Georgia's new "heartbeat" bill? Thoughts?

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DeniseSecunda :  I gave my source above. Look into it.

Did I say anything remotely close to what you say I did?!!!?!?? NO!!!! AND I NEVER HAVE!!!! STOP!!!!

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 emily1030 :  It would be great if there were better access to bc and healthcare and a decline in poverty. Kind of like it would be great if all “moral” Christians adopted a Christ-like attitude. Neither is going to happen. This is all about men controlling women and using religion as a basis for doing so. Shame on the women who continue to perpetuate this cycle by buying into this fundamentalist religious claptrap and citing morality as an excuse to control.

You don’t like abortion? Don’t have one. 

This whole topic makes me so angry I could scream. I am disgusted by the state of our country. I have a house in GA and I would love to sell it right now.

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mrsaime :  You told the poster who had a father-in-law who wouldn’t keep his hands off of her that she needed to basically get over it and that he wasn’t doing anything wrong–even though she repeatedly told him she was uncomfortable. People remember stuff, and there’s a nice history of it on this forum. But thanks for playing. 

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thefuturedrat :  uhh wat obviously this bill is extreme and ridiculous but please don’t tell me you don’t think for one sec that there aren’t irresponsible women out there who use abortion as BC…

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soexcited123 :  Have you had an abortion? I have. And I would never want to do it again, I would imagine majority of women getting abortions feel the same and don’t use it as birth control.

It’s also costly if your insurance doesn’t cover it or you make too much money to qualify for a free abortion, so I can’t imagine these so called irresponsible women shelling out thousands of dollars and putting their bodies through something like that rather than just paying for the pill. 

I would say a lot of irresponsible women don’t use birth control and end up with too many children that they can’t properly take care of and that’s a lot worse than aborting a fetus in my eyes.

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slomotion :  I do not yet have any living children.  I have unfortunately had a miscarriage and a stillbirth.   I grieve for both. 

Firstly, I am assuming you are pro-choice in most or all situations?  If so, then why the focus on babies who are conceived through rape, who make up a tiny tiny fraction of all abortions? 

But hypothetically if my daughter was raped and became pregnant, I would be devastated and heartbroken for her, of course I would be.  How could I not be?  I would support her with everything I have. 

But I think what the fundamental difference is, is that no one can yet identify when life begins, other than conception/implantation.  Scientists, religious leaders, doctors, philosophers, no one can agree on a defining line when human dignity begins.  My take on this is that the start of a pregnancy is the only clear defining line we can draw to bestow human dignity, especially as technology gets better and babies can survive independently of the uterus earlier and earlier.  If an embryo is allowed to continue development (and doesn’t otherwise die), it will always be a human life.  I don’t see how it doesn’t have inherit human dignity.  Therefore, I see an embryo as a human life, and I do not think we should be allowed to end innocent human life.  

My understanding (and correct me if I’m wrong) is pro-choicers do not see an embryo as a human life, with human dignity.   They think that human dignity is bestowed further down the line, whether it is a heartbeat, a certain amount of weeks, certain features, the ability to live independently from the uterus or the act of birth.  I have looked at all these options with a genuine open mind, and just cannot follow the logic.   

Yes pregnancy and birth are a huge toll on mothers.  It’s unfair that it’s only women who have to carry this biological burden.  It is an absolute abomination that some women are refused the option of having their tubes tied or otherwise making their own reproductive decisions.  It’s ridiculous that we do not teach children enough about their bodies including contraceptive options and how our cycles actually work.  It’s pathetic how our society fails mothers in western society. 

However, the right choice isn’t always the easy or convenient choice.  I genuinely think it’s morally wrong to abort a baby.  You don’t and I doubt we aren’t going to change each others minds on that.  I do think it’s arrogant that some people here (not you) are so adament that pro-choice is the correct answer.   The whole reason this is such a heated debate is that we aren’t developed enough to know for sure which side is right, or which set of rules is right.  I’m certainly not 100% sure that I’m right (though obviously I think I am or I wouldn’t be pro-life) and if some sort of information came out which proved me wrong, or made a compelling case for personhood starting at a later date than implantation,  I would happily switch camps.  

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emily1030 :  

I don’t think a lot of people see abortion as a quick fix. 

Mistakes happen, humans err, birth control itself fails, humans rape each other, and forcing a woman to keep a pregnancy has a whole chapter in the abusive partner’s handbook–abortions are necessary.

Republicans are often the ones getting in the way of stopping abortions. They don’t want women to have birth control, they don’t want kids to have sex ed.

When the kids are here they don’t want to provide them with care. Some people don’t even want to provide school lunches to kids. 

Pregnancy can’t be used as a form of punishment for having sex. 

1. There’s nothing wrong with having sex. (Religion and state are supposed to be seperate in this country) 

2. This punishes the woman, the child, and the community. 

I get thinking that a fetus is important and it is your choice to not have an abortion and to support measures to reduce abortion rates–but, should your personal beliefs (and they are beliefs, not facts) really affect how someone else lives their life?  



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And now Missouri. This country just continues to move backwards in so many, many ways it’s difficult to comprehend. There is no humanity or science or logic or compassion in these decisions. So sad. 

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beethree :  Michigan just passed restrictive abortion legislation that criminalizes doctors that perform certain procedures too.

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wildflowerz :  Ugh. I just looked it up–will face immediate veto by Michigan’s governor. 

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beethree :  Yes, but the anti choice group Right to Life Michigan already filed paperwork to begin a petition drive to make the law hold.  All they need is 340,000 signatures and it becomes law, overriding governors veto.  They will get that many signatures easily.  The group has already made abortion laws multiple times using the same method in previous years. 


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I feel sad about this.  Religion shouldn’t be forced upon people, and I feel this stems from religious beliefs that shouldn’t be forced upon people either.  I have had an abortion, 8 years ago, and I’m glad I did it.  A few months in a relationship, I got pregnant a day before I got on birth control.  My now ex had borderline personality disorder and wouldn’t get help, we were squatting in his old childhood home, and he emotionally abused me for 4 years.  Barely provided for himself and I can’t imagine at 22 having a kid and dealing with all of that.  Having an abortion was the right choice.

If you don’t think abortion is right,  do not have one.  Don’t tell your neighbor she can’t.  The saying is abortion will never stop, but safe and legal abortion will.  My forever stance will be that the woman the baby is in is more important than the fetus.

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