(Closed) Gallstones/gallbladder issues – back pain? Tips from Bees who've had this??

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I experienced severe pain during my last pregnancy.  Anything I ate or drank, I had a gall attack. It hurt straight through to my back.  I had so many tests done, from digestive problems, ulceres, acid reflux, hiatal hernia…the list goes on. Finally, my family doctor sent me in for 1 specific test.  An adrenaline shot to see the performance of my gall bladder.  It was working 24% and the test showed an attack after eating the radioactive eggs.  I was laying under an xray the entire time.

I ended up getting it removed. Never had a pain or problem since.   

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I know kidney stones cause severe back pain, but my doctor never mentioned that as a symptom when he thought I might have gallstones (or a failing gallbladder).

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@MsYankee:  I had gallstones when I was 8, and my mom had them about 2 years ago. Neither of us had any back pain. I remember having lots of belly pain. Mine went undiagnosed for a long time, because the doctors in our hicktown just accused me of having a bellyache and telling lies (yep, true story.) I also puked almost constantly, I couldnt keep food down.

We were also told not to use heating pads, though I’m not sure why. I tried to look it up and couldnt find any information.

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@BrandNewBride:  Kidney stones are mid to lower flank back pain,  gall stones are upper, behind/by the shoulder blade.  Kidney stones aren’t fun…



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@MsYankee:  I had my gallbladder removed in 2008. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. It was kind of odd too. I never had pain during the day, only happened when I was going to sleep. Id wake up every nightfeeling like I had severe hunger pains for a good week before heading to the doctors because something wasnt right. I had mild back pain but nothing that would stop me from doing normal activities. Everyone is different though, my mom recently had her gallbladder out and she thought she was having a heart attack! So Im sure the pain can be different for everyone.  Good luck hopefully the doctors can get to the bottom of it!

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Gaviscon chewable tablets in extra strength. Sometimes gas or acid reflux can irritate things (and not act AT ALL like gas or acid reflux would act!). I had awful back pain, rib pain with gallstones and this worked like magic to relieve the pain for me. It took YEARS to find this solution. I hope it works for him!!

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@MsYankee:  backgorund on myself, Im 26 F, i work 2 jobs (never work out) and always eat fast food being im never home to cook. Everything fryed from childhood, McDonalds was a 2-3night a week dinner at my house. Im  not really overweight just never eat healthy. 5’2 150lbs- i started weight watchers last sepetmber, and lost 20lbs in 6mts, one night we went to dinner i got a chicken/steak fajata with frenchfrys and rice, desert got a lava cake. i didnt feel well after that. i thought i had eaten to much being on WW you dont eat much (smaller portions) so i went to the bathroom tried to throw up, didnt work. i told my Fiance we should just go home i didnt feel good by the time we got in the car i was getting hot and took my uggs off and trying to take off my hoodie, by the time we got to the redlight i started getting chest pains and back pains thinking i was having a heat attach or something my breathing was as a pregnat woman in labor, i cried to him to take me to the hospital. i told them my name and i asked for ice chips because my throat was sore because of my breathing they said no..i asked again for ice chips because i was so hot and sweating (i also had surgery when i was 16 for hyperhidrosis- an over active sweating problem, so i dont sweat at all NONE) so i knew something was wrong because i was actually swetting i havent sweated in over 11years! I blacked out and was in a hospital bed,i jumped up because my back hurt so much i had a huge man put me in bed because i wouldnt (i also have back problems from a Jeep i once owned, i asked my Fiance to crack my back and he did the DR yelled at him. because i was freaking out he didnt knwo what was going on. they tested my blood my potasium was so low they said i should have had heart failure, they gave me something to drink (it also helps with nausia) yeah well they said i wouldnt throw up…sure as hell i did…EVERYTHING a  nurse ran out of the room because she knew what i had eaten (sorry) they then gave me morfeen so i was relaxed and could talk with out screaming, took me for a CT scan, they seen that i had passed THOUSANDS of (chopped peanut size) stones.  after that i was fine i was in the hospitial for 8ths. next day went to a DR who would do the surgery, he said its not garranteed that it will never happen again –  i had my gallbladder removed a week later (in one week all i ate was 1 sandwitch bag full of honey nut cherrios. i lost another 8lbs because of that.  (that was 7mts ago, i have to learn how to eat again (baccon makes my belly hurt – have to run to the bathroom, alfredo sauce and a lot of other things with lots of butter/greasy foods. your galbladder helpes you digest these things, i have to teach my body to eat it again. im fine now. every now and then i get a big upset stomach.


Im not sure if this is related or not- but sence highschool i would say “if my hear was on the other side (right side) i would think im having a heart attach…. it was the same spot it hurt when i was passing gallstones but NEVER hurt that much!

 My DR who did the surgery said it was probably due to my “crash diet” i went from eating a doubble whopper with large frys to a wopper JR with no mayo and half a small fry- apparently if my family DR didnt ignore my “signs ” she would have seen this comming and could have advised a better plan….the DR who did my surgery was pissed at her because it was in my file, well some of it she never wrote anything i said down – it was just waht i had told the nurses at weigh in time… i hope this helps if you have anything else ill try to answer for you.


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I went for years with back pain and being sick and the doxctors swore it was ny gall blader but every test came back fine.  Long story short, I had pancreatitis.  

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I’ve never had gallstones myself, but I’m a nurse and I used to work at a Gastroenterologist office. Back pain is common with gallbladder problems. It often hurts in the upper right portion of the abdomen and radiates to the back. I bet when he gets his gallbladder removed it will help. In the meantime, he should avoid all fried or greasy foods. Those often can trigger the pain.

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I had mine removed after several weeks of awful pain/vomiting, constantly feeling like I had gas.  I felt like I needed to poop or puke or burp…SOMETHING! ANYTHING!  I never had back pain.


After the surgery I had diarreah everytime I ate something kind of fatty, I know that’s gross but it happened for about 6 months after the surgery.  That is the only side effect I had and now I’m back to normal. 

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Gallbladder & Pancreas lies high, just below the heart, same general area as the Liver.

Kidneys lie lower and to the sides.  Kidney Pain generates thru the Lower Back, and if there are stones down towards the bladder (lower abdomen).

Altho the two are very similar in the intensity of the pain when there are “stones” (be they Gallbladder or Kidney) the treatment / prognosis can be quite different.

Some stones can be “blasted” into passable bits, others that are bigger require surgery to remove.

None of this is “pleasant”, to say the least.

Infact a nurse I know, says that when her patients are MEN, she tells them that the pain is so intense that it is similar to a woman having labour.

Over the years having seen Loved Ones go thru both types of “stones”, I would have to say I agree with that analogy.

All you can do, is be there for them.  (( HUGS ))


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@MsYankee:  Back pain is very common with gallstones. I was having osteopathic treatment for upper right back pain that wasn’t improving. The osteopath sent me for an ultrasound of my gallbladder because pain in that area can be indicative of gallstones. (I didn’t have any). My sister had gallstones and complained of back pain too. For what it’s worth, she said that really fatty foods flared up the pain, and she felt a constant rumbling in her chest that would feel better if she ate. She had her gallbladder removed by keyhole surgery. I’ve heard women who have had children say that the pain is way worse than childbirth. The pain is caused by the stones too big to escape trying to push their way out of the gallbladder. Hopefully your FI’s surgeon is agreeable to take it out, after he recovers from surgery he’ll feel so much better!

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YUP! I got my gallbladder removed a year & a half ago. The first serious attack i had, i thought it was intense gas pains. I ate so many rolaids! I dry heaved from being in so much pain. Both my lower stomach and back hurt like hell. Luckily, I was able to get my gallbladder removed less than a week after that. But it got me thinking of all these other times i would get these intense stomach aches that would last a few minutes then go away. I figured I must have had been building these stones for a while. My attack happened after I had lost about 35lb in 3 months. I attribute mine to yo-yo dieting. Now i just go to the bathroom around 2-3x a day. tmi? lol sorry

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