up and move every hour). Then while I’m in the bathroom washing my hands I do ten squats or lunges. Over a day this can add up quickly! Plus getting up and getting the blood pumping helps keep you awak at work. I also only ever take the stairs if I have a meeting on another floor. Lots of times thirst can be interpreted as hunger so making sure you’re hydrated really helps. And don’t drink your calories, only water (add a slice of lemon if water is boring to you)! Good luck and don’t feel bad, just start doing whatever you can now. 

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Girl I could have written this during my last pregnancy. I ended up gaining 50 pounds overall and only made it to month 8 before delivering. I know it would have been 60+ if I had gone 9 months. I sit all day at my desk and have a super long commute. I swear I was eating healthy. There was one period of time when I gained 10 pounds in 9 days (!!!) My doctors were total d*cks about my weight throughout my entire pregnancy, which was the worst part. Even though my health was fine, no feetus beetus.

For some people its just what your body does. Here is my advice. Forget a nutritionist, forget trying to hit the gym (who has time to do that, especailly while pregnant). Just embrace it and let your body gain what it gains. I lost ALL 50 pounds PLUS 10 more within 5 months of delivering. Just enjoy being pregnant and don’t let the doctors get to you. It will fall off after I promise. 

Also, I always stayed away from pregnancy weight gain threads online becuase 99% of the time it would be people saying OMG I’ve gained 14 pounds and im 30 weeks woe is me!! Try googling “i’ve gained 60 pounds this pregnancy”. Reading about others who gained even more than I did always made me feel better about myself.

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Can you speak to your OB about being referred to a dietitian to get some proper help with your diet? That is a lot of weight to gain in a relatively short space in time and unfortunately we know that excessive weight gain is associated with poorer outcomes for both Mum and Baby.

if getting some help isn’t possible for you then I’d recommend looking up the diet prescribed for women with gestational Diabetes or at least reduce your intake of sugary foods and drinks. You could also speak to your work about being able to take more breaks from your desk.

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honey421 :  the good news is that it doesn’t matter if you can get in a long workout or not. Maintaining weight is 80% diet!

The smoothies should probably stop. If you are craving a smoothies try to make your own with banana, greek yogurt and PB and have it as a meal replacement ( like breakfast)

I know it is hard especially when pregnant – I am 19 weeks and it is really hard to say no to all this yummy stuff I don’t feel super guilty about eating lol. I recently stopped eating ice cream every day because frankly I think I am getting addicted to sugar even tho my weight gain is currently on track

So take a good look at your current intake and see where you can tighten up. Don’t restrict but if you are drinking a smoothie every day swap that out fore a yogurt or something with less sugar and calories. Keep healthy snacks in the house for when you are starving ( apples, lowfat popcorn, carrot sticks )Also what I do is eat a big bowl of leafy greens befor I eat dinner and lunch so I’m not tempted to eat my bodyweight in spaghtetti lol


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When one of my friends was pregnant, she put on a lot of weight toward the end of her second trimester and her doctors were on her case.  She met with a dietitian who suggested eating a small salad before or with every meal, as my friend was not eating healthy at all.  The whole idea of “eating for 2” when you’re pregnant is outdated and causes too much weight gain.  Having salad and healthy snacks helped fill her up so she didn’t want to get high calorie meals.

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Honestly it’s probably the smoothie king! The small size peanut butter one is 600 calories. That’s fine if you eat it as a meal, but as a snack or drink that’ll make you gain weight for sure. Can you walk at lunch? That’s what I do everyday, weather permitting. I also use the farthest away bathroom and refuse to have a printer at my desk so I walk more at work. 

I would take an honest assessment of your intake with my fitness pal or something. I wouldn’t diet per say, but I would practice balance. Smoothie King instead of breakfast, not in addition. If you have desert or an unhealthy meal, make sure the next one is light. Good luck! 

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