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I agree with you – I think this is a great decision, if you can afford it.

My mom always had a housekeeper who came to help her.  It was 1 lady, not from an agency, someone she heard of through word of mouth, that would come and help her out whenever she needed an extra hand. When they had money, it was once a week.  Otherwise, it was once every so often.  My mom pays the lady a set fee for the entire house, no matter how long it takes her to finish it, I think it used to be $60 but is now $80/day.  It usually takes them together just a few hours to clean, so it’s something like $15-20/hour. 

FI’s parents have a group of women – they’re sisters/cousins and there’s like 4 or 5 of them – who come in with their own supplies and clean the entire house (3bdrm) for $100 every 2 weeks.  It takes them like 2 hours and they have everything done, but it is a group.  They come on a set date and time, regardless if someone is home or not. 

I do have to say – go with someone you trust.  I’ve heard tons of stories of people stealing, so keep your valuables locked up. 

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I have a maid that comes every other week to clean my townhouse.  We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, so we also have a big problem with shedding, so I can totally understand you wanting some help.  We pay $75 each time she comes, and she spends about 5-6 hours at our house.  I am home some of the time when she comes, but that is just by coincidence, I feel totally comfortable with her being there when I’m not home.

I don’t know how it is where you live, but where I am it is pretty standard for people to have a maid.  If you can ask other people where you live for a recommendation, I think that would be the best way to go.  I have heard and read some less than desirable things about the maid companies, although I have no personal experience with them.

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I daydream about the day that we can afford a housekeeper! We have a dog that sheds a ton too, but I just can’t justify the cost right now, even though we do work a ton. It would be amazing to not spend 2-3 hours every weekend cleaning!


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We have a cleaning lady but she’s not from a service. She comes once a week, and since I telecommute that means I’m almost always home when she comes, but she does have housekeys and when I had an office job she’d come while I wasn’t here. I trust her not to steal my stuff 😀

We pay her $80/week. She vacuums, takes out the trash, cleans the shelves in the fridge, changes the bed linens, dusts everything, washes the wood floors,  sweeps the porch and deck, wipes down the kitchen cabinets, and does a good cleaning on the kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  We have a 3-level townhouse, 4 bedrooms, 2 full bath, 2 kitchens.  She will also do a rotating schedule of other stuff, like one week she takes everything out of the fridge and cleans it, one week she cleans the laundry machines, one week she does all the windows, etc.  She would do the laundry if I wanted (she cleans for a friend of mine and does his laundry) but I prefer to do that myself (actually Darling Husband usually does the laundry).

 It is absolutely the best use of $80/week I can think of!

If you can find someone privately and not through a service, they tend to be happier about it because then all the money you pay goes right to them. The cleaning services take a pretty hefty cut of what you pay.  The services, though, are bonded (or they should be) so you have to decide how important that bonding is to you (bonding is when a company puts up a certain amount of money in case you end up having to sue them for damages or injury, like if their employee is taking out the trash and spills grease on the sidewalk, doesn’t clean it up, and someone slips on it, you’d be liable and would have to sue the maid or maid service in turn— the bond shows that they can pay the lawsuit. or if the employee puts the vacuum through the TV or steals your watch.)

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I never used a maid service.  It’s usually recommendations from a family member who knows someone who cleans and needs the extra money.  They do it as a job but they are their own bosses, set their own prices, etc.  I usually hired a cleanign lady to come 2-3 times a week.  I am usually home when she comes until I can trust a little and then I might leave her to run errands.  

They do everything I ask them to do and it’s all inlcuded in the price as they charge per hour.  And they are usuallyh here for about 5 or so hours.  They iron, do laundry, dust, deep clean, etc.  I am actually going to have a ceanign lady come out and clean my house a few weeks prior to the weding and before my family come out and I have been so tired with work and wedding planning and I am not cleaning as much as I used to and I love a clean and tidy house. 

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My housekeeper comes about once every other month.  I keep the house pretty clean and I’m a crazy person so I actually clean before the housekeeper comes haha, bc I really only want her to scrub things and do the dusting.  So she comes to a clean-ish house and scrubs the bathroom, the fridge, the windows and organizes things like the pantry, the fridge, under the sink, and the draws.  She’s a friend of a friend so I feel comfortable with her being in my house alone.

We pay her $100 a cleaning and she’s there for 8 hours when she doesnt have much to do she charges us less and I dont like to be there when shes cleaning bc I feel weird not cleaning my own home and someone else is doing it around me.

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My Fiance and I work a lot.  He puts in at least 50hr per week at work and has a 45 min commute each way, and I am now working 2 jobs.  We aren’t home much, and when we are home we don’t want to be cleaning. 

We have a housekeeper come in every other week.  It is so worth it!  She also irons my FI’s shirts, so we save a bit of money taking them to the dry cleaners.  We live in a small 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment so she is normally there like 6 hours.

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@Pomapoo:  Several of my neighbors have maids, I do not but I have discussed this issue with them in great detail.  Some use a big company (like Merry Maids), others don’t.  My neighbors pay on average $100 – $150 per visit (I live in the Midwest) and the maids come twice a month, so about $200 – $300 per month.  If they come weekly, they charge a bit less per week but you are still paying them to come more.

Most of my neighbors are home when the maid comes, because I live in an area where most moms stay home (I work).  The ones that are not home give them a key; something I personally would not be comfortable doing, but I guess if it’s a big company is safer than if it’s someone that just works on their own.

The maids clean, but will not pick up, if you know what I mean.  So if you Darling Husband leaves his dirty underwear on the floor, the cleaning ladies will clean around it.  I find it comical when my neighbors are scrambling to clean before the cleaning ladies come!

What they actually clean depends on your agreement or contract.  For example, you have to specify if want them to dust that they have to pick up items (vases, etc) and dust under them, not just around them.  You may just want them to clean the “common” areas (kitchen, bathrooms) and not the bedrooms.  They usually vacuum every visit. If you have wood floors, how are they cleaning those?  Mop or on hands and knees?  My one neighbor has her cleaning lady “deep clean” once a month, which involves cleaning all the baseboards, windexing windows, dusting the ceiling fans among other things, and she pays extra for that.

The nice thing is that your house is all clean at once.  However, I think most people are mistaken that it means you don’t have to do anything until the next time they come, unless you have them coming weekly.  The bathrooms especially don’t stay clean until their next visit for example.

I do have to warn you that I have had neighbors that had issues with their cleaning ladies stealing from them.  One lady stole a checkbook and was writing checks to herself.  They discovered it on their bank statement the following month but by then the woman was gone and there was nothing they could do.  This is why personally I would prefer to use a large company.  It doesn’t totally prevent that but I think it does make it harder. 

Also, large companies have insurance.  What would happen it someone gets injured at your house?  If they do not have insurance then your homeowners insurance would cover their medical bills.  You also need to find out the policy on if the cleaning lady breaks something of yours.  Find out if they bring in their own equipment, or do they use yours (do you have to buy the cleaning supplies?  This is what most companies do)

Hopefully that will give you some ideas of what’s involved.  It’s more than you think.  Good luck!

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We had one for a while, and she was amazing. She was referred to us by a friend.

We had our housekeeper come once a week. We have a dog that sheds a lot as well, so we could have used her twice a week. I was always home when she was here, but a friend of ours also uses her and they are never home when she cleans their place. She cleaned our home in about 3 hours. The first few times I checked very closely to see how her work was. If there was ever anything extra that needed to be done, we would just ask when she came (like cleaning the oven). When she finished, she would have me do a walk thru of the house and then I paid her with check or cash. Ours was about $80, plus a $20 tip. 

We noticed her amazing Dyson vacuum and got one when I was able to start cleaning again. It makes a big difference in getting the dog hair. Before, I would have to vacuum/sweep everyday (before we got the housekeeper, but I never did vacuum that much). Now that we have a Dyson, it’s maybe every 4-5 days.

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Our cleaning lady comes once a month for $80 a visit. I know it’s very dependant on where you live and how big it is– we have a 1 bedroom, but since they only come once a month it is a little more per visit. It is totally, 100% worth it to us. We also do the tidying kind of cleaning before they come so they are just doing the real cleaning, like scrubbing the bathroom, mopping, vacuuming, dusting…Darling Husband was home the first time they came and did an assessment, and now they just come while we are at work. We also have a dog, so it was important to me that they met the dog while one of us was home first. It’s definitely worth it for us.

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*sigh*  I long for the day when we can justify having someone over to clean the bathroom!  It’s my absolute most hated job.

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We have a maid, because we both work full time and we just don’t have the time. She comes once a week and we pay her $70 every time she comes. She also irons my FI’s shirts (she charges extra per shirt).

She comes while we are working. Usually arrives early morning before we leave for work and we let her in. When she’s done she locks from the inside and shows herself out.

It works fine for us. You just have to find someone you trust or has really good references.

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We have had a cleaning lady for almost a year now, and I LOVE it!! Seriously, its the best money spent each month. We pay $60 every two weeks. 

She always comes when we are at work & she does everything (dusts, sweeps, mops, cleans the showers/tubs, etc, and washes our bedsheets.) 

We found her through a refferal from some friends of ours who have used her for a long time. 

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