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Anyone else following this case as it winds down.  The whole thing makes my blood boil

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I’m really torn about this case… I really think Zimmerman is in the wrong (because he pursued him, even if it was self defense, I feel like that crossed a line)… but there are three sides to every story, and we’re only getting one (because the victim is dead, and there weren’t enough witnesses to have the truth).  You can’t convict on that, because there will always be doubt. If what George says is 100% true, then yes it’s cut and dry self defense based on Florida law.


BUT, what if… George was pursuing Trayvon and pulled his gun… In an effort to save his own life Treyvon tries to run and gets tackled… A fight ensues and George ends up on top with a gun and shoots him.  That changes everything… but we’ll never know.


 I listened to the 911 tape (the one with the most screaming) and it definitely sounds like a younger guy screaming for help, and then there’s a different cry for help (maybe George to cover his self defense case?) right before the gun goes off… I know that sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it seems to go with the rest of the evidence… I find it hard to believe george’s story when Trayvon didn’t have ANY of George’s DNA on him, if George’s nose was broken and Trayvon was trying to suffocate him, he would have had George’s blood on him, there is no way around it.  It doesn’t add up.


 ETA: Based on the way the case was presented, florida law and the evidence, I think George will either get manslaughter (because he did kill someone) or get “not guilty”.  All the defense had to do was create a reasonable story, a reasonable explanation of how things happened.  There is the doubt, in order to convict you have to have evidence to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are guilty, and there is no way to do that with a one sided self defense story.

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Helper bee

I’ve been following. My gut is saying he’ll get off with a light sentence. As much as ppl like to say this isn’t about race. In a sense it is. It’s a great national divide. Kindof reminds me of the oj Simpson case where it was blk vs whts debating whose at fault.

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Blushing bee

I’ve been obsessed with this case.  What convinced me of GZ’s guilt were his own lies and the facts that just don’t make sense.  I played GZ’s non emergency call alongside his reenactment of the crime and he flat out lies several times.

1) In the reenactment he says that Trayvon ran behind the houses then returns and circles his car but in the 911 call it’s very clear that when Trayvon runs, George Zimmerman get’s out of his car and follows.  Why would an innocent man make that up??

2) He claims that he was walking to look for an address but the address was directly in front of where he parked.  This is a cookie cutter neighborhood with all houses identical and only 3 streets.  It wouldn’t have been faster/safer to drive around instead of following the direct path of this “suspicious man in the dark/rain”?

3) When he says that he can’t find him and agrees to meet the officer at his truck he claims to turn around.  His reenactment shows that walk should have taken him about 10 seconds but there is an accurate timeline of the night through phone calls (agreed on by both defense and prosecution). At least another 2 minutes go by before he runs into Trayvon

4) On the call he agrees to meet the officer at his truck but then changes it and asks the officer to call him and he’ll “tell him where he is”.  He had no intention of walking back to his car

5) Trayvon had earphones in his ear when he died and was on the phone when he and GZ connected.. does not sound like a person who’s trying to sneak up on someone

I believe that the evidence shows that GZ continued his pursuit of Trayvon.  He was not ambushed.  He provoked this fight.  I hope that anyone who believes that GZ is innocent plays the reenactment and 911 call together.  An innocent man would have no reason to lie.


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They reached a verdict. Not guilty. Not what I expected that’s all I have to say

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In Florida, it is legal to racially profile someone, stalk them, and kill them. If you are a black teen in a gated neighborhood, however, you can be harassed and killed without provocation.


So disgusted.

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Well, it looks like if you want to kill someone you should do it in Florida.

I can’t say that I’m surprised, but I am disgusted. 

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I am literally sick to my stomach over this.  I feel ashamed of my country and frightened about our future.  

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Sugar bee

If you shoot someone, you’d better kill them so they can’t be there to tell their story. Then you can claim self defense. 

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@Asia:  don’t forget you can also kill your baby, throw her in a trash bag and go party for a month before you report her missing. That’s acceptable there too. 

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And what’s worse is they keep showing him sitting in the courtroom with the biggest fucking grin on his face because he knows he got away with it. Disgusting.

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@Robin_Sparkles:  Double post. but that woman is despicable, it literally makes the hair on my body stand up just thinking about her. She deserves to be killed for what she did to that poor little girl.


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