Gemstone engagement ring looks like a play ring to others (RANT)

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rose162 :  Your ring is gorgeous!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pear sapphire before.  The color is beautiful and I love the diamond band.

I’m sorry your family isn’t being supportive.  I can have a pretty judgy family myself so I know what it’s like.  My husband bought me a 1 carat cushion in a thin halo.  Cushions are deep for their weight so they appear smaller than other shapes of the same carat size.  When my one aunt, who is a jewelry freak, saw it, she guessed it was 1/2 carat.  I corrected her, and cousin, who I was normally close to, told her mom (my aunt) that my husband wanted to get me a 1.5 carat and I turned him down and wanted the 1 carat instead.  My aunt went into this huge rant about how I was crazy that I didn’t want the bigger ring.  When I was engaged previously, a different cousin said my oval halo looked like a cocktail and not an engagement ring.

You’re never going to please everyone, but you also shouldn’t have to explain that you wanted a sapphire.  My parents’ generation seems to think the only acceptable engagement ring is a diamond which is silly because gemstones were used way before diamonds became the most popular gem for engagement rings.  Be confident in your choice and call them out when they’re rude.  Ask them point blank why they would say something so rude.

People never cease to amaze me.

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I assume any ring worn on that left hand ring finger means engaged or married – your ring is beautiful, don’t listen to that crap they’re telling you. 

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I’m not even on the sapphire train but girl that ring is gorgeous. It can be hard to deal with the judgement though. Have you thought about getting stackers that fit around it and look like a Halo? I love it how it is but if you’re going for a visit it could help ease the judgies

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I think your ring is stunning, and definitely looks like an engagement ring.  Sapphires aren’t that uncommon for engagement rings in my opinion (not as common as diamonds, but that’s what makes them special for a lot of people).  I don’t think it needs anything extra at all.  Imagine that paired with a wedding band… it will look perfect!

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darlinglilred :  holy mother of GOD that ring is INCREDIBLE!!!

OP: Your ring is slammin. Gorgeous and perfect. Your family is ignorant and wrong. Gems have been the norm for MILLENNIA. Diamonds only got cool in the last 50-60 years. 

They’re on the wrong side of history.

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Ignore them! It’s beautiful!

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smalltownbigworld :  not agreeing with you does not equate to being negative. Everyone has different tastes. OP asked for our opinions, which I gave her, along with a suggestion to go for the more “engaged” look if she wanted. 11 bees thus far have found my comment helpful. It was not rude nor snarky. It doesn’t affect me one way or another what you think. There have been several times that I have not agreed with you, we are different, and that’s okay. However, your accusation is the only negative aspect of this thread that I see. Calling me an asshole truly shows who you are.  Stop trying to stir up trouble, I’ve seen you attempt this before, it’s getting old. ::yawn::

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nifer317 :  Reading comprehension is a valuable skill to master. That is not what I said. OP stated that her ring did not give off the engaged vibe to others and I said that perhaps a thin halo would achieve it, to make it look more bridal.  I did not say there was anything wrong with her ring. 

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What the hell to the bee who said add a halo to get ‘the engagement look you’re looking for’… mean ‘the engagement look her family is looking for’. 

No no no, she doesn’t have to add a halo just to please everyone else. 

Ring on 4th finger on left hand = engagement ring

OP, it is a stunning ring!! It’s so classy and in my opinion adding a halo is like adding salt to a perfectly cooked meal. It doesn’t need it. 

I’m sorry you’re getting such negative comments. 

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I feel for you, because I always take on board the comments of those I care about too. I got caught up in something similar, because there was a slight culture clash between my country of origin and my FI’s country where we now live. In his country, big rings are considered slightly tacky and the norm is to get something high quality, flawless and small. Back home, size definitely matters and more than a few people gave my ring a snarky sideways glance. People can be assholes.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s gorgeous and unique. If it’s what you’ve always wanted then tell all those being so rude that they don’t have to wear it, you do, and you love it. Also, the love and length of a marriage isn’t determined by how much money is sunk into the diamond or other traditional trappings. You do you: your happiness will shut them up 🙂

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happybridetobe1988 :  wow some bees on this forum are truly thick. No one said she NEEDED a halo. It was simply a suggestion for a more bridal look IF that is what she wanted to do.

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rose162 :  Enjoy your beautiful ring and put everybody’s stupid comments about it on ignore.  When they say something dumb, you tell them, I LOVE it, it’s the perfect ring for me!  And smile at them.  If they don’t shut their mouths, keep telling them how happy you are and how wonderful the ring is. 

Other people’s opinions don’t matter.  Family will occasionally make dumb comments in the future about your kids, etc, so just get used to deflecting all the crapola and brushing it off.  Don’t let it stick to you! 

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teamroro :  Agree, coming from someone with a diamond ring! OP, your ring IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

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