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  • poll: What do you think of germs?
    I'm not very germ conscious - I really don't worry about germs public places. : (34 votes)
    35 %
    Eh - I think about them and try to be careful but you really can't avoid them entirely. : (49 votes)
    51 %
    Germs freak me out and I try to avoid touching public things as I don't want to touch the germs! : (13 votes)
    14 %
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    Sugar bee
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    It really depends for me I guess. I find myself being concerned about it in the bathrooms. Although I take city transit every day and don’t seem to care either way if I grab a bar with my bare hands. Which is so bizarre, because now that I think about it, I’ve seen WAY grosser stuff on the train than I ever have in a public bathroom!

    Like someone blowing their nose in their bare hands and then wiping it on their pants! YEA.

    I really think it depends on the day with me. Which is completely ridiculous!

    I also try not to use hand sanitizers. I wash my hands when I got to the bathroom and when I get my hands dirty, but for the most part, I think germs play a huge part in helping your immune system, and if you never allow your body to get “germy” every once in a while, you’re going to have a terrible immune system and spend a lot of time more sick than people who don’t “sanitize” as often.

    At least that’s what I think.

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    I’m between the 2nd and 3rd option but I voted for #2. 

    I sit on the toilet seat with a bare bum but I use a paper towel to turn the faucet off and open the door to leave, if I can.  I don’t put my bag on the floor anymore.  I’m down the middle; I try to avoid some things but I’m okay with not being able to avoid everything unless it’s absolutely disgusting.

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    I actually work in infectious disease, so you’d think that I’d be a super germaphobe, but I think its made me more lax actually. The amount of germ you’d have to touch to actually get sick is so high for a lot of stuff, as long as you aren’t licking the toilet, you’re probably ok…lol.

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    Honey bee
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    I honestly rarely, rarely think about germs.

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    Ugh! I hate germs!!!! and wouldn’t you know i’m like a freaking walking germ right now with this damn cold! ugh!

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    Sugar Beekeeper
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    I don’t think I’m very germ conscious at all. I do generally make an effort to wash my hands before I eat if I’ve been out in public during the day…. but other than that I don’t think I go out of my way to avoid germs. 

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    I have commented before that I am very actively anti-hand sanitizer. I wash my hands regularly and pay attention. But I refuse to use hand sanitizer and I generally don’t care. I touch shopping carts; I sit on the toilet. But I carefully avoid putting my purse on the floor in the bathroom because I know that as far as germ transmission, that’s far worse than sitting on the seat. I think if you’re intelligent but not paranoid, you should be fine.

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    The only time germs gross me out is when something germy is right in my face. Like soggy/dirty money, or a hair in my food, or human excrement anywhere other than inside a toilet bowl.

    Other than that, I hate it when people cough around me without covering their mouth, but even if they do cover their mouth their germs will eventually reach me, so I kind of get over it. As long as I’m not directly sprayed by someone’s sneeze, I’ll get over it.

    It bugs me to no end to see all these commercials showing mothers Lysol-ing every item their child touches. By all means, disinfect the countertop after you’ve been slicing up raw chicken, but for the love of god, does your kid’s bouncy ball really need to be sanitized after every bounce? I must have eaten about a pound of dirt over the years when I was a kid from playing in the backyard, heck, mom TRIED to get me to catch the chicken pox by taking me to a friend’s house when she had it, and I still didn’t catch it. How are we and our kids supposed to build up an immunity to anything if we don’t allow for some reasonable exposure to cooties and the elements?

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    It’s ironic, because I work in hospitals and wash my hands compulsively all day.  I hate touching door handles or railings in dirty public places, like subway stations and airports.  But on a day off, I will go outside and pick up leaves, clean something off the bottom of my shoe, pet a dog, and then make and eat a sandwich, and I don’t think anything of it.  I’m much more finicky about germs that come from sick people than I am about germs that come from dirt and the environment.  I almost never get sick though, so I guess I’m not doing anything too wrong!

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    Buzzing bee

    I am one of the least germ-wary people ever. I have a great immune system so it really doesn’t bother me when something might be dirty. I wash my hands a lot, but that’s more due to the fact I hate when they get greasy. I’ll use public bathrooms and touch anything in there. It just really doesn’t faze me at all. Even when I’m cooking (now this is terrible) I don’t really pay too much attention to food safety. I cross contaminate all the time. I figure everythings getting cooked anyways, might as well use the same knife.

    I very rarely get sick and honestly I think it’s because of all the exposure I get to germs. A friend of mine is extremely anal about cleanliness and germs, disinfects everything everyday (like the lysol commericals) and she is sick CONSTANTLY. 

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    @linguo42: seriously! Well said!

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    @Mrs.KMM: I’m the same way as you are! I just don’t really think about it. The one thing I try to stay concious of is keeping my hands away from my mouth, nose, eyes if I have been touching random things all over campus before I wash my hands.

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    Sugar bee
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    I’m not that germ conscious except for at work since it is in a hospital.

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    @Mrs.KMM: I thought I was the only non-germaphobe!  I hardly ever get sick, either.

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