(Closed) Game of Thrones finale! Anyone else feeling this way?

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@Omgbunnies:  I think they did that on purpose so we aren’t left hanging for a year until the next season.  My fiancé has read the books and he says that next season will be the best one, that it will be intense!

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Yeah, but I was expecting it to be this way. The past 2 seasons have had a really big second to last episode followed by a somewhat hopeful finale. I prefer it this way! 

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i was under the impression that some shiz was going to go down tonight! i’m going to start reading the books, too- but i don’t want to pass the point we’re at in the show

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@sleepyhead22:  +1

The makers of the show do it that way on purpose, I think its better than the normal predictable  everything must be resolved in the final episode and/or cliff hanger type of thing.

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 I feel like they just bought themselves time. The endings for every other main characters could have been included in last weeks episode. The red wedding should have been the finale, it was a big cliffhanger for The Starks. No one wants to say I just watched the finale and it was… Uneventful.

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I felt like it was a pretty awful follow up to the red wedding as a finale episode.

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I didn’t know how on earth there were going to squeeze the rest of book 3 into the finale so I was happy they didn’t f it up by rushing but it was pretty boring.

Also the Dany scene at the end was kinda weird. meh.

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Yeah…after knowing that they did the red wedding last week (and knowing they were only going through roughly the first half or so of book 3) I figured this week would kind of be a let-down drama-wise.  I think they should have switched the two episodes a bit and just done the red wedding for the finale if they had really wanted to go out with a bang.

There is a lot more of book 3 they have to do next season.  Next season will be great too.

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I agree with the finale being ‘meh’.  FI and I watch GoT on HBO Go so we watched both episode 9 and the finale back to back. After I lost my mind from ep 9, the finale was whatever to me. I agree with the final scene being weird, but Dany is my favorite so I didn’t mind. 

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I’ve read all the books; Fiance and a friend have both commented I’m a “book purist”, for better or worse.

I’ve been pretty disappointed with the series this season; I feel like the producers/writers are taking a lot of liberties that subtly alter many of the themes that George RR Martin is going for in the book series.  They also omit or gloss over important points of Westerosi culture and the religious stuff.  I wasn’t expecting them to spend as much time on it in the show as it is in the books, but some things (like guest right) is elaborated on quite early in the book series and that fact truly drives home how repugnant the Red Wedding is perceived to Westerosi, even though it is a brilliant tactical move.  They really only mention it in Bran’s story and I think one comment that Tyrion makes after the fact.

The Red Wedding was a huge letdown to me.  That was supposed to be the scene that inspired the producers to make the series, and I feel they really failed at it.  As a result I wasn’t expecting much out of the finale.

I’ll still watch the show; I like most of the casting decisions as well as the costuming and set design.  The beginning credits scene is one of the best in television!  There are definitely scenes coming up that I’m excited to see adapated to the screen, but I’m not expecting it to mirror the book in thesis or quality.  It’s definitely told from a ‘male gaze’ point of view; most of the feminist points that GRRM attempted to make in the books is completely blotted out.

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I liked it. I realize it was mainly setup for next season, but I enjoy character based drama as well as slam-bam action drama, and it delivered there.

The scene between Ygritte and Jon made me cry, and now he’s finally back back at the wall where he belongs. Speaking of the wall, Sam truly came into his own. I loved it when he recited is vow to maester Aemon.

Bran et al have finally found a way to accomplish what they’ve been trying to do all season- next year maybe we can get some real action form them!

Jamie and Cercei are reuinted (not sure if it’s sweet or gross!) but after the ordeal he’s been on, will it be the same? We know how that family feels about cripples….

Stannis is going to head to the wall. I was so thrilled that finally someone believed the Night’s Watch and is going to help them out. They’re going to need it.

I think the very last bit of Arya’s innocence was shattered. When she killed that guy her eyes were just dead. 

I thought the scene with Theon was great. i absolutely hated the endless torture porn we were subjected to, but in retrospect I think it was necessary. Bolton’s bastard has finally broken Theon. As soon as he said his name is Reek I knew it. I’m not sure that would have been believable or as powerful if we hadn’t seen what led up to it.

So yeah I thought a lot of good stuff happened. I’ve read all the books, and I know there’s some really big stuff coming next season. 

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Actually, I was pleasantly pleased with it.  I haven’t read that far (still on the 1st book) but I figured they would tone down the action and just wrap things up for the characters until next season.  DH doesn’t like the show, but he sat down after I started watching and I told him he should have watched last week since this episode will probably bore him.  I was right.  Can’t wait for next year! 

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@Anise:  I wasn’t expecting them to spend as much time on it in the show as it is in the books, but some things (like guest right) is elaborated on quite early in the book series and that fact truly drives home how repugnant the Red Wedding is perceived to Westerosi, even though it is a brilliant tactical move.

I thought they make that fairly clear in the series, especially as the first scene when Robb arrives at The Twins is them eating bread and salt. I was more impressed with this series than the second but maybe that’s because I was reading through the books at that point and was being more picky. I was only slightly annoyed by them killing Robb’s queen aswell as making her pregnant, it’s violent enough of a scene without adding in butchering a babe in the womb..

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