(Closed) Gallbladder Removal… your experiences?

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My sister had hers done last year. She didn’t gain any weight (I didn’t even think that was a common side effect?) and while she had some pain for the first week or so, she was able to go back to work after I think 3 days, just no heavy lifting for a month. She hasn’t really had to modify her diet but for the first month or so she did avoid fatty foods.

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I didn’t gain any weight I only had slight discomfort for a few days.  Good Luck.

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@busybee3791:  I had mine done a few years ago.  There were no long term effects for me – except relief.  Didn’t gain any weight and have not had any problems since.  I will say after surgery I felt super crappy for about a week – and needed someone to help take care of me.  I went back to work after 4 days – but was in pain.  Oh and because they did it laproscopically they blow air into you to make it easier to see – I was sooooo bloated for about 2 weeks – like so bloated I was unable to put on jeans for 2 weeks so make sure you have some stretchy pants 🙂  Good luck!

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@busybee3791:  I had mine out in January, and actually lost about 20 lbs. Have mostly kept it off too! I’m going to echo the PP, you feel crappy for about a week, and need to watch your fat intake after. If I eat anything really fatty, I’m in the bathroom in about 20-30 minutes. Things you ddin’t realize were fatty will get you as well. Have wet wipes. OMG have wet wipes. 

For the first 3 weeks, stick to easy stuff, chicken broth, mashed potatoes, jello, crackers, maybe some lean chicken meat after a day or two. After that first 3 weeks or so, you can start re-introducing fatty stuff, just try to keep it under 10g per meal. (That’s what works for me). 

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@busybee3791: I had mine out last year. I haven’t gained weight either post surgery. Isn’t the pain the worst thing? With the operation I thought I was OK with anastethic, but I was sick as a dog on awakening and had to stay in overnight because of it. Fortunately I had keyhole surgery, six months before my Mum had hers out too, but had to be cut so it took her longer to recover. 

Here are my stones, sorry if Too Much Information and for the large picture

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My best friend had her’s out last year. She didn’t gain any weight afterward, actually she lost weight. Her doctor had suggested limiting her fat intake and eating lots of fruits and veggies (she was already thin, but had a horrible high-fat diet).

She did have to RUN to the bathroom everytime she ate anything fatty. That lasted for months and was the worst of it all. It made her start avoiding those foods, which also led to her losing weight.

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Had mine out laparoscopically as well.  Never gained a ton of weight as a side effect.  It was a relatively simple outpatient procedure.  There was localized abdominal pain from the incisions, but it healed really quickly.  The only thing that I didn’t expect, was that as soon as I woke up from the anesthesia, I felt as if I couldn’t breathe that well.  The reason is because of the air they pumped into abdominal cavity so they could see.  The air was pressing on my lungs I guess you could say, and I felt as if I was unable to catch my breath especially since I was laying flat.  It helped a little when they elevated the head of the bed, but it was still a feeling that I hadn’t prepared myself for, and it certainly didn’t mention anything about that little side effect in the brochure, LOL!

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@busybee3791:  My boyfriend had his out as a child. It makes digestion difficult. We are going to have him start Cholacol.

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i had mine out when i was 16. the recovery was painful- i had to walk up and down two flights of stairs to get from my bedroom to the bathroom (we lived in a 3-floor townhouse at the time). but it was a good decision in the end. i also ended up hospitalized for 4 days after going home, because there was a piece of a stone stuck in a duct somewhere, and it was causing massive pain. they had to go back in with a scope and remove it. i think that’s rare though.

i didn’t gain weight afterwords. i do have to watch what i eat, cause my stomach gets upset faster and easier now that i’ve had it out.

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@busybee3791:  My sister had her gallbladder removed about a year after I had my appendix removed. All in all, her surgery was far easier than mine and her recovery time was about 3 weeks less than mine (but my surgery was complicated in so many ways) and she was up and walking around really fast. She didn’t gain weight. Actually, she lost some weight. Her BIGGEST problem now tho is having to go to the bathroom all the time, whereas before she had a pretty regular pooping schedule. Now, when she’s gotta go, she really has to go, and there is no holding it…and that really bums her out.

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I know two ladies who got their gallbladders removed and they both lost A LOT of weight. One probably close to 100 pounds and the other probably the same. I mean kinda quickly. Maybe they both had something else going on but they got very,very small.

And that’s all I know lol

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@busybee3791:  My experience wasn’t bad. It’s the only real surgery I’ve ever had. Of course there was pain at the surgical site for the first 3 days or so, especially when laughing. Also expect diarrhea for a week while your digestive system readjusts itself. How much weight did I gain? I lost 20 lbs.! You’ll be OK. Just lay off the greasy foods for a while.

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I had mine out last year! The surgeon said it looked like lace when he pulled it out. The surgery wasn’t that bad, I was totally up and about in less than 10 days. The biggest side effect after was that you get a lot of pain in your collarbone from gases in your abdomen (they need to inflate it for surgery). The scars are small, I posted a picture in another thread for someone who was worried so here it is, if you’re curious; there are 4 all together, one in the center right below my shirt, one in the bottom of my bellybutton, and the two on the right:

As for weight loss or gain, I had neither. It’s a tiny bit harder to digest some things, but it’s mostly stuff with a ton of fat that I shouldn’t be eating anyway, like a huge amount of ice cream, or a lot of fried food. I also have noticed decreased alcohol tolerance, and I get sick more easily when drinking, which just means that I have to limit myself. If I get past tipsy, there’s a serious risk of throwing it all back up. But seriously- much better than having to deal with the stones! 

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@busybee3791:  I had mine removed (as well as having stones) when I was 8. I dont remember being in very much pain, and I didnt gain any weight.

My mom had hers removed a couple of years ago and hers was much different. She was in pain for about 2 weeks and barely even moved out of her bed for the first week.

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