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MrsGatito:  I’ve heard of people losing weight before TTC, but not gaining, so I can’t really help. You should ask your doctor what he/she thinks – should you gain weight, do certain exercises, etc. before TTC. You will most likely gain when you’re pregnant too so consider that as well.

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SummerOfLove:  +1

I would ask your doctor to give you some guidance on what you can eat to gain weight properly if that is what you want to do. In additionto that, you should still be exercising a little bit to get in shape. I lost weight for TTC, so my situation was a little different, but sounds like you need light items with a lot of calories if you want to gain weight such as avacado or peanut butter.

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As long as you are getting regular periods (so, not so underweight that you’re missing cycles) you should be fine.  Most likely you will grow a baby that you can carry and deliver (goes for everyone).  One of my friends was 5’0 and under 100 lbs (I don’t actually know her weight), really tiny thing but she did exercise.  She didn’t have any problems.  Obviously, if you’re having irregular cycles due to being underweight I would talk to your Dr.

But exercise and being in shape helps a lot (IMO) before/during/after pregnancy so I would definitely consider starting to exercise.  Not just for pregnancy, but you should do it anyway.  I don’t think you need to do anything specific for pregnancy, just start doing some cardio (join a gym, start walking, biking, jogging) and then find a way to do some weighted exercises.  I think squats are actually pretty great when you’re pregnant (especially towards the end) but I think those should be done by everyone anyway as part of an exercise routine.

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MrsGatito:  I think you just have to realize everyone is built a little differently, as long as your body functions properly there isn’t a need to worry.  My grandmother is much smaller than you and she had no problem carrying and breastfeeding 3 children.

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my mom was 98 lbs when i was born and i was 8lb8oz 🙂

i think it’s admirable to want to be healthier but i don’t think weight gain will help your end goal. i think everyone can benefit from eating well and getting some exercise… so i plan on taking those steps in the next few months in order to feel ready to TTC. healthy habits now will hopefully make for a healthier pregnancy and baby! i think that goes for everyone regardless of their size.

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I don’t necessarily think you need to gain weight, per se. Getting healthy doesn’t mean gain weight, for all we know and your build you could be at a perfectly fine weight. However, being “small” or “skinny” doesn’t mean you’re healthy, which I’m sure you know. I would encourage you to start a workout routine, make seek out a trainer or fitness classes at a gym, and work on getting into shape. Muscle weighs more than fat, so while you will likely see a weight gain in the number on the scale you won’t be getting bigger – rather building muscle.

I personally am trying to get into better shape, and lose weight, for pregnancy. I also work out regularly, fairly high intensity, and was a runner (although I admit I’ve slacked over the last year). I want/need to lose about 30 pounds to be where I feel comfortable – but my biggest weakness isn’t working out…it’s food! I am not a healthy veggie eater so all my working out is counter-acted by my food!

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I think everyone has it right! Living a healthy lifestyle in general is a good idea, ttc or not. That being said, I think I have some good firsthand experience! I am 4’9 and when I learned I was pregnant, I was just above 80 lbs. I am the smallest person I know and always have been! Shortly after our wedding we knew we were ready for a baby. We had been together for 9 years and we felt more than ready so right away, we cut out any unhealthy habits (smoking, drinking) and started eating healthier. I began taking prenatal vitamins 2 weeks before we found out we were pregnant so I think my oven was just ready. During my first prenatal appt, I was 78 lbs. I was 7 weeks pregnant by then and had the worst food aversion so I know the weightloss was due to that. But my doctor had absolutely no concerns at all with my size and frame. He advised me to stick to my diet, keep hydrated and do whatever my body would allow me to do and I listened. I heard LOTS of comments about my size when I was pregnant. Mostly, people would say that I wouldn’t make it fullterm or that I would require bedrest. I must say, I had the most wonderful pregnancy! Our bodies are capable of amazing things! My husband and I did a lot of walking when I was pregnant and I did some VERY mild prenatal yoga at home which I feel helped a ton. To be honest, my size had no impact on my pregnancy whatsoever. My son came at 38 weeks (never on bedrest!) and he was completely healthy! My best advice is to listen to your body and your doctor and don’t worry about your size at all. A healthy pregnancy doesn’t have a size 🙂 I wish you the best of luck as you near this journey! It is truly the best one life offers 

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MrsGatito:  It’s great that you want to get healthier to prepare for pregnancy.  I don’t know you and am not a doctor, so obviously take what I say with a grain of salt.  It’s entirely possible for someone who is very thin to be healthy enough and ready for pregnancy.  However, if you feel you are weak and do need to gain some weight, there are some good ways to do it in a healthy way:

  • First, instead of focusing on how much you’re eating, think about what you’re eating.  Try to eat nutrient-dense foods with healthy fats like nuts, avocadoes, beans, whole grains, full-fat dairy.
  • Start slowly with exercise.  Go for walks, and try to start working in some light weight-training.  Working with handweights will really help you feel stronger.  Plus, there’s lots of evidence that being in better shape helps have an easier labor and recovery.
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If your weight is not causing you to have irregular cycles or an absence of a period, it’s probably not going to prevent you from conceiving. However, getting a good strength-training regimen in place is never a bad idea! Weight training or yoga, coupled with adding more protein to your diet, will help you build muscle mass and ultimately lessen the toll that pregnancy takes on your body. (Because, let’s be honest, it’s not easy!)

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