Georgia's new "heartbeat" bill? Thoughts?

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Sugar bee
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I don’t think people should face prosecution for legally doing something in another state that allows it. The bill is impeding on the rights of other states to NOT make abortion services near impossible to access. It would be like throwing someone in jail for smoking marijuana while visiting CO because it’s illegal in another state. It’s an overreach beyond description. But I can’t say I’m surprised that they would throw in something like that. 

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Bumble bee
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This is not standard for the states, hence why it’s causing such news.

I find it appalling, because I firmly believe in a woman’s choice in this situation. There’s so many kids that need healthy, stable homes, and it’s likely women who need abortion cannot provide that, and those making these laws aren’t adopting those kids. There’s also so many medical reasons as to why abortions may be needed that it seems cruel to take away a sometimes life saving option.

Because the heart forms and the heartbeat starts before most women find out they’re pregnant, this effectively bans abortion, and is trying to go against Roe v Wade. It’s sad and disappointing that we are still debating women’s rights that were beung fought for 40 years ago.

Not that I ever planned to, but I now for sure won’t move to Georgia and don’t even want to give them my money as a tourist.


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Buzzing bee

Its a sad attempt to force something at a state level that is legal at a Federal level. Which means, they can keep passing these laws that can’t be enforced all they want. But in reality, they will always be overturned by the Federal level. Abortion is legal in the US, and each woman has the right to that according to the Federal rules. Sure Georgia can try to imprison women but it won’t hold. Im sure somewhere there are organizations and government agencies already working to shut this illegal law by Georgia down. This happens pretty frequently. They always get told to sit down and shut up. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I’m super stoked for all the kids that will now be birthed to mothers who don’t want them and then subsequently abused, neglected or murdered.


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Bumble bee
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It’s incredibly stupid. And I really feel for everyone that lives there. 

This is coming from someone who doesn’t think I would ever get an abortion myself. Granted I’m married now and want a baby more than anything. But even when I was younger I always said I would keep a baby if I got pregnant. However it isn’t my business what other women choose to do. 

I hope this gets to the Supreme Court quickly and gets overthrown. 

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slomotion :  I’m equally stoked about all the women who are going to bleed to death or die of infections after being forced to give themselves dangerous home surgery despite there being a safe alternative!!! Wheee!!!

Abortion is as old as pregnancy. You can’t stop all abortion. You can just outlaw all safe ones.

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Honey bee

I think that Republicans are the devil and that this country is taking giant leaps backward in time. It makes me sick.

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Worker bee
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I think it’s just so irronic that the people who scream from the rooftops about being pro-life are also the ones that want to:

  • Not offer parental leave
  • Cut back food stamps
  • Get rid of healthcare
  • Allow insurance companies to consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition that they can charge for

They want to force women to have children, but then want to get rid of any safety net that could help her be a good mom.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I think people should mind their own fucking uterus.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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This bill is fucking horrific. 

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Helper bee

That’s nuts.
Most women don’t even know they’re pregnant – especially if it was unplanned – by the time a heartbeat can be detected. And why should the heartbeat make a difference? It literally only means that the heart muscle is pumping blood – that’s it. That’s just as random as banning abortion after the embryo has developed toenails.

Life sentence or DEATH sentence for getting an abortion at 7 weeks? 10 years if you get an abortoin in a different State? 30 years if you get blamed for a MISCARRIAGE?


Nope nope nope.

As a healthcare provider I have helped dozens of women with unwanted pregnancies and this just horrifies me.

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Busy bee
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I think it’s bananas.  Even if you believed that each individual state had the right to ban abortion,  or not, which I do not, George  has no right to try to prosecute what’s legal in another state.  However,  I believe that abortion should be legal everywhere.  Forced parenthood is bad for everyone,  but especially children.  Not that I believe the people trying to pass these laws care at all about children.   

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Busy bee
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Kslim13 :  This bill is horrifying. Medical decisions should be between a doctor and patient. The government needs to stay out of it

The GA bills allows women who MISCARRY to be interrogated. Since there is no way to prove miscarriage vs induced abortion this could subject women who MISCARRY to murder charges and up to life in prison.

Ohio is proposing legislation that would force doctors to re-implant ectopic pregnancies into the uterus — this is medical procedure that DOES NOT EXIST.

Every woman should object to these self serving politicians using our bodies as leverage in a political fight.

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