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i’m 19 and Fiance is 22, we will be 20/23 when we get married. we met when i was 15 and dated for a few months, but then broke up and remained friends until i was 18, when we started dating again. we haven’t been together for as long as a lot of you, it will be 2 years by the time we’re actually married. we are happy.

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@dcdt212:I’m so sorry for your loss, that is so tragic:( You are one strong woman!


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@Misfit:I like control of things and it kills me that this is one of the very few things you have no control over! It’s so frustrating and I’m finding it hard to keep positive. Have you seen a doctor yet? I’m worried that since we’re so young they’ll just send us away without out really trying to help. Good luck on the baby making! Hopefully we’ll both have our bfp’s soon:) It would be so cool if we got pregnant at the same time…not to be creepy or anything!


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@truitjen:I understand…but it’s good that you have plans. It’s times like these I wish I was a canadian!

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@JewishBride: Haha it’s not creepy! It would be cool. We havent seen a doctor but we’re planning to go see one in June if nothing happens by then. They’ll help if you tell them you’ve been trying for over a year. It’s not their place to discriminate based on age. What I hate most is that you just cant tell until you get the BFP. Where’s the flashing lights and sirens, dammit?! haha

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@miksje130: I’ve been on the shot for over a year and haven’t had any weight gain as a result. I also haven’t had any problems with it.

Now for my introduction : ) I’m 21, but I’ve only been 21 for a little over two weeks. My FH is also 21. I am a bookworm and a complete nerd. I absolutely love science and medicine. I’m a homebody who loves being on a river or lake or going camping. I’m a true southern girl at heart. My favorite shows are Dexter, House, Bones and Fringe. I love thunderstorms.  I met FH in high school, but we didn’t start dating until after graduation. We’ve been together 2 years and were engaged in September. I’m going to school for biomedical science and will graduate May 2013. My ultimate goal is a doctorate in virology. I also have a love for tattoos and I have 6 presently but I would love to get more. My FH is currently going to tech school for welding and he’ll graduate May 2012. FH is a country boy who just happens to love Physics. Right now all he does is work and go to school.  We both hate the beach, we currently don’t live together but we have a dog and a cat that live with me. FH and I don’t plan to have children and we’d like to travel a good bit after we’re more financially stable.

Other than that, we’re a really boring couple.

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I love this!!

I’m 19 and my Fiance just turned 21. I’m a Type A freshman in college and I’m double majoring in Communication and Spanish. When I graduate, I want to go into public relations for nonprofits- I would especially love to work for the ACLU or the Human Rights Campaign, but I would be thrilled to work for any cause I believe in! I’m a huge nerd and love to read. I’ve played French Horn for 9 years, but unfortunately I’m so busy with school that I don’t have time for Wind Ensemble. I work in the College Relations department for my school, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to get my degree so that I can do similar work for more than minimum wage.

Fiance is a laid-back junior accounting major at a different school about 45 minutes away. He has an opportunity for a GREAT internship this summer, he got called back for a third interview so fingers crossed!! He doesn’t play any sports for his college but he loves playing intermural basketball, and he coaches a youth wrestling league. He also helps to coach the high school wrestling and track teams on a volunteer basis. Needless to say, he was a jock in high school when I met him. We’re kind of opposites, but we balance each other out perfectly!

We have been together for over 4 years, and we are so excited to get married. He is my best friend and the one person that I can truly be myself around. We’ve been through a LOT of really tough times, but it’s only made us stronger.

We plan on moving in together in June of 2012, right after his graduation and my return from a 3-month stay in Peru (for a study abroad trip). Depending on where he gets a job, I may live with him full-time or just stay with him on weekends and breaks (my school is kind of in the middle of nowhere, so it’s hard to commute too far in the winter).

We are waiting until after I graduate to get married, so we’re looking at June of 2014. The extra time will help us a lot, since we plan to pay for most of the wedding ourselves.

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I don’t have much to say, but I will post anyways :]

Me and my boyfriend are in the “pre-engagement” stage, figuring out the when/where/how of our engagement and wedding. I turned 19 in January and he will be turning 22 in August. We know that we know that we KNOW we are spending the rest of our lives with each other, and I can’t wait till the day we make it official.

My interest are..well…WEDDINGS! I’ve been dreaming of my wedding day since I was a little girl. I want to become a wedding/event planner, but there is no need for that in my tiny town. We both want to settle down here so our children can be raised in the same town we were, as well as go to the same high school. I am going to school full time for a degree in early childhood education.

Other than that, I also enjoy going out to the movies, Facebook, and some xbox every now and then.

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This is a really interesting thread (you’d definitely be hard-pressed to find in on The Knot)!

I’m twenty and my fiance is twenty-five. We’ve been together for two years, and our wedding is booked for May 5, 2012. Where there is about five years between us and we’re from the opposite ends of the country, it’s been interesting to see the difference in our families’ reactions to our engagement.

I’ve just finished my Paralegal program at college and should be done my practicum early next month. I also have completed a portion of my Honors B.A. majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Psychology, and plan to complete it within the next few years. My fiance is a commercial plumber, and we’re looking into “fixer-upper” properties in our area for our first house.

I volunteer fairly extensively for animal rescue groups in my area and until recently was part of the management team at my local Blockbuster. Between all that and the wedding planning we’re busy bees.

Oh, and we got a bit of good wedding news recently! We won our honeymoon from a local bridal fair we attended, so we’re pretty happy about that. Also, as you can probably tell from my classifieds posts, I am forever in search of the Maggie Sottero Vogue Royale.

Again, great idea for a thread!


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My boyfriend and I have been living together since September and we’ve been dating since our July 2008. We both turned 20 in February. I’m working towards my Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Gender Studies and Psychology. After I graduate I want to go to teacher’s college and become qualified to teach elementary and highschool. I love anything girly and we adopted our cat Miu from a shelter during our first year of university. My boyfriend is in a marketing program and takes piano lessons on the side. He graduates a year before me and might end up going back to school after for music.

Right now we’re talking about engagement and the future. We already have a ring in mind, now it’s all about timing (: As soon as I met him almost three years ago I knew that I’d marry him. We share the same views on almost everything and are always on the same page. Our qualities balance out and everything is better when we’re together. He is my best friend and I know that no matter what happens or what side of myself I show, he’ll always be there supportive, comfortable, and loving.

This thread makes me so happy (:

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feels so great to find people my age in this group!
I’m 21 and so is my fiance. We have been together for four years this year (living together for about 3. And are getting married six weeks from today! We are getting very excited now! 
We both are very close to our families which is great because we both get along so well with each others families too. All have been very supportive, as have our friends.
I am currently studying my Diploma in Childrens Services and working full time in a long day care centre. He is a mechanic and electrician and works at a family business.
We have two dogs who are nothing alike, a maltese x poodle named Dakota and a swedish vallhund named Diesel. 
Anyways back to the wedding talk… we are trying to include many personal touches for the day that are fun for our guests too. if you have any ideas please let me know.
i have made all the invites/ centrepieces etc myself to make it our style (love doing crafty stuff but perhaps shouldve thought more about how long this would take before making them myselve (thank goodness for my 2 sisters).
we are having our wedding outdoors, and as its not so formal we are having disposable cameras on each table for the guests to take their own photos of their view of our day for our album (as well as a few pro shots by my lovely cousin).
My fiance has planned some special lighting (lasers and disco balls) that he has set up to do some amazing things in the great great mahogony trees we are having our reception by…
would love to hear your ideas.

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I always lurk on this board, but feel kind of silly sometimes because I’m not yet in my twenties, at least not for a few more months. Like HelloRaeven I’m also in the pre-engagement stage. We are waiting to get some more school under our belts, and of course, there hasn’t been a formal proposal yet.

I’m 19 and my boyfriend is 18, and we’re both college students. He’s a jazz performance major and I’m studying to become a Special Ed Teacher. Aside from school, I love music and dancing. I did ballet for 11 years, and I’m thinking about getting back into it for the exercise! I love baking, more to give them to other people than to eat them (although I do that too!). I have a little Bichon fur-baby named Porter, and love him to death!

We don’t have a lot of support from his family, because they got married young and have a chip on their shoulders about it, and  became even more against it when we decided on going to the same college- across the country from our families. Granted, there’s a lot to work through, but my family loves my boyfriend and couldn’t be happier about us, so that definitely takes the edge off.

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@Joeydoodle: I hear they’re just pretty unfriendly to younger brides. I’ve never gone on either, after reading stuff here!

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Hi! Me and my future-FI are both 20. Like some of the other bee’s here, we are in the pre-engagement stage. I think that he wants to get me a good ring, and that is why he is holding off on proposing.

Anyway, we’ve been together for almost 3 years. We met right after I graduated highschool, and now I am graduating college.

I really hate when people pass judgement based on age. Back around Christmas time, I thought I would be getting engaged, and so when I was at the spa that does my eyebrows, I was telling the lady (who was actually the owner). Instead of being, or at least pretending to be happy, she spent the whole time going on and on about how I’m too young. Ummm excuse me? That is rude, period. But then in a situation where I would normally be giving her a tip? She insulted me, so no good tip for her. And now I don’t have any desire to go back there, and it is somewhere I’ve been going for at least 5 years.

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