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When she is sleeping in the bassinet is she on a flat surface? SIL had this issue with her first because she was sleeping in a cot type attachment on their pack in play in their room too which was not a flat surface and so she would stir when she was forced to sleep in a different feeling position, so for this baby they went from the napper cot, to the flat surface of the pack and play to adjust to sleeping that way but still in their bedroom and then into the crib out of their room.

This is going to sound stupid like a puppy but I assume the bassinet was in your room so she could smell/sense you guys close to her, maybe try having a blanket in there with her that you’ve had on/near you? I’m sure the nursery just feels different since no one has really used that room.

I’m honestly just guessing here with that last part haha.. good luck!

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We had our son sleep in his crib for every nap starting at 5 weeks (unless he fell asleep in the car, then I’d drive around…). After trying numerous things, i figured that the only thing that worked with him for naps was to rock him to sleep and swaddle him. He would not fall asleep by himself for naps until he was 9 months old, and without the swaddle he couldn’t stay asleep for more than 20 minutes. Nights were easier.

We put books under one side of the crib so it wasn’t completely flat. Also, we’d swaddle him with the same blanket every time. Now we don’t swaddle like before, but the same blanket is under him in his crib.

Our son is very curious and hates to sleep… A mobile was enough to keep him awake looking at it forever -it’s a distraction. I would try taking it off.

when we transitioned from our room to his for nights, it was easy because he knew his crib already.

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The first thing that came to mind was to ditch the mobile–DD who is great at sleeping in her crib won’t do it if the mobile is going, it’s stimulating (for her) instead of comforting.

We moved Lexi when she was 12w old, out of sheer desperation.  We used a SwaddleMe blanket, which helped a TON.  We use her sleep sheep on the 45 minute setting, and we keep a radio plugged in and on all night long.  We reasoned that for us, since I sleep with the TV on, that she was used to the white noise, and her room was too quiet.

We tried baby CDs and she wasn’t into it.  So, Country music it is.

Another thing that we did MIGHT help, but it also might just create a bigger problem later:

Lexi hit a period where she would NOT eat a bottle with someone holding her.  She had to be laying flat.  On the floor, sofa, whatever, but if you tried to hold her she would scrunch and squirm until she was flat, so we gave up that fight, and let her stretch out to eat.

We started feeding her her bedtime bottle IN her crib.  We didn’t walk away from her, but we would hold it so she could eat as much as she wanted, and she would get nice and drowsy while she was already in bed.  (The transfer woke her up).  That worked really well.

Lastly, she might just need more time.  We couldn’t get Dear Daughter to nap in her crib during the day until she was 8 months old!

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@roxy821:  I honestly think they just toughed it out with a bit of a crabby baby for a few days until she got tired and started sleeping on her own on the flat surface, and then I think the transition to her own room went much smoother. But the PP’s suggestion of books under one side of the crib mattress to make it a little uneven isn’t a bad call. I know they also had foam wedges for sleeping but I think anything in the crib is mostly frowned upon for safety reasons.

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