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squee!! What a face! That dog is the cutest!  I don’t have a lot of experience but I think German Shepherds are one of the smartest dogs. They need a ton of exercise and training.  That is one breed I think would be good to get from a breeder because you would get a lot of breed- and heritage-specific information. 

I hope you find a nice dog to add to your pack, but if it’s not her, then she will easily get a good home with a face like that!

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she’s sooo fluffy!! i love her!!

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I have a German Shepherd mix and they are the sweetest pets!  But be forewarned, they are EXTREMELY smart.  This makes training a breeze, especially for house training and basic obedience.  However, you have to firmly yet lovingly establish your authority or they will learn VERY quickly to take advantage of you and be a terror.  As long as you maintain strict guidelines for them, they will be very happy and obedient.  If you have weak resolve, they will sneak to get their way.

My dog never had SUPER demanding energy requirements, but she LOVES to play fetch.  She is also very loyal to her owners and thus protective of the home.  She does GREAT with new people and other dogs, but she barks any time anyone approaches the house just out of protectiveness, even if she’s perfectly friendly to whoever comes in the door.  The only time I’ve ever seen her act aggressive is when she’s sensed someone with bad intentions (the postal worker who HATED dogs and tried mace her, the dumpster diver who was stealing things out of our trash, and she chased away a drug dealer at one point!)

Shepherds have VERY sensitive stomachs so if they get stressed out or upset, the first thing is they’ll either puke or get the runs.  So if your dog has any illness, don’t hesitate to withhold food for a day.  They’ll be fine and it will settle their stomach and then start them off with rice and boiled chicken.  My dog also gets incredibly car sick, which depends on the dog, but we try not to go long distances with her in the car unless sedated.

Otherwise, they are just a complete joy!  (Oh, and they SHED!  Get a Furminator!)


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Bumble bee

Holy hounds ….batman, that dog is gorgeous!! So intelligent looking!  <3

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She’s SOOO cute! I love her too!

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I have no idea about shedding but your sheltie is gorgeous! Nice smile!  Who’s the little one in the right side of the pic?

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Bumble Beekeeper

OMG! What a DOLL! She has the cutest face.

I have a big furball of a Belgian Shepherd and she’s the most cuddly, loving, sweet dog ever. She’s a mutt, mixed with Collie, but she definitely takes after the shepherd side more. She’s my 80 pound baby.

Shepherds are very intelligent dogs. They are easy to train and are really obedient. Chloe picked up commands very quickly. They are fairly high-energy and will get a little high-strung if you leave them alone all the time. They need to have human interaction to be happy. They do get along well with other pets, for the most part. Chloe and the rest of my family’s dogs (my mom’s beagle, my g-ma’s shih-tzu and my aunt’s boston terrier) all get along famously. They tend to be a bit lazy indoors but are athletic dogs and need regular exercise, both physical and mental. Chloe will walk for miles with me and still want more. The good news with that is that she is a very good walker.

The one thing I will say is that you have to watch them. They are very protective. Chloe doesn’t take kindly to strangers. She doesn’t like people coming up into our yard and she will bark to warn them off. They make good watch-dogs but they need to be socialized so that they don’t become aggressive.

As for shedding, YES. Chloe is a long-haired shepherd to begin with and then she’s mixed with collie, so she sheds a LOT. I wouldn’t imagine they shed more than a sheltie though. Also, don’t be fooled by her size. Chloe was a little gangly thing when we rescued her  and we figured she wouldn’t get too big but boy did she ever grow into those paws. She’s 80 lbs.

Here’s my furbaby: (Sorry, not the best pictures)


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We also have a German Sheppard Cross.  We don’t know what he is crossed with either but we guess Husky and maybe some Collie.

He is the sweetest, smartest most loving dog.  He was very easy to train and grew out of the puppy staget very quickly.  The only issue that we have with him is all the hair loss, we swiffer everyday!  He also gets groomed a few times a year which is about $100 but totally worth it.

In the picture your dog looks like a totaly sweet heart!  Our dog had similar colorings on the face as a puppy but they changed as he grew.  I think you should totally get her!

Here is a picture of our guy Thunder with his hair cut. ๐Ÿ™‚

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What a sweet face! I have no advice, I just love seeing puppy pictures, especially German Sheppard b/c that’s what my hubby loves so I have a feeling we’ll be getting one later on in life. Now we have a mix, we think he’s part german sheppard b/c of his ears. He’s the sweetest dog with the best personality. Love him!

Here he was as a puppy! My husband fell in love with those big ears and had to have him ๐Ÿ™‚ 

And here is is now, all grown up. 


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I love GSDs/GSD mixes. They are incredibly loyal, exceptionally smart, and always wanting to please.

One of the main things you need to consider is your lifestyle. Because GSDs are so intelligent, they need a LOT of stimulation to keep from getting bored (and destructive). In the case of the GSD, mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation. You should also plan to invest in obedience classes ASAP if you get this dog (following innoculations of course). GSDs are super smart, but if they are not trained and do not know how to use their intelligence in good, constructive ways, they can be uncontrollable, destructive, and even dangerous.

They are definitely not a “lazy” person’s dog and they tend not to be inexpensive either, when you consider obedience training and veterinary care. I’ve had several GSDs come into my life as rescues and fosters, and not one of adult age has ever been free of hip problems.

I find with GSDs that what you get out what you put in. They can be absolutely amazing dogs with the right person, but they can be too smart for their own good and quite a handful for someone who isn’t prepared.

ETA: I saw the cat discussion late; I’ve had GSDs who are fine with cats and others who could not be trusted in the same household. The key again is obedience training, teaching your dog to respect you and your commands to make the cat transition an easier one. Also, you might want to consider the impact a young, high energy puppy will have on your elderly sheltie.

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