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honey421 :  Yeah, I see where you are coming from.  35lbs in 8 weeks does sound a bit excessive but all you can really do is try to eat better where you can.  Working out helps but the calories/diet is really what makes the biggest difference.  I had a desk job for both of my pregnancies and I was always starving.  I definitely didn’t eat as well as I did not-pregnant but I didn’t sit around eating dessert every day either.  And with my first pregnancy I worked out at least 2x a week until the end.  All of that and I still gained 42-43lbs with my first and around 50lbs with my second.  Honestly, I really had little control over gaining that much as I don’t think I ate over the total recommended calories that often.  I’m tall so maybe my body just needed to gain more.  I am pretty aware of nutrition/calories in food and I remember I’d go and see how much I gained in 1 week and I wasn’t how it was even possible considering what I’d eaten!

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honey421 :  I think that I need to cut out some of the fruits (as I’ve been indulging in fruits like crazy) and get in some more veggies and protein. 

You need to be honest with yourself, you haven’t gained 35lbs in 2 months because you have overindulged in fruit, or because you have a desk job. It might not be what you want to hear but that is a huge amount in a very short time period and it comes from a pretty large calorie excess.  Pregnancy can throw off your hormones a little and trick you into feeling that you can eat more than you maybe should, but you should really get a hold on your situation now so it doesn’t snowball during the rest of your pregnancy. 

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Wait, you gained 35 pounds in 2 weeks or 35 pounds by 28 weeks pregnant?

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I would never recommend that a pregnant diet. But I do recommend a lifestyle change to help you prevent further excessive weight gain. You likely need to severely cut back on sugar (refined and natural). I’d say cut all of your high carb foods completely out, like bread, pasta, rice. I’d also suggest making your snacks healthy fats and proteins and avoiding carbs for snacks (except low carb leafy greens and veggies I suppose). 

look into high fat low carb. It works for people who have had their insulin levels way too high, causing them to pile on weight. This happens after years of constantly eating wayyyy too many carbohydrates over a sustained period of time. Every time you eat a carby meal it spikes your insulin levels. Usually they go down a while  after meals, but if you keep eating carby snacks all day, your insulin keeps going up. And side effects are being hungrier and gaining weight because you keep storing food as fat and never burning any fat. I suggest looking into why high fat low carb works for insulin resistant people and it will be explained much better by others!   

So you could not be overeating much. You could be becoming insulin resistant. That happens with hormone pregnancies as well as with eating way too much carbs/sugars. Every carb you eat will just make things worse and you’ll keep packing on the weight. 

Low fat, calorie restricting won’t work if that’s the case. It would likely only do more harm in the end and leave you frustrated. High quality fats should be encouraged. Natural foods like nuts and non starchy veggies as well as meat and dairy products are good! All sugar and processed carbs should go out.

Look into it! You could ask your doctor but they often have a very strong bias towards people who gain weight and always assume it’s out of laziness and overeating. And many still only believe low fat and calorie restriction is the only way, not acknowledging modern science and research. That’s just not fair to you. 

Sorry for the novel. I’m very passionate about this and I hope this helps you! 

ETA: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/gestational-diabetes-pregnancy

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I don’t mean to sound harsh but a lot of people think they eat “healthy” when in reality they do not. Also, like someone said above you don’t gain 35 pounds in 8 weeks from over-indulging in fruit. I would take a good hard look at your diet and what you do for meals and snacks. I am of the opinion that someone does not eat “healthy” if they indulge in fast food more than once every couple months – if ever at all. I would suggest cutting out simple carbs (white bread, white pasta, etc) and replacing it with whole grains and eat as much fruit and veggies as you want – provided they are FREASH fruits and veggies. What about sweets? How often do you indulge in that? I’m not asking you to tell me, I’m asking for your own self-knowledge about what you are putting in your body. As a pregnant person the saying “eating for two” is entirely false. You are eating for one and then a teeny tiny fetus. Simply adding an apple and a piece of whole grain toast is enough added calories for a pregnant woman. Good luck with your journey and try to remember your baby and his/her health when you get a craving for a peanut butter smoothie. What you eat, they eat. 

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The better part of weight gain or loss is NOT exercise. Yes, it can have a significant impact if someone is seriously training, but the average exerciser doesn’t burn enough calories to make a big difference. Exercise is good because it is good for your body, not because it helps you lose weight. So most weight gain (or loss) is what you eat. Consider not going on a diet, but looking at the basic principles of good weight loss or healthy eating programs. Almost universally, fruits and vegetables are things you can never overeat. Things like sugar and bread are things that are mostly not good for you (they spike your blood sugar). Add some protein and you are set. Most of us lie to ourselves about how well we eat, and some of your gain might be water (if you are ballooning in the hands and feet), but try writing down every single thing you put in your mouth, and you might be surprised about what it really looks like.

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 Do you have a lot of swelling?  It is almost medically impossible to gain 4+ pounds of fat a week–you would have to eat 1700 calories MORE than what you need every single day. Even peanut butter smoothies don’t do that. 

 Can you ask your doctor about water weight or other factors?  I would ask about explanations other than fat, and maybe get a second opinion from another doctor. 

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Try getting resistance bands. They’re not expensive (I have a nice set from TJ Maxx, with handles and cloth covering for $5.99). This is an exercise you can do at work, from your desk. I also struggled when I switched from being a teacher (on my feet all day with recess duty every week and sometimes teaching gym) and working at a restaurant (also on my feet the entire shift) to working in IT (sitting on my butt all day). I’ve cut the calories I eat considerably, with way smaller portion sizes, and I actually weigh less than I did when I was more active. I’m not saying starve yourself or your baby, but the calories needed for your body depend on your activity level. My activity level dropped, so my caloric needs dropped, and I cut portion sizes. It might be helpful to ask your doctor the caloric intake you need for your pregnancy with your activity level. Also, you are on the right track with wanting to cut down on fruits, because even though they have natural sugars, they still have a lot of sugar. You might also want to look at your carb intake.

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Some people just gain a lot of weight while pregnant IMO. My eating habits did not change through my pregnancy and I still gained like 50 lbs. My OB never said a word. I also had a really hard time losing weight afterwards until I weaned my daugher. I’m 10 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight 2 years out but I haven’t really tried to work those last few off.

I would just try to eat healthy and not worry too much about it.

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