Gemstone Rings – do diamonds just not do it for you too?

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I will choose gemstone over diamond or diamond alternative any day! So much more beautiful in my opinion. Diamonds are a little boring. They all look the same! 


I especially love London blue topaz, sapphires (specifically green, yellow, or cornflower blue), and tanzanite. I would love another gemstone RHR. 

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When I was a little girl, all my grandmother’s friends had gemstone engagement rings, so I associated coloured gems with long happy marriages, wealth and longevity. It used to be the standard I think, to choose your favoured stone for engagement. Topaz, amethyst, citrine, sapphires in all colours, rubies, garnets, aquamaries – it was a feast for the eyes to ring spot. Now it’s 90% white diamonds. I love diamonds, I wear diamonds, including rings, but for an engagement ring it had to be a coloured gemstone for me.

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I ve always thought of diamonds as quite plain and I wanted something a bit more unique, I didn’t tell fi I wanted a specific gem just that I didn’t want a diamond. In the end I showed him a selection I liked and he picked an aquamarine white gold ring, I love how it looks different colours depending on the amount of light in a room. 

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I do have a diamond but that moon stone ring is gorgeous! 

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califlorican :  This is why I like true old cut diamonds when it comes to diamonds – they tend to have a lot of individual personality as the older ones were cut by hand so no two are alike. I was never into diamonds before I discovered old cuts. I have a lower coloured old mine/antique cushion so it has a lot more character to me than a modern cut. The way it can reflect pastels is just 😍

Modern cuts – yeah, they tend to all sort of start looking the same to me (though consciously I know, for example, not every modern cut round is the same as evey other modern cut round!)

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I have two gemstone rings that I swap for my wedding set from time to time, or wear on my right hand. 

My garnet from gemvara:

And my custom asscher sapphire in rose gold:

I have always loved colored stones! 


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kellykapoor :  this is a beautiful ring. i’m not normally a halo lover, but I’ll make an exception for this one! really really gorgeous! Is the center stone a peach sapphire? wondering what makes it so sparkly!!

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I started off simply not wanting a diamond, but thinking I’d be interested in something that looked similar (white sapphire or white topaz or something). The reason I didn’t want a diamond was the history of abuse in the industry which I don’t think has been addressed sufficiently for my tastes. I also know that the costs of diamonds are often artificially inflated due to a false/artificial supply shortage. Basically diamonds are not as rare as they would seem. I didn’t want to support an industry that is so ethically questionable (in my opinion).

Then I figured I’d look at alternatives and other white stones. But then I realized that the reason I wanted a clear stone was because it’s “traditional” and what an engagement ring was “supposed” to look like. I figured I might as well get something I like more instead of something normal. So I started looking around and fell in love with black stones. I went with an onyx because we decided to avoid diamonds (black or white). My second choice would have been a sapphire, but there was a color scheme that we wanted to stick to. So we decided to go with black and red (lady bug colors) for me and black and yellow for him (bumblebee colors) for him.

I don’t think I have any photos on this computer, so I can’t share, but it’s this ring from gemvara

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natural blue sapphire 1.70, and diamond halo.69, side diamonds .60. ring size 5.75

this ring stopped me in my tracks when I saw it! The original that I tried on was bigger and when they were going to size it for me they ended up doing another ring instead since sizing it down so much would’ve made it look funky. I later saw the ring in plain diamond, and thought, YES! I definitely made the right choice. The Fiance also loved that it came at a better price LOL ; )





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I have a diamond engagement ring but also wear an estate emerald and diamond ring on my right hand every day. They are similar in size but honestly I get more compliments on the emerald ring because the color makes it really stand out. Below are pics for reference. You can’t go wrong either way as long as you love the ring! 

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sabpie :  Congrats on your upcoming engagement!  The ring you chose is quite beautiful and very ethereal.  

In response to your question–prior to getting engaged I wanted a sapphire because of the color and thought it was a bonus that they would be cheaper. I went to price them out at a local jeweler, and he laid out a bunch of stones and asked me to choose the shade I most preferred. I chose & he then told me the range of price per carat for that color and I was shocked that it was so much, lol.  I had thought it would be relatively cheap, but I was mistaken.

Then, after I discovered this site I found that I adored Old European Cut diamonds and over the past few years have bought myself a few.  I wore one as a stand-in for my engagement ring when it was getting soldered to my wedding band (for almost a month) and after about a week, I knew that I made the right choice with my sapphire.  Even though the diamond is drop dead gorgeous and has a lot of character, I missed the color of my sapphire.

So, it’s not that I don’t like diamonds or anything, I love them in my necklace and in my bangle and hopefully soon in earrings (my husband has been told what I would prefer for my bday 🙂 ), but for rings for some reason I prefer a colored stone. In fact, I’m going to reset the diamonds in a few of the rings I have now into a couple of other bangles because I found my preference is to only wear my wedding/engagement ring and I don’t actually like wearing RHRs.  

Here are my engagement and wedding rings:


Here are my diamond RHRs/soon to be bangles:  




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Well, the story goes like this… I’m a fan of color pink is my favorite, but I like peach, purple, orange, etc. One day, my then Boyfriend or Best Friend asked me if I could have any engagement ring I wanted, what would it look like. While I was thinking he repeated himself, but not exactly. He said if I could have any ring, what ever my heart desired…..I cut him off and said, “Wait, that’s a totally different question!” He was shocked and said they shouldn’t be. I told him that when he said engagement ring I started thinking white diamonds, which are pretty, but if it’s the ring I’d love over all rings then the it wouldn’t be what I was thinking about before. He said he thought women preferred diamonds, that’s why men have to buy them for engagement rings. At that point we went for what my heart truly desired. Since my favorite color is pink I started searching for pink stones in Google images. I finally found my favorite and it happened to be a padparadscha sapphire (a mixture of orange and pink). It took him months to source the perfect one. I picked my favorite setting too. Saying that I love my set is an understatement. I haven’t seen anything that I desire more.


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SmartCookie1 :  thank you so much! It’s actually morganite in rose gold. I also find it to be quite sparkly, which I’ll attribute to a great cut by our jeweler and the fact that I clean it just about every other day. 😉

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I have always liked color. Getting a gemstone was an easy choice. 

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Diamonds are gorgeous but I have so much love for coloured gemstones.

I haven’t had my stone set yet but it’s a green blue custom cut tourmaline. I’m planning to have it mounted in a simple white gold setting and wear with the wg diamond band pictured.

You all have such beautiful unique rings!

OP I would go for the opal if it’s what you love. I think that ring is beautiful. I’m also aware that I may have to replace my tourmaline down the line but will take care of it and enjoy wearing it for as long as it holds out 🙂 


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