(Closed) Getting baby to sleep in bassinet at night?

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Is his bassinet flat?  My little girl doesn’t like to lay flat on her back so I have a snuggle bunny bassinet which she loves.  It has her back and head slightly elevated which helps greatly with reflux.  I know he likes to suck on his fingers, so does mine but swaddeling does help, the nice thing is there are swaddle outfits where all you need to do it use the velcro to wrap around them.


I like the Summer Infant stuff, it wraps easier for me anyways but there are several others out there that you can wrap around them either their chest or include their arms.  I hope this helps, I couldn’t nurse either so I know there is some bonding that is missed, I couldn’t even supply milk, but just being there for them and holding them in your arms while you bottle feed provides the bonding you need too.

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My son is almost 11 weeks old. I remember those sleepless nights during the early days. My baby slept better durig the day for the first few weeks and sleeping at night on his own was hard for him. Do’t worry. He’ll sleep at night eventually.My son started sleeping for 5 hour chunks at night last week and I feel like a new woman!

Honestly, my kid still doesn’t sleep in his crib very often. He mostly sleeps in his little bouncy chair. We started swaddling at about 6 weeks and that has helped a lot. My guy sucks on his hands when he’s awake, but he sleeps so much longer when he’s swaddled that I decided it didn’t matter if I had to give him his pacifier back a couple of times because of the swaddle–it was worth it. By the way, he has had a pacifier since about day 3 and we successfully EBF.

As for the faster feed time, do some skin to skin time to make up for the time he’s not spending at the breast. And maybe hold him until he is in a deep sleep before putting him in his bassinet at night.



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I love skin to skin baby cuddles.  It’s such an amazing feeling!

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My little guy would not sleep in his bassinet for ANYTHING! He would accidentally punch himself in the face or scratch himself or wake himself up with the startle reflex.  He was sleeping in his bouncy chair or while being held and that was it.  We tried swaddling but he hated it.  However, a friend gave me a Woombie that no longer fit her baby and oh my gosh did it help!  He now sleeps in his bassinet, though we do elevate his feet just slightly (he seems to like that, some babies like their feet a little higher, and some their head).  I highly reccomend the woombie: http://www.woombie.com/ or on amazon.  I like that the woombie is not a double layer (like a swaddle normally is) so it’s not as hot and I can control his temperature a little better, plus he can still move a bit, but not enough to wake himself with startle reflex.


Also as for the sucking, would you be willing to feed him with a syringe instead of a bottle?  It will go a lot slower than a bottle because you can control it.  Have him suck on your finger and he only gets milk when he sucks and then when he no longer seems to be swallowing you can just let him suck your finger for a while until he is soothed.  My son is 6.5 weeks old and we still use the syringe/finger method instead of a bottle because he just generally seems to like it more than the bottle and he spits up far less than with a bottle.  (he only gets maybe 1 feeding every two days this way, I breastfeed the rest of the time)


I hope you feel better soon and I wish you good luck with this!

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Have you tried a nipple guard/shield? My lactation consulant gave me this one when I was having pain problems with bfing (http://www.amazon.com/Medela-Contact-Nipple-Shield-Standard/dp/B000067PQ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354935553&sr=8-1&keywords=nipple+guard). It was seriously a lifesaver and after my daughter was a little older and developed a better latch I was able to stop using it.

I’m sure every baby is different, but the swaddle-me blankets made all of the difference for us. I could not swaddle for the life of me! We had been given one of these (http://www.amazon.com/Kiddopotamus-SwaddleMe-100%25-Cotton-Small/dp/B0006Q5602/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1354935669&sr=1-1&keywords=swaddleme+blanket) and it really helped our baby sleep.

Our daughter is 4 months old now and goes to bed every night around 6:30PM and wakes up around 7AM. I credit her sleeping so much in part to a white noise machine we found at Target. It plays static sounds– one even sounds like a heartbeat from the womb. I’m guessing your fan noise has the same effect!

Best of luck and congrats on your little one!

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We are 9 days old and he is sleeping during the day in bassinet and sometimes at night in between feedings.  Sometimes he’s wide awake.  We swaddle him with the summer night swaddles that have velcro and the halo sleep sack.  I like the halo sleep sack better because he stays in it better.  But we make do with whichever is clean.

I second the breast sheild.  They gave me one in the hospital and that helped with his latch and has kept cracking at bay so far.

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