Georgia's new "heartbeat" bill? Thoughts?

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mel2 :  Do the majority of people in Georgia support this bill? I don’t really understand how politics work in the US, but if a government even suggested this in the UK they would be voted out of power, they must have the support of the majority to implement these kinds of laws? 

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Fucking ridiculous. “Under his eye” much? 

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ladyjane123 :  I think that’s the point though, isn’t it?  All these extreme bills right now, they are trying to force a fight up the pipeline to the high court in effort to gut or overturn Roe.  I see no reason why there is any assurance at all that they won’t have success looking at the current t makeup of SCOTUS.

These bills forcing pregnancy or amateur, dangerous and possibly predatory back alley abortions on women.  In the same country with the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world. So basically, rock, meet hard place. This is appalling.  The US is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for women.

Expect things to get a whole lot more dystopian if the current administration wins a second term and 2 more Supreme Court seats.  A whole lot more.  

Under his eye ladies. 

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There’s no such thing as a ‘pro-lifer’. All they are is anti-choice. These people are anti-women. They couldn’t give a shit about the nuances of different women’s situations and different pregnancies. They couldn’t give two fucks about the babies once they are born. I think the way some states in the US are going in this regard is terrifying. I’m glad we finally legalised abortion in Ireland.

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skibeeire :  I’d go so far as to say they aren’t even anti-choice, since abortion bans do not lower abortion rates at all. They just make them unsafe.  They are simply about controlling and demonizing women, it’s a form of oppression and misogyny.

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ariesscientist :  It’s more complicated here because of voter suppression.  Georgia specifically was impacted by this in their gubernatorial election last year. If Stacy Adams had had a legitimate shot at winning, she may have won and there is no way she would have signed this bill. 

Voter suppression and gerrymandering are a big problem in the US, and have played a big role in getting us to where we are right now.


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ariesscientist :  Wildflowerz answer is right. The republican party in the US has manipulated the system to grab power through gerrymandered districts. Even if Democrats win a majority of votes the seat still often goes to the republican based on how they divide up voting districts in each state.

We also have a “news” outlet and president that spews dishonest and inflammatory lies to rile out their most extreme based knowing they cant lose power.

The rich and powerful have corrupted our system so badly. They can basically buy a candidate. The United States has been going down a dangerous path for years and its really coming to a head now.

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wildflowerz :  Im hopeful that the next election turns back to decency and normalcy with a different president. Im also not a lawyer so im not 100% sure what really will be the proceedure here. All I can say is that so far each state that has tried to put into law super sketchy illegal bills such as this one have been shut down without it going to the Supreme court. As in, they get shut down in a way that doesn’t overturn Roe. Hopefully this bill will get shut down like the others and hopefully we will soon have a new president who is democratic. 

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skunktastic :  I’m glad you do not support bills like this.  But I’d like to try to help you feel better about your perception that abortion is taken too lightly or used as birth control “these days”.  In 2018 the abortion rate hit a historic low in the years since Roe v Wade.  This data is in direct conflict with your cultural or social perceptions on abortion.


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This is horrific! I just can’t even with the anti women legislation. 

Im so glad I don’t live somewhere where I would be scared to seek medical help for a miscarriage out of fear of prosecution 

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This is the evangelical conservative agenda and it’s reprehensible.

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If there’s any plus to this, the pregnancy test industry would skyrocket because everyone would be testing whenever they have sex undecided.

But seriously this is disgusting, and it just isn’t logical. Sure you can ban abortion in your state, but what’s stopping someone from driving over the state line and getting it done there? Not to mention the many women who will be now forced to have dangerous abortions.

I’m scared because I’d like to think something like this would never pass, but I also never thought we’d have a reality show businessman as president…and now here we are. 

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From a practicial perspective, residents of these states should be seriously pissed that their governments keep bleeding tax payer dollars on the inevitable lawsuits they have to defend against as a result of continously passing these bills that are ruled unconstituional over and over again! Such an unbelievable waste of time, money, and resources. But then they want to blame money woes on food stamp recipients and welfare users? Give me an effing break. 

From a personal perspective on how I feel about old men trying to govern my uterus (federal level since I don’t live in GA or one of these similar states) I won’t even waste my breath.

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I agree with the majority of comments, and I agree that gerrymandering is a big issue. But ultimately elections have consequences, and I’m so tired of people not voting in state elections or voting against their own best interests. My state keeps going back and forth – Obama, Trump, Democratic governor, Republican legislature, liberal justice (several years ago), conservative nut job justice  (this year). We’re electing people and then turning around and electing people to stand in their way.

People need to vote in every election. They need to vote against the people they disagree with. They need to look at what is rationally in their best interest and not vote for the guy they would rather have a beer with. 

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