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Cote1590 :  LOL! You’re so right!

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GD is a real thing for sure. I had an uncle and aunt who had 7 girls before they gave up and accepted that there was no boy in their future but all of their girls are highly intelligent and accomplished!

I know deep down if I only had one shot at a baby and was told to pick a gender I would want a girl. I truly don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as long as you don’t dwell for too long, you know?

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My first was a surprise soon after we were married and gender was the least of my concerns. After two boys I admit to having a “moment” upon learning my third was another boy and I wouldn’t experience raising both boys and girls, coupled with my disappointment that my then H did not want any more children though we’d agreed upon a larger family comprised of both natural and adopted children before marriage.

I love my three boys. They are so different from one another and amaze me and make me proud every single day. I would not trade them for anything on this earth. Sometimes we get what we need, not what we think we want. I have nieces, friends’ daughters and will soon have an adult step-daughter in my life. Maybe one day I’ll be invited to go wedding dress shopping with one of them, maybe I won’t. It’s okay. Life is good. 

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I haven’t had any children of my own yet, and as much as I want with all my heart won’t start TTC for another 2 years or more. But just wanted to share my mom had four girls and my dad 3 bio girls plus my oldest sister (step daughter). With each pregnancy they wanted a boy. For whatever reason God never blessed them with a boy, all girls haha. I always grew up with my sisters teasing and taunting me that I should have been a boy, that my parents didn’t want me, they wanted a boy. That always hurt my feelings and made me cry. And when I was around 9 or 10 I overheard my mom and aunts talking about kids and my mom said the day she found out I was a girl she drove around town all day sad and deperessed. She said she cried during he pregnancy at random times because I was a girl. That broke my heart. I guess my point to this story is to just tell you that no matter what you have please never let your kids hear that you wished they were the opposite gender. That scars children 

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No kids and not TTC yet, but Darling Husband and I both have a strong preference for boys. I can imagine that it would be a little disappointing to find out that we were pregnant with a girl, but we’d ultimately get over it. 

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I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and just officially found out baby’s gender last Thursday at my anatomy scan. I have always wanted and envisioned myself having a girl. I’m an only child, so it always seemed natural to me that I would have a daughter. Earlier on in my pregnancy, I had several dreams that my baby was a girl, so I was absolutely convinced that I was carrying a ‘she’. After my 12 week scan, I posted a picture of my ultrasound on two gender forums, and lo and behold, everyone on both forums unanimously guessed that my baby’s a boy LOL. Anyway I did experience some gender disappointed right then and there, because of all the unanimous responses I got. I got over it pretty quickly though and started to get really excited about the prospect of having a boy.

My anatomy scan last Thursday did in fact confirm that I’m having a boy. My husband and I were so happy. I’m glad I got over my ‘gender disappointment’ earlier on. I love it when I feel my little guy move around and kick and I can’t wait to meet him. Still hoping my next one will be a girl though haha

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janvier :  THANK YOU! i was reading this board thinking, “you might know the sex of the baby from the ultrasound, but you have no idea what their gender is”

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I thought I didn’t care, but I had a feeling we were having a boy and when I found out it was a girl I suddenly felt sad, I realized it was because of my own toxic relationship with my mother growing up. I felt scared I would damage my daughter in the same way, but after a while I realized it was my opportunity to do things differently and now I’m very excited for our little girl. 

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catskillbride :  But….like the OP said…”sex disappointment” puts a whole different picture in the reader’s mind.

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I very much wanted a boy, so much that I convinced myself very early I would be having a son. I literally couldn’t picture anything else. At 19 weeks I was told I was having a girl and I cried. I was SO disappointed. 

Now my daughter is 2.5 and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. We are TTC#2 and I really really want another girl 🙂

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Yes. I was happy when my first was a boy but the second time I really wanted a girl. I totally thought she was a girl as well until I got the blood test results back at 14 weeks and they said he was a boy! I felt bitter disappointment because I only wanted two children and I so wanted a little girl.

However that feeling quickly passed as I got to ‘know’ him inside me throughout the pregnancy. When he was born I can’t even say how I felt. The maternal feeling was even stronger than with the first. The sun rises and sets with his beautiful face and he is such a happy, passionate fun little soul. I don’t know what I would do without him… he is the perfect complement to my first boy and to watch them play together now as they get older warms my heart. His eyes are turning the same colour as mine now too. I always wanted a baby with my coloured eyes as everyone else in my family including my first boy have different coloured eyes. 

I am very happy with my little boys, they are so loving and fun. 

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I wasn’t upset to find out I was having a son, I was surprised though, I was convinced it was a daughter.  Once the fact that I was wrong sunk in, it was fine.  And honestly, I can’t imagine having anyone but the little guy I have now.  There’s a movie where the main character can go back in time, but one time it changes his son to his daughter when he goes back past the conception.  My heart dropped to my knees when we were watching it.  I was overwhelmingly sad for him.  

I’d love a daughter, but I’m pregnant with #2 and pretty convinced this one is a boy (so is my Darling Husband, which probably means it’ll be a girl) and I’d love to have 2 little boys close in age tearing my house apart.  My son looks exactly like his daddy, but he’s got my personality!  Maybe #3 will be a girl, or maybe I’ll end up with 3 boys.  That would be ok.  A little boy has been so much fun so far. 

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My family is all girls, so I always figured I would have nothing except girls. I even joked that my genes would persuade the X to beat the Y to it. My husband comes from a family of boys. I was shocked when I found out we were having a boy. Shocked, but excited. It’s uncharted territory for me and my family. We were just happy to find out he was healthy, :).

I was only disappointed because my family had been saving bins and bins of beautiful girl clothes for us. And now they will just have to sit and collect dust. Ok, and A Little Princess is like my favorite movie ever and I have to continue to watch it alone because I doubt a boy will appreciate it like I do.

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sunshinedaisies :  I also was huge into sports. Played hockey and volleyball at university level, and now I coach badminton and volunteer with a volleyball club. I know that it can be the same way with girls, I’ve just always pictured my future children being boys! My sister and I never had a great relationship, but my 3 brothers were thick as thieves. I was envoious of that growing up, and I think that’s where it all started for me! 

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